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Why Is Interviewing For A Job Important?

By: Edwin Chae
Jun 10, 2020 • 2 min read

Interviewing – What’s The Hype?

An interview allows you and your employer to decide which skill is appropriate for what the company needs. It will enable you to meet better prospective colleagues and obtain information to help you determine whether the position is suitable for you. Here is why interviewing for a job is so important. 

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Sell Your Abilities

The way you show yourself usually determines whether you get the job. You want to establish yourself as a highly capable individual who is well-suited for the position and a competitive salary. The interview also lays the foundation for your long-term relationship with the company and establishes development potential.

Possible Career Potential

If you have a long-term career plan, you can assess whether the employer offers potential for career development through an interview. When discussing long-term goals, employers can also better understand your goals and can evaluate whether there is significant room for growth. Ask about guidance opportunities, the company’s internal promotion policy, and ask about the high-level positions you might be promoted one day.


Most people would like to work to pay their bills. The interviewer usually doesn’t discuss wages and benefits. After establishing your qualifications, this is an opportunity to discuss salary, salary increase schedules, retirement plans, and allowances. You can also ask if there is a profit-sharing and bonus plan and discuss your ultimate profit potential.

Meeting Colleagues

Networking is key.  Some forms of interviews, especially group interviews, provide opportunities to meet potential colleagues. In the second and third rounds of meetings, this is especially true when the interviewer tries to assess how well you are adapting to your existing team. Talking to these employees can help you determine whether your personality will mesh. Ask employees what they like most about their job and what they think is the most challenging aspect. Notice how they interact.

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Practice Communicating

The interviewer can get a good evaluation through his or her communication method. Their good oral ability is obviously not mastered by writing, but by way of speaking. Therefore, this is also one of the reasons for understanding the importance of interviews during the recruitment process.

Level of Confidence

Let’s say you’re working at a CEO company and want to impress other employees. If you appear shy and lack confidence, there is no benefit to the company. It is also evident that the company needs highly efficient talents to realize its own interests, but this is also established, employees must make the most efforts to get the best benefits. Therefore, to know whether a person can speak in front of many people, it is necessary to conduct an interview.

Social Behaviors

Another benefit of conducting an interview is that you can analyze your social behavior. When a person speaks, he evaluates his body language, the words he or she uses, and calculates basic etiquette.

Gathering Information

People can even get other information about candidates, because sometimes people cannot measure their speech level, and in that game, they do not know what to say. In the process, many people tend to disclose their secret information to employers. Therefore, sometimes the interviewee intends to be very friendly with the applicant so that they can say everything.

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