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Your Best Employees Are Resigning – This Might Be Why

By: Mariah Rogers
Nov 10, 2020 • 7 min read

Are Your Best Employees Are Resigning? This Might Be The Cause.

Every company has a core group of well-qualified, collaborative employees who have been loyal to the team and have been working at the company for a long period of time. They are your go-to subordinates who always know how to diffuse a stressful situation and turn a bad shift into a good one. So, what happens when these employees start to resign unexpectedly? Are they simply looking for new opportunities, or is it something else? If you have fallen victim to this situation, it’s time to evaluate your company’s organizational structure and operation. Your best employees might be quitting due to a negative and toxic work environment, that can be cultivated by a few of these components. Let’s break it down!

your best employees

The Clash Of The Co-Workers 

Employees come and go. This is a common occurrence in any organization or company! However, if you have recently made a few new hires, it is time to assess how this new energy has impacted your company culture. Have you noticed your core group of employees drifting? Does the team have a harder time collaborating due to these new additions? Often times, we spend more of our days with our “work family” than our real one. So, it is important that all coworkers have a high level of respect for one another. Turmoil amongst coworkers can result in unhappy employees and a toxic work environment.

What you can do:

  • Team-building exercises.
  • Have a company conversation to discuss culture.
  • Meet 1-on-1 with employees to assess how they are doing. Show that you care! This might help you avoid valuable employees calling it quits at your company.
  • Make changes to the members of the group. Switch things up and see if anything improves.

Poor Work-Life Balance 

Poor work-life balance could be another reason why your employees are resigning. If your employees feel stressed, overworked, and underappreciated, it is likely that going to work causes them to feel unhappy. It is common for managers to assign the hardest, most advanced, time-consuming tasks to their best employees. You want the job done right and you know that your star employees can deliver. Plus, it is easier to give your well-trained employees important tasks rather than handing it off to a newbie who will need extra direction. As a result, your most talented employees may end up feeling overwhelmed with work and miss having a balance with their personal lives.

How you can help: 

  • Check-in with team members who have a lot on their plates. Assess their stress levels and try to find a happy medium that works for both of you.
  • Focus on training the newly hired employees. This way work can be allocated more equally and everyone plays a valuable role on the team.
  • Try to keep your employee’s weekends as work-free as possible.
  • Be flexible if employees want to have more choices when it comes to working from home.

your best employees

Little Recognition

If your employees are resigning after being at the company for a long period of time, it might be because they feel as though they did not receive enough recognition at work. Employees who dedicate time, energy, and many years to a company deserve special recognition. Essentially, they have dedicated a huge chunk of their careers to your team, in hopes of climbing up the ladder, learning more, and enjoying tasks that they find enjoyable. This is why many companies, schools, and more will award employees with special gifts and recognition for every milestone they reach time-wise. So, you should do the same! Make sure that your team members feel seen, appreciated, and understood at work. This can be done by something as small as a pin that they get to wear after serving 5 years at the company. Maybe after 10 years they get a special plaque on the wall of the office. Sometimes, it is the little things that mean so much. Making your employees feel valued will help your retention rates improve.

Show your appreciation by: 

  • Giving yearly awards to employees who have dedicated significant time to the company.
  • Make milestone markers for employees to strive to earn.
  • Personalize your recognition. Create a speech, have a customized award, or give special perks to employees who are especially loyal to the company.
  • Say “thank you” to your employees every single day. Congratulate them on a job well done!

Company Changes

All companies and organizations will have to make adjustments in order to maintain their competitive advantage and keep customers engaged. However, if your company is making any major changes such as opening a new location, changing the brand, or shifting management styles, it is vital that you include your employees in this process. Keep them in the know! Your long-term team members are attached to the company values, norms, and expectations. Since they have been with the company the longest, these are your employees who will have the most trouble adjusting to major company changes. You will need these hard-working, reliable employees to help maintain the company’s success during these changes. So, check-in with them often and avoid any surprises.

Keeping up with communication:

  • Always keep your team engaged. Let them know how the company is doing. Avoid any surprise announcements.
  • Revisit company values and mission yearly.
  • Listen to employees concerns in regards to company changes.
  • Seek feedback on management styles. 

your best employees

The Ripple Effect 

Have you ever noticed once one good employee goes, they all seem to move on to other employment opportunities? This is no coincidence. It is likely that your long-time workers have built a strong relationship with each other over the years, and they feel as though the team has less value if they do not all work together. This is why it is your job to follow the tips above and improve your employee retention rate. You should also take a close look at your hiring process and assess its effectiveness. Are you bringing in employees who do not share the same values as the current team members? Do you notice personalities clashing as a result of new hires? Have you collaborated with your current team to find a suitable replacement? These are all important factors to consider if you’d like to have your best employees continue working for you.

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