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What Is Juneteenth? How You Can Show Support.

By: Mariah Rogers
Jun 10, 2021 • 2 min read

What Is The History of Juneteenth?

Juneteenth is celebrated on the 19th of June annually across the United States. This day brings awareness to the emancipation of those who have been enslaved in the US. Juneteenth symbolizes the history, culture, and progress behind the treatment of African American individuals. However, this is a relatively new holiday, as it was first made official by the state of Texas in 1980. Now, 47 states have joined in the celebration of history, reflection of progress, and planning for the continued fight for justice and equality.

what is juneteenth

Time and Space For Black Voices

Juneteenth is an opportunity to highlight the ever-important voices of Black individuals in our communities. Listening to Black stories, shopping at Black-owned businesses, and supporting Black family and friends are all ways to join in on the celebration. This is also a time to reflect on the recent events related to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Reflect & Plan

It has been over a year since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Since then, protestors have congregated, demanding changes to existing legislation. This event has proven that when people come together and make noise, change will happen. Juneteenth serves as a time to reflect on injustice and make a plan for how we can increase support and equality for the Black community.

what is juneteenth

What This Means For The Workforce

Juneteenth is now a national holiday recognized by 47 states in the US. Some businesses have also marked June 19th as a paid company holiday to give employees the time to reflect, celebrate, and participate in events held within the community. Here is a list of some companies offering paid time off this holiday:

  • Nike
  • Amazon
  • Target
  • JCPenny
  • Twitter
  • General Motors
  • Google
  • JPMorgan

We encourage you to advocate for yourself and communicate with your company if you would like to take the day off in order to participate in events related to Juneteenth.

How You Can Participate

Everyone has a different tradition when it comes to celebrating Juneteenth. However, if you are looking for a new way to spend the holiday – here are a few activities you can explore.

1. Make a Donation 

Making a donation to an organization that supports Black lives and the fight for equality is a fantastic way to participate in the Juneteenth holiday. There are lots of charities out there that aim to support the families of racial injustice victims, Black-run community organizations, or fund policy reform.

Above all, be sure to do your research and choose a few different organizations to donate to!

2. Shop at Black-Owned Businesses

Shopping at Black-owned businesses helps to show support for minority-run establishments in your area. Not only will you be contributing to the business-owners passion, but you will be helping their family, too. The Pandemic had a major impact on small businesses around the US. As a result, there has never been a better time to shop small! Dine out at a local restaurant, do some premature holiday shopping, and celebrate the vibrancy of the Black community.

what is juneteenth

3. Make It a Day of Education and Remembrance 

There is no better time to focus on strengthening your knowledge of Black history. Spend the day researching, listening, and reflecting. There are many ways to do this! For instance, you can watch a movie, read a book, or enjoy art created by members of the Black community.

We hope this article serves as an introduction to the celebration and reflection that will take place on June 19th. Let us know how you are honoring the event by tagging us on Twitter!

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