WFH Office Themes – Spice Up Your Workspace!

By: Mariah Rogers
Dec 17, 2020 • 6 min read

WFH Office Themes – Spice Up Your Workspace!

Working from home isn’t new anymore, and as a result, it has lost some of its sparkle. Back in March, many of us were excited about ditching our daily commutes in the snow to and from the office. We purchased blue light glasses, standing desks, the works! Now, we are itching to change out of sweatpants and get a taste of normalcy back. Unfortunately, we might have to wait a little longer than expected. In the meantime, however, making some home improvements remains an option! Since we are all spending so much time at home, why not invest in creating a space that ignites some inspiration. In this blog, we will explore different office themes you can cultivate at home to help make working from home a little more fun.

black and silver laptop on brown wooden rack

The Zen Office Space 

If you are in need of a little mental clarity, try to create a zen office space at home. When trying to create this kind of space, aim to purchase decor in cool-toned colors. Deep blues, greens, tans, and browns will do the trick! It’s also important to keep in mind that the overall space should include more than just decor in order to achieve a true theme. Try to incorporate other calming rituals into your space to really activate all of your senses. This can include purchasing candles with a zen aroma, investing in an essential oil diffuser, or even playing calming music when working in your new space.

Feel free to get creative and choose items that feel calming to you personally! You can buy a small beanbag to work on the floor, purchase a fuzzy rug that helps your feet relax, or install dim lighting to help calm your mind and allow you to focus on the task at hand. If you enjoy taking care of plants and being surrounded by greenery, you can adopt some small office plants to keep in your workspace, too!

Items to get your zen workspace started:

pile of French macaroons

Preppy Office Space

If you are more on the preppy side and enjoy bright colors, fun designs, and lively patterns, this is the theme for you! You can create a preppy-style office without breaking the bank and investing in Vineyard Vines or Lily Pulitzer, which can quickly become expensive while they are very popular preppy brands. Instead, try to find similar style decor at your local Home Goods, Marshalls, or Amazon. Take on the challenge to become your own interior designer! Popular preppy trends include monogram decor, paisley print, checkered print with bright colors, and anything else that really screams “summer.”

Preppy themed office decor:

body of water during golden hour

Ocean Office Theme 

Are you a beach addict? If so, why not cultivate your favorite place into your office space? All you need to do is incorporate blues, teals, and a little bit of sunshine. The good news is, this decor is readily available since many people purchase nautical-themed pieces for beach houses or even just to spice things up at home during the summer months. You can incorporate framed images of your favorite beach scene, summer-themed quotes, or even calming ocean inspired lighting.

Oceanside office:

man riding skateboard

Sports Office Space 

If you’re a big sports fan, why not create a workspace that reflects this passion? If you have collected memorabilia over the years, your office transformation will be even easier, as you can use the treasures as part of your decor. Feel free to frame jerseys, sporting event tickets, signed balls, baseball cards, or anything else that reminds you of your favorite sport!

Sports-themed office decor: 

white and brown city buildings during daytime

City Office Decor 

Ever dreamed of working in a big city? Or, have you been working from home away from the hustle and bustle of your office in a city? If so, why not recreate this excitement with some city office decor! The best part about creating this theme at home is that you can re-create all of your favorite parts of the city and exclude the attributes you don’t love as much. You can include bright city lights, but ditch the loud noise of taxi’s honking and cars racing around the streets.

Big city office decor:

aerial photography of mountain range covered with snow under white and blue sky at daytime

Office In The Mountains

If you love nature, a good hike, and breathing in the fresh mountain air, this is the perfect theme for you. Try to incorporate plants, greenery, windows, fresh air, and the feeling of being one with nature. Dedicate the room in your home with the most windows and natural lighting to bring your home office. You can also open the windows and breathe in fresh air as you attend Zoom conferences! We recommend that you also invest in a dehumidifier to help the air feel more clean and purified. You can also burn a fresh-scented candle to give you a calm mindset.

Create an office in the mountains:

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