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Job Hunting 101: 5 Valuable Tips When Making a Cover Letter

By: Mariah Rogers
May 13, 2022 • 2 min read

Growing up, it has been drilled in our minds that we should find a job to help us in the real world. It’s no secret that most people have dream jobs, while others work positions where they didn’t initially see themselves. Regardless, the job market is highly volatile, and we’re encouraged to take what we can get.

When sending an application, one thing that’s often on people’s minds is whether or not a cover letter should be included. In most cases, yes, a cover letter should be included. The only exception to this rule is if you’re referred to the company by someone you know who works there. For this reason, many people often have trouble writing a cover letter.

The good news is that you shouldn’t worry anymore because we’ve listed down tips to help you make a cover letter. These include:

#1 – Emphasize Important Keywords

When writing a cover letter, the first step is determining which keywords are essential to the position you’re applying for. This might be the job title, or it could be an adjective like “fast-paced” or “team-oriented.”

Your cover letter should contain these keywords and be written to emphasize how you’re a perfect fit for the position. A great way to do this is to incorporate the keywords into the first paragraph of your cover letter.

#2 – Explain Why You’re a Good Fit

People often don’t write a cover letter because they can’t think of a way to explain why they’re a good fit for the position. If this is the case for you, there are some things you can do to explain why you’re a good fit.

For example, you can refer to certain qualities that match the job description. If the job is for someone creative and self-motivated, you can explain that you have these qualities.

You should explain why you’re a good fit in a way that doesn’t sound like every other cover letter that you’re sending out. It’s best to focus on your experience or personality traits, depending on what the advertisement looks for.

#3 – Share Your Story (But Connect It to the Role)

You should always tell a short story about your journey to where you are now, but a common problem with cover letters is that they’re not connecting to the job.

When writing your story, you don’t want to be the center of the story, but the story should make the hiring manager want to learn more. Think of this to connect the dots between what you and what you can do for the company.

#4 – Strike a Conversation with Smaller Companies

If you’re sending applications to smaller companies, you shouldn’t be afraid to express your interest in the company.

For example, at a company with a smaller work environment, you should let them know what you think about the company and how you can fit in. The great thing about this is that small companies generally want to hear your thoughts on the company, especially if you’re willing to be a part of the culture.

#5 – Don’t Be Afraid Address Gaps and Concerns

If you’re switching careers or don’t have much experience in a particular area, you should mention it in your cover letter. For example, if you’re changing careers because your previous job wasn’t a good fit, then you should explain why you’re interested in working in the company.

If you don’t have experience in a specific area, then it’s worth mentioning that you’re willing to learn. This gives you additional points because you’re showing that you’re eager to do whatever it takes to help the company succeed.


The cover letter is a vital part of the application process, especially if you’re applying for a job with a company you don’t know. However, the cover letter isn’t that important unless it’s personalized to the company and you’re providing important information about yourself. All that matters is that you’re giving the company a reason to contact you.

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