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What is it Like Working in a Hotel, and What Are the Perks?

By: Mariah Rogers
Apr 22, 2022 • 2 min read

Hotels provide a wide range of work opportunities and several advantages to employees. Working at a hotel allows you to engage with and improve the hotel guests’ experiences. Understanding basic hotel tasks and benefits might help you decide whether a job in hospitality is a good match for you. In this article, we will look at what it is like to work in a hotel and some of the benefits and drawbacks to consider before considering a hotel job.

What is it Like Working in a Hotel?

The hotel business provides a wide range of employment, from customer service to management. There are certain features of working in a hotel that are universal to all positions. Some of the common tasks shared by numerous hotel staff are as follows:

  • Offer support to visitors.
  • Resolve any difficulties or complaints raised by guests.
  • Estimate room occupancy and charge appropriately.
  • Collaborate with hotel personnel.
  • Uphold hotel cleaning requirements.
  • Organize the shared places for customers.
  • Determine any security or safety risks.
  • Provide directions to nearby attractions.
  • Make recommendations for meals and entertainment.

The Benefits of Working in a Hotel

Many hotel employment provides a variety of privileges and rewards. Each hotel or hotel chain may provide various perks depending on employee duration or location. Here are some of the benefits of working at a hotel:

  1. Meals at a discount or for free – Hotel staff frequently enjoy cheap meals at the on-site restaurant or café. Working at a hotel might help you save money on meals by offering a free or subsidized meal plan. Meal plans often include breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a reduced price.
  2. Reduced travel costs – Hotel employees often enjoy reduced travel costs. Depending on your role, working at a hotel allows you to enjoy reduced airfare, bus, train, or taxi fare to and from the hotel. Hotel employees are typically provided with a free or discounted shuttle to and from the airport.
  3. Discounted event tickets – Hotel employees often enjoy discounted event tickets. Working at a hotel may provide discounted tickets to concerts, sporting events, and other entertainment options depending on your role.
  4. Job security – Hotel employees often enjoy job security. Hotels continue to grow in popularity and will likely experience an increase in business. Jobs at hotels are some of the few that are not likely to be outsourced.
  5. Better career advancement – Hotel employees often enjoy better career advancement. Hotel jobs require strong customer service skills and allow employees to grow within the company. Working at a hotel can help you gain experience in the industry, build a strong resume, and perhaps even help you pursue a degree in hospitality management.


Overall, working at a hotel can provide you with several benefits and advantages. Hotel employees tend to enjoy discounted or free meals and reduced travel expenses. Some jobs within hotels may even provide free or discounted entertainment tickets. Additionally, hotel jobs provide employees with many opportunities to learn, grow and succeed. Employment opportunities within hotels continue to grow and are not likely to be outsourced.

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