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Ultimate Guide to Job Search Applications (with Templates!)

By: JobGet
Dec 15, 2020 • 6 min read

Applying to jobs? JobGet’s ultimate guide (with templates!) is here to help.

Often times, the hardest part about job searching is getting started. Hitting the “apply ” button on a job posting is the easy part! Accurately completing resumes, cover letters, writing follow-up emails, and sending thank you notes is the hardest part. If you are just starting your career journey, discovering professional or appropriate ways to fill out application materials can be overwhelming. The first impression your potential employer will have of you depends on these documents. That’s why we’ve compiled this one-stop-shop blog that contains application templates for every step of the process. Don’t let the stress allow you to become discouraged; JobGet has your back!

Your job application should be comprised of four different pieces. Your resume, your cover letter, your thank you note, and a follow-up email or note as well! Make sure that each of these pieces is perfect, and you’re more than halfway there! To help you with your job search applications, we’ve handcrafted and delivered templates for you to use. Use this guide, download each piece of the job application templates, fill them out following the instructions on the template, and read some of our additional resources to ensure your application is absolutely perfect!

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Resume Template

While it can be tempting to use resume templates you find online equipped with fancy fonts, colors, and eye-catching borders, we recommend keeping it simple. All these bells and whistles might actually take away from the professional image you are trying to get across. Plus, it might make your resume difficult to read and follow. Your goal should be to provide the employer with a one-page sheet of paper that gives an overview of your experience and qualifications. There shouldn’t be any hidden statistics or fun facts. Instead, format your resume in a way that allows the employer to get a general understanding of your background from a quick glance. We’ll show you how!

Check Out Our Resume Template! Free for you to use whenever you need it. You can also download the JobGet Resume Template here.

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Cover Letter Templates 

Your cover letter should vary depending on the position that you are applying for. Make sure to tailor your strengths and interests to the job posting requirements and add a personalized touch unique to the company. This will show your true interest in the position and raise your chances of landing an interview! Feel free to speak highly about yourself in your cover letter. A subtle brag here and there will highlight what a qualified candidate that you are! Remember, your application should be all about you, so don’t be shy about including accomplishments when exploring these application templates.

Check Out Our Cover Letter Template. You can also download the Cover Letter Template here.

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Follow-Up Email 

There are many situations where it is acceptable to send your potential employer a follow-up email regarding your application status or interview. Sometimes, emails can get lost or buried in a recruiter’s inbox. Other times, messages simply fail to send! Whatever the reason is, you deserve to hear about the status of your application. This is especially true if you apply to more than one company and need to make important decisions within a strict time range. You don’t want to keep waiting to hear back from one employer, only to miss out on another opportunity! Here is how to send a follow-up email respectfully and clearly.

Check out our Follow-up Email Template, or download our Follow-up Email Template here! 

More resources you can refer to when writing a follow-up email:

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Thank-You Note 

Writing a thank-you note is a standard part of the job application process, but we have a template for you! After you have participated in an interview, whether it’s over the phone or in person, you should always feel encouraged to send a thank-you note afterward. This is so you can communicate your appreciation for the opportunity to be considered for the position and that you are grateful for the interviewer’s time! Opening a communication channel via email can also help later in the hiring process if you find you have any pressing questions about the position. Here are resources you can use to make sure your thank-you note is up to par!

Download our Thank You Note Template here, or find the Google Doc here

Explore more thank-you note resources below:

Application Templates are The First Step 

Job searching can be a challenging yet exciting process. Be sure to keep all of your options open and keep working towards your goals! Application templates are only the first step in the job search process, so be sure to sharpen up your interview skills and negotiation knowledge, too. How you appear as a candidate on paper isn’t everything. However, you’ll want to provide an impressive and professional initial application so you can let your personality shine in an interview setting. Take your time, and be sure to check everything over for grammatical or spelling errors, as this can hinder your chances of landing that callback. If you’re comfortable enough to allow a friend, family member, or even roommate to look over your work, this is a great way to double-check! Sometimes, you just need a second pair of eyes to catch crucial mistakes.

If you use any of these job application templates, let us know on social media – find us @jobgetapp! For more helpful tips, join our career community on JobGet’s social feed and start building your network. Good luck with your applications!

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