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What to Do When You Dislike Your Coworkers

By: Juliana Norton
Jun 15, 2020 • 3 min read

Having Trouble Collaborating With Coworkers?

No matter what position you hold, it is impossible to love everyone you work with. To maintain your happiness and the productivity of your work environment, it may help to look at some of our advice. If you dislike your coworkers, this blog is for you. Eventually, those annoyances from others can turn into something you can laugh at. If not, maybe you need to consider if it’s time to apply for a new job.

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Keep Your Cool

Having patience in any regard is always a good practice. In the workplace, it is essential to have a calm, collected environment. If your coworker is unintentionally committing a pet peeve of yours, it may be best to just let it go. Sometimes it’s beneficial to look at the intention of an act. For example, a teacher may ask a question that students keep getting wrong. Rather than losing his cool, the teacher realizes the students are trying to get the answer correct and don’t mean to make his job difficult. This is the same mentality you should bring to work. If your coworker has the wrong intentions, then obviously, it is best not to ignore it and should be approached differently. 

Have an Honest Conversation

If one or multiple coworkers are continuously doing something that you dislike, there is no problem with confronting them about it. This should come from a place of understanding, rather than being fueled by weeks of frustration. Sometimes, using the “oreo method” is a great way to approach this type of conversation. Start out with a positive note such as something you enjoy about working with them, then say your critique about what’s been going on and end with positivity as well. This could be something like how you know they’re very understanding, which is why you thought it’d be okay if you mentioned this issue. The ideal outcome of this is not to make them feel bad or guilty about what’s been going on. The goal is for them to realize their negative behavior and improve their actions. 

Speak With Your Boss 

This should only be used if speaking to your coworker(s) yourself didn’t stop the situation from happening or if something was done that crossed a line. Usually, it is best to meet with your boss privately to speak as honestly and comfortably as possible. Beforehand, plan what key points you’re going to mention and have an idea of what would be the preferred outcome. During this conversation, you should have patience while also being stern as you don’t want this situation to be blown over or deemed insignificant. Getting your boss involved should be the last case scenario, as it is your responsibility to understand and implement conflict resolution. After you’ve done what you can on your own, it is their job to improve your work environment. 

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Surround Yourself With Positive Influences

Though this may not be possible if you’re working within a small company, or are required to work with certain people, try to engage with coworkers who you enjoy. Obviously, you can’t avoid everyone who gets on your nerves. So, to make your workday tolerable (or hopefully a good one), surround yourself with others that you like. This may entail speaking with them on your lunch break, exchanging advice/favors, or working with them on projects/assignments. Whenever possible, put people in your life that bring you up. This will help make you more productive and make work more fun! 

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