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Workplace Romance 101

By: JobGet
Jul 14, 2020 • 3 min read

Workplace romance-how to do it right 

The popular rule “to never mix business and pleasure” does not always hold true. Love has no bounds, and coworkers may feel that they want to start a relationship. However, workplace romance is a complicated deal. This is why many companies have strict policies prohibiting it. Even in places where it is allowed, things can get quite awkward if not handled right. To avoid uncomfortable situations, getting fired, or being asked to resign over a workplace romance, here are some tips to keep in mind. 

workplace romance

Be sure to check the rule book

Many companies have policies that prevent coworkers from getting romantically involved with each other. Before you begin dating a colleague, you want to check your company policy and confirm if you are not going against the rule. If it is, then you risk getting fired or being asked to resign. In this case, you have to ask yourself if this relationship is really worth it or not. Some companies may also require you to sign a contract or follow some specific guidelines and rules before you can have a workplace romance. 

Maintain professionalism

You should never allow your romantic relationship to affect the quality of your work. Your boss will frown at your relationship if it is discovered that your office romance is affecting both or either of you. Keep work and romance separate and maintain decorum in your workplace. If you ever have a fight (which is almost inevitable), leave your personal disagreement out of your workspace and deal with every issue after work hours and not in the office. 

Consider your colleagues

Although you don’t have to keep your relationship a secret, you have to be careful not to make your colleagues uncomfortable about it. Avoid public display of affection, especially in the office. Also, your coworkers will most likely be looking out for bias. So you must be careful about how you act in the office towards each other. 

Dating your boss or subordinate can be complicated

Office romance can be particularly complicated if the person you are dating is your boss or subordinate to you. Due to workplace politics, getting entangled with a coworker at different levels may be frowned upon as many may view you are doing so for favors or using your position to coerce the person into a romantic relationship. Some companies have strict rules prohibiting this. As much as possible, try to avoid dating people on different levels as you, and if you must, one of you may have to resign to avoid the backlash. 

workplace romance

Be certain

Before you enter into a workplace relationship, ensure that you have a secure connection to this person. The headaches of a workplace romance are too much for you to go through all the stress over a mere fling or fleeting emotions. Make sure you have a real connection before you begin 

Brace up for the worst

Perhaps the most challenging part of workplace romance is handling an eventual breakup. Workplace relationships can turn really ugly when things don’t work out. Try as much as you can to avoid a messy breakup. It will be difficult to co-exist in the same space if things don’t work out eventually. This is a possibility you have to be prepared for. 

Consider resigning

If you feel strongly about starting a relationship with someone, it is a good idea for one of you to resign from the company, especially if you have a good chance of securing a job elsewhere. Separating your career path is an excellent way to avoid all the troubles of workplace romance. 

Relationships are complicated enough on their own. Be sure that the relationship is really worth it before you step into it. And if you do, try your best to follow the rules and avoid trouble. What are your thoughts about workplace romance? Tweet us and share! For more helpful content, check out your blog.