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Why Restaurant Managers Should be Hiring with JobGet

By: JobGet
Feb 14, 2020 • 3 min read

When it comes to recruiting online, every restaurant wants to be as efficient as possible. For a price, restaurant hiring managers can post dozens of jobs in a matter of minutes using mobile apps, digital job boards, and internet forums.

The result — as you might imagine — is a sort of informational logjam where employers are spammed with hundreds of emails, and applicants are left feeling as though they are being ignored.

Restaurant Reply Time

Being able to post things fast is all well and good, but the speed to respond is really the name of the game when it comes to effective online hiring. That is where we come in. JobGet specializes in converting applications into interviews as soon as possible. Our goal is to minimize that window of noncommunication to maximize the percentage of candidates who will ultimately become full/part-time employees. The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter how quickly or easily an applicant can send you their resume if they’re then left hanging for days on end. In order to be competitive in today’s job market, you need to be considerate of the applicant’s time. If you want to land quality candidates, it pays to have a reputation for having a painless application process.

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Competitive Advantage For Restaurant Managers

Tens of thousands of job seekers have used JobGet because it’s easy and fun. That’s tens of thousands of employees who now work for companies that used JobGet instead of another platform. Think of our app as a competitive advantage over other companies in your market. A person looking for a job in 2020 has more options at their fingertips than ever before, and therefore, they have a much shorter attention span. You can’t afford to keep these people waiting for too long, or you risk losing their interest. Our platform simplifies your application review process so you can connect with qualified candidates as soon as you’re both available.

“A lot of the challenges we have faced in landing really good applicants fall in that time where we’re trading emails and trying to align schedules with them to have that first face-to-face contact, be it video conference or in person. JobGet lets us cut right through all of that logistical delay and get to contact, assessment, and offer very quickly.” — Greg Donoghue (Clover Food Labs)

Clear Qualifications

When it comes to restaurant applications, hiring managers really don’t need multiple pages of application materials to determine whether or not they’re qualified. The critical information is present in candidate profiles. With JobGet, what you see is what you need to know. The information on their profile gets the ball rolling. The rest can be sorted out in the interview! If you’re looking to staff a brand new location, you don’t have time to review hundreds of pages of application materials. You need viable candidates to interview quickly. 

Real Restaurant Success

At this point, JobGet has the advantage of being a proven concept. Here are a few testimonials from restaurant managers who have had success using the app. For more case studies, check out our website

“Using JobGet has helped us hire some great talent for our pizza locations.” — Blaze Pizza, Boston, MA.

“Great App. Amazing layout and very easy to use. Love that you can search or be searched. We already have a great hire!” — Novara Restaurant, Milton, MA.

“I have been hiring for 5 years now and have had the best experience hiring on JobGet. The quality of applicants is well above other sites. Highly recommend to any manager in the food/beverage industries!” — All-Star Sandwich, Cambridge, MA.

“JobGet made it incredibly easy for us to hire staff. From our last job post alone, we got 77 applications within a week. Highly recommended.” — Restaurant Manager, Boston, MA.

Since our company’s launch, we’ve helped thousands of job seekers find jobs at restaurants all around the Boston area. We have been able to expedite the recruiting process by cutting out the unnecessary paperwork and connecting people with people instead. The job market has become oversaturated with recruiting platforms that are more-or-less identical and unnecessarily expensive. JobGet is not just another job board, it is an innovative, simple way to approach hiring. If you’re a restaurant in need of hiring, look no further for your solution. 

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