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Transferrable Skills Checklist

By: Cynthia L. Vargas
Nov 29, 2021 • 3 min read

We’ve Got Skills! How ‘Bout You?

Whether you are just starting your first job search, changing careers, or looking for work, we all have skills that set us apart from other job seekers. Some of these skills – known as transferable skills – are things that you already know or have learned over the years. 

Transferable skills are incredibly valuable. They are those core skills and abilities that go beyond a particular job or organization, and you can use them in almost any role. You probably have quite a few of these already, so it is always a good idea to make the most of this type of expertise when you apply for jobs (especially if there are gaps in your resume).

Use this checklist below to help you identify your key transferable skills and highlight them in your resume!

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Organizational Skills

These are the skills that help you to plan, prepare, and get things done in the workplace, so putting them to use in your role is valuable to employers.

  • Time management: managing your own time to get a job done. This is very useful in fast-paced work environments. 
  • Research and analysis: researching and collecting data, analyzing, reporting on your findings and making recommendations.
  • Administration and clerical: efficiently handling tasks like filing, paperwork, communications (including phone or email), managing calendars, and appointments. 
  • Financial Management and budgeting: developing and managing budgets, keeping financial records, fundraising or project managing. 
  • Sales and marketing: marketing and selling a product or service, or influencing others’ behaviors.
  • Creative and critical thinking: generating new ideas and coming up with innovative solutions to problems. 
  • Planning: managing yourself, others and available resources with a goal in mind, and creating plans for projects or events. 
  • Technology or digital literacy: being able to use and quickly adapt to new technology, programs or tools.

Communication Skills

Workplaces rely on communication for things to run smoothly, so the skills you have here will be a benefit to them. 

  • Listening: actively hearing, interpreting, and understanding what is being communicated.
  • Writing: any kind of interaction with words, including reports, emails, sales materials, and articles. 
  • Face-to-face: communicating and expressing ideas in person through meetings, interviews, and public speaking.

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People Skills

These are the skills that help you interact and get along with others, including co-workers, customers, and clients. People skills are very valuable to organizations, especially the ones that emphasize team culture and performance. 

  • Co-operation: work well with others and effectively contribute to projects or tasks. 
  • Empathy: putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to try and understand or relate to them. 
  • Patience: the ability to handle trying situations, repeat processes when necessary, take time to make thoughtful decisions, accept delays, and/or persevere through challenges.
  • Flexibility: willingness to adapt to new situations or change approaches as needed. 

Leadership Skills

Great leaders can motivate their team and make decisions, which any successful business needs. 

  • Delegate: being able to step back from the coalface and decide what needs to be done first, and determining which jobs are necessary and who can best handle them. 
  • Critical thinking: Reviewing and analyzing problems to create solutions.
  • Coaching and mentoring: supporting and encouraging people to achieve goals, helping them work through roadblocks, and providing feedback and information on performance. 

Other Transferrable Skills

There may be other transferable skills that better apply to you. Once you identify these skills, you can add them to your resumes and online profiles as a “Relevant Skills” or “Key Competencies” section to stand out in your job search. Don’t forget: you can always change your resume and profiles to add more skills or share examples of when and how you put these skills to use!  

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