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Where To Apply For Your First Job

By: Mariah Rogers
Aug 12, 2020 • 10 min read

Where To Apply For Your First Job

Applying for your first job with little to no work experience can be a big challenger for anyone beginning a new job search. It can be tough to navigate the application and interview process when it is your first time doing so. It is important to keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere! All it takes is confidence, great speaking skills, and basic knowledge to land your very first job position. Here are some of the best establishments to apply to when seeking your first job. Keep reading to find out how to get hired!

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Grocery Store

A classic choice for everyone’s first-ever job. Grocery stores can provide a wealth of knowledge from financial skills, organizational skills, customer service skills, and technical skills. You will also be able to work on a team made up of a variety of different departments, so there is always more to learn and further growth to be had! You can work in produce, meat, at the registered, stocking shelves, or working in the customer service booth. This is a great entry-level job that can teach you so much about what it means to be a reliable and effective employee.

Shopping Mall

Want to put your love for retail to work? Why not apply for a position at your local shopping mall! Stores inside of malls are almost always looking to hire new employees, especially around the holiday season, or the fall when college-aged associates head back to campus for the semester. You will be able to learn valuable retail skills that can transfer into many other professions later on in your career. You will also be working closely with a team to provide excellent customer service as well as outstanding knowledge of the product.

Gift Shop

If you live in a tourist town, working in a local gift shop can be a great gig to start you off. Not only is this a fun way to explore the various products that your specific shop offers, but you will be able to meet interesting customers from all over the world. You will likely be working with a very small and close-knit team, which is perfect for someone aiming to work closely with other coworkers.


Working at a restaurant can be one of the more challenging first jobs you may have, depending on the position you hold at the establishment. For example, servers and cooks will experience a more rigorous day-to-day with demanding customers and complicated requests. However, working as a host/hostess or working the phones can be a great entry-level position for you to explore. This is the perfect position for anyone who enjoys a fast-paced and fun environment that heavily relies on customer service and people skills.

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Nursing Home

If you have a passion for caring for the elderly, this is the perfect job for you. There are also many different departments for you to explore within the nursing home. This can include 1 on 1 care, event planning, meal prep, and much more. If you have a knack for organization and are overall a positive worker, this is a great career for you!

Pet Care

Calling all pet lovers! Pet care offers an abundance of learning opportunities for every new worker. You will be able to care for cute animals, work personally with families, have A LOT of responsibility, and have flexible hours with little to no supervision. If you are self-motivated and reliable, this is a great opportunity to market yourself and follow a passion that excites you.


Another great area to try is childcare! Again, this job can come in many forms. You can personally nanny for a family and visit their home daily. Or, you can explore offerings within a childcare or daycare center. If you are great with small children and have an eagle-eye, this is a fantastic position for you. Every day is sure to be a new adventure. You will have the opportunity to be an influential role-model in the lives of countless young children. This is truly one of the most rewarding jobs. You can start off by babysitting or nannying. Then, transition to working in a daycare center to gain more structure and experience. This is another fantastic opportunity for you to market yourself, build your brand, and truly make a difference in the life of someone else.

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Cleaning services are in high demand, and this is a great way to build your own brand and start gaining customers who can recommend you in the future. If you have a passion for caring for other’s homes and working closely with families to meet their customized desired needs, this is a great industry for you to join! You will likely work with the same small team day-to-day, which can help you foster relationships and build trust with your coworkers.

Wholesale Store

Working in a wholesale store is another great option for anyone who wants a little taste of everything. You will be able to work in a fast-paced, fun, and collaborative environment that fosters growth. Most employees who are loyal to these types of businesses will gain promotions and have more responsibility after they spend some time working with the company.

Small Local Business

Support small businesses! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many small businesses are eager to hire new employees to help them get back on track. This job can help you get involved with your local town. Plus, you can work closely with people who know and love your business. Plus, there is always room for fast growth and more responsibility!

What was your first-ever job? Let us know about your experience and any tips you might have!

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