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Top 10 Skills that Employers Want in 2022

By: Daniel Robertshaw
Jan 16, 2022 • 5 min read

The Top 10 Skills Employers Want Candidates to Have in 2022

Are you looking for a job and want to highlight your skills, but don’t know what’s important? Just looking for a way to improve your workplace skills? Or just want to prepare? Here are skills employers truly want.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented times for the past couple of years. Skills required for certain jobs are evolving before our very eyes. However, it can be hard to stay on top of what skills are in demand! In fact, the world is changing so much that, according to the 2020 Future of Jobs Report, 50% of employees will need reskilling by 2025. Increasing technology advancements, automation, the economic impact of the pandemic are the major reasons behind this change in workflow.

It can be worrying hearing statistics like this, but no need to fear. This guide will detail the top 10 skills that employers want to see in their prospective candidates.

skills employers want

Ability to Thrive in a Virtual Environment

It comes as no shock that this is one of the most in-demand skills around nowadays. After COVID-19 shut down the world, many companies opted to switch their business workings to remotely. While it may not seem like a skill, working effectively while remote is definitely a skill. You must be able to manage your time so all work is completed, be diligent in your scheduling, and be able to actually work from a home office setup.

According to Upwork’s Future Workforce Report, in 2021, about 1 in 4 Americans (26.7%) were working remotely. As crazy as it sounds, this number is expected to double by 2025, and 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely.

Knowledge of Digital Social Media Platforms

Every day, social media becomes more important to ambitious companies that want to grow. Over the past 10+ years, social media has encompassed us, becoming a daily part of almost everybody’s life. Even if you don’t have a social media account, you still certainly hear about it on the news or in conversation almost every day.

For companies, the great thing about social media is that it’s a completely free way to engage their users and any potential users. It seems like now, in 2021, most companies have hopped on the social media bandwagon. According to Entrepreneur, “in 2018, nearly 97 percent of all Fortune 500 enterprises use at least one social media platform to promote their initiatives and foster positive communication with stakeholders”. If 97% of those companies were using social media in 2018, imagine what it is now, 3 years later, in 2021.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO may or may not be a term you’re familiar with. It’s a skill that is gaining increasing popularity in this ever-growing digital age. At its core, SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a specific page. As companies continue to expand their digital presence, the web world can start to feel crowded. It will continue to get harder and harder for businesses to stand out when there are so many options.

This is where a strong SEO skill set can set you apart from other people. Knowing how to optimize your business’s visibility or rankings in search results will be incredibly helpful now and in the future. According to BrightEdge Research, 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

skills employers want

User Experience Skills

UX Design is another growing skill that will prove to be invaluable in the coming years. User Experience is pretty much what it sounds like: Focusing on developing a great experience for users interacting with a specific system or website. Customers are at the forefront of web development strategies, hence the name ‘User Experience’. With software to track how customers are using their website, UX teams can use research information to make strategize and design website improvements.

As this is still a relatively new field, UX work is still growing and expanding at a fast rate. According to Design Mortals Academy, studies say that UX Design work is predicted to increase by almost 15% in the next 10 years. To keep up with or get ahead of competitors, companies are hiring those with UX knowledge to help take their web presence to the next level.

Ability to be Flexible and Adapt

Flexibility is a top skill that employers want. It is all about how well you deal with the unexpected! One day you could be working in the office and the next day asked to work from home! This is why it’s especially important for employees to be willing to adapt.

When you’re flexible, you’re able to be responsive to change. Whether that be urgent issues, timeline changes, or high volumes of work. So, you must always be ready to take on the challenge and adapt to make it work. Flexibility is also a major part of problem-solving. A lot of interviewers will typically ask behavior questions around your ability to be flexible and solve problems.

Being Curious and Willing to Continuously Learn

The dream of every company is to have an employee that has molded into their company culture and work processes. This can’t be accomplished unless an employee is curious and willing to soak up information and continue to learn through their career.

In addition to the value of continuously learning, research from Harvard Business Review revealed additional benefits to curiosity in the workplace. According to the article, curiosity in employees leads to fewer decision-making errors, more innovation and positive changes, reduced group conflict, and more open communication.

Great Teamwork and Collaboration Skills

The ability to work in a team effectively is a core business skill that will always be in demand. Some of the most common behavioral interview questions revolve around how you worked in a team to reach a common goal. Companies don’t need individuals, they need people who can mold into their culture and form effective working relationships with others in the team. An individual doesn’t reach company goals alone. The collective group works together to reach that common goal.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is often described as the ability to understand and manage emotions effectively and is becoming increasingly popular as a necessary skill to have in the workplace. Every year more and more emphasis is placed on making ethical decisions in the workplace. Emotional intelligence gives you better abilities to understand nonverbal cues and make better decisions with your fellow coworkers.

A study by the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education showed that those with a high amount of emotional intelligence also showed the ability to make sound decisions, build and sustain relationships, deal better with stress, and cope with change.

skills employers want

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing may be one of those terms you hear around the office or on the news and don’t fully understand what it means. In basic terms, as described by Microsoft Azure, cloud computing “is the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet (the cloud)”.  One of the most popular cloud services is cloud-based storage. Instead of having to store files on a physical hard drive, we can now store them in a virtual space (the cloud) that others can also access online.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses were forced to abandon their physical offices and move to remote, online working. According to Hosting Tribunal, 94% of enterprises use a cloud service. In addition to that, 50% of enterprises spend more than $1.2 million on cloud services annually. Even after the pandemic, this reliance on cloud computing will continue to expand and companies will be looking for employees who have some sort of knowledge in it.

Cyber Security – Skills Employers Want 

With the world becoming more and more based around the internet, it’s natural that more threats around internet safety would pop up. Companies now need to learn how to protect themselves against cyber attacks. So, cyber security one of the top skills employers want! Being able to protect valuable company data, employee information, and trade secrets is something that all companies need to be able to do. This is where cyber security specialists come in. They develop security strategies around company software, implement it, and then monitor, detect, and respond to security threats.

As you can guess, cyber security is a booming industry. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the next ten years, job growth for security analysts is predicted to rise a staggering 33%.


Whether you’re looking to apply for a new job or just want to increase your effectiveness in your company, these skills are a great way to stay up to date in the workplace. However, they are, of course, not the only skills that will be needed in 2022. As a whole, employers are looking for soft skills not previously thought of as pre-pandemic. We’ve learned the importance of empathy and communication in building teams in a remote work environment.

In terms of hard skills, any tech, cloud, or cyber security skills will continue to be of major importance. This is especially true as we continue to expand our reliance on technology.
Here’s a recap of our top 10 in-demand skills that employers will be looking for in 2022.

  1. Ability to thrive in a virtual environment
  2. Knowledge of digital social media platforms
  3. How to use search engine optimization (SEO)
  4. User experience (UX) skills
  5. Being flexible and able to adapt to changing situations
  6. Being curious and willing to continuously learn
  7. Great teamwork and collaboration skills
  8. Emotional intelligence
  9. Cloud computing
  10. Cyber security

We hope this blog helps you better understand the top skills employees want candidates to have this year! Focus on mastering one or more of these and you will be deemed a highly-qualified candidate.

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