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Top 10 Essentials for Building Your Home Office

By: Mariah Rogers
Apr 20, 2020 • 4 min read

You’re working from home – here are 10 essentials for your home office!

If you have transitioned from working in an office to working from home, you might find it difficult to stay focused and productive. Creating a space at home that is specifically designed for work can help make the adjustment a little bit easier. We know working from your bed can sound like a good idea, but you may find yourself struggling to keep up with your regular workload. Putting together a personalized office space in your own house can be an exciting project, and result in a healthier work-life balance. All of the items linked in this blog can be delivered right to your doorstep, so you can social distance like a pro. Here are the top 10 essentials for building your home office.

#1 Back Support

To avoid aches and pains from being house-bound during your workday, it is important to invest in a good desk chair. While it is easy to find cute and cheap options online that will match your house décor perfectly, finding a chair that offers good support is crucial. Good posture and support can help you feel more alert and put an end to cramping and stiffness. Check out this great solution for this here!

#2 Soothe Tired Eyes

Is staring at screens all day taking a toll on your eyes? You are not alone. The blue light produced by our laptops and phones can create headaches and even affect our sleeping patterns. If you’re spending more time in front of a screen than usual, it’s time to check out blue light glasses. These lenses reflect the harmful blue light rays and come in many cute and stylish frames! Check them out here. If you don’t want to buy anything, try f.lux, a free software that will reduce the impact that blue light has on your eyes. Goodbye headaches!


eyeglasses on white table

#3 Collect Your Cords

Have cords and chargers got you in a twist? Keeping your laptop, phone and tablet charged for zoom meetings and conference calls have become essential to our current work lives. To keep your workspace organized and clutter-free, check out these cord organizers! You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

#4 Coffee & Tea Essentials

Having a warm, caffeinated beverage can help the workday go by just a little bit faster. If you are someone who likes to sip their beverage throughout the morning, this is the device for you. Having a desktop warmer can come in handy and save you endless trips to the microwave and back. It works similarly to a hotplate and will keep your cup warm throughout the day.

coffee filled white ceramic mug beside brown coffee beans on beige wooden surface

#5 Good Lighting

Working in a well-lit area can transform your workspace. If you cannot set up your space near a window to provide natural lighting, it is time to find a desk lamp to do the job. This lamp here is great because you and choose from a variety of brightness settings to fully customize your home office.

#6 Home Office Printer

Convenience is key when creating your home office. If you are used to being an avid printer in the workplace, investing in a small printer to keep at home can really help you out. The copier and scanner features will also come in handy when unexpected documents come your way. Check out this printer here!

#7 Headphones Are Key

Video conferencing and conference calls can be distracting to roommates and family members if you live in a communal space. Having headphones can also help members of your calls hear you more clearly eliminating the issue of having to repeat yourself due to low-quality computer microphones. You don’t need to invest in fancy and expensive headphones, cheaper options will get the job done. Check out these options!

black wireless headphones between Apple Keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse on white surface

#8 Add a Standing Desk to Your Home Office

If you are looking to incorporate more standing into your work-from-home routine, a standing desk can be a nice addition to your office space. These are perfect for those of us who can get crampy and sore from sitting in a chair all day. If you are looking to try this tip out, check out the option listed here!

#9 Invest in a Planner

This one may seem obvious but taking a few extra minutes to plan out your tasks for the day can help you stay organized and keep you from falling behind. Invest in a planner! Staying self-motivated while being away from the office can be challenging, which is why writing down important meetings and scheduling project due dates is essential for your new at-home work life.

#10 Organize Your Home Office

Working from home can get messy without the organization systems you are used to when working in the office. Lists, documents, and contracts can get misplaced and lead you to fall behind. Get creative and implement a new organization system into your home! Check out these efficient filing cabinets or hanging wall organizers to personalize your workspace.

What are your home office essentials? Let us know!

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