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‘Tis The Season For Holiday Work & Generous Bonuses 

By: Mariah Rogers
Oct 5, 2021 • 3 min read

‘Tis The Season For Holiday Work & Generous Bonuses – Here’s Where To Apply.

Believe it or not, the Holiday season is quickly approaching. This means that stores will be ramping up their hiring efforts in order to meet the hefty demand of eager customers who stop by to do their shopping. This year, seasonal hiring will look a bit different. The labor shortage has made it difficult for companies to keep up with customer demand, and this is only expected to get worse during the busy winter season. If you are looking for seasonal employment, here are the best jobs that provide bonuses for Holiday workers.

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Amazon is known for offering roles that have great benefits, a flexible schedule, and significant pay during the holiday season. Depending on your interests, there are a variety of roles you can choose from when applying. One of the positions that Amazon is urgently hiring for is the Package Sorter position. Applicants who get hired will receive a $1,500 sign-on bonus and an extra $100 bonus if they show proof of COVID-19 vaccination. 


E-commerce and online ordering have become more and more popular as a result of the Pandemic. On top of that, the holiday season makes shipping carriers’ jobs even more stressful. By working as a Warehouse Package Handler, you will be able to earn a $100 bonus by working both weekend days. Or, if you prefer to just work one day a weekend, you will still be eligible for a $50 bonus. 


Who doesn’t love Target? If you’re looking for a fun job that offers generous benefits for seasonal workers, look no further. If you get hired as a Warehouse Worker with Target, you will get to enjoy a $3,000 bonus for seasonal hires. Full-time hires will earn a $2,000 bonus!

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Dollar General

Dollar General offers a fun and unique inventory that makes working for this company exciting. They are known for their inexpensive and fun holiday decor, gift wrap, and more. If you get hired as a seasonal employee, you will enjoy a $1,000 signing bonus as a 2nd shift Warehouse Worker!

These generous bonuses won’t last forever. So, apply today and get your seasonal job opportunity lined up! 

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