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Tips for Referring a Friend for a Job at Your Company

By: Charlotte Couch
Sep 14, 2020 • 7 min read

Tips for Referring a Friend for a Job at Your Company

Referrals are a great way for companies to find new talent and save time on the hiring process. Sorting through hundreds of job applications can quickly become tedious and costly. So most companies are happy to receive referrals for qualified candidates. If you know someone who would be a great fit for your company, you should consider referring them for an open job position. Of course, there are several factors you have to keep in mind. Does the person have all of the right credentials? Would they be a good fit for your company? Referring someone could backfire if the company is not impressed by their resume or interviewing skills. In our latest article, we are offering tips for recommending a friend for a position at your company! Read on to learn more about what you should consider before referring a friend as well as how you can do it successfully.

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Before starting your referral letter, consider these factors first

Most people understand how valuable a job referral can be. You may have reached out to a friend or past colleague yourself to see if they could give you a referral or introduction to the company they currently work for. Because of their connection to you, they may have helped you out. Some companies offer an incentive program for referrals, giving them another good reason to make a referral for you. But before you make an official referral for a friend, you need to consider whether or not they would actually do well at the company or if they are even a good fit for the position. Asking yourself these questions will help you decide if you should go through with the referral.

Have you had a proper conversation with them about the job position?

If you blindly recommend a friend who doesn’t have a thorough understanding of the position or the company, you could accidentally end up wasting everyone’s time. The hiring manager will quickly see that your friend is not interested enough in the company and won’t move them past the initial application.

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Can you see them succeeding in the role?

You need to make sure your friend fills out all of the job qualifications, at a minimum. If your friend specializes in social media, but they’re applying for a project manager position, the referral might not do much to help them.

Does the job match their passion or interests?

This question closely ties in with the previous one. If the job opening doesn’t really align with their career goals, they might not stay long. Referring a candidate who doesn’t end up sticking around for a while can harm your reputation.

 How will the referral affect your relationship?

Your relationship with this person could change after they are hired. Once they start, you will be navigating the office politics and competition together. Can your friendship withstand these potential issues? And how will a rejection end up affecting your relationship?

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Do you think you could work alongside this person?

Just because you and your friend mesh well together at social functions, that does not mean you would get along well as co-workers. Maybe your friend has always had your back during drama or tough times, but they can be flaky when it comes to projects. Or you know that your friend has a bad habit of arriving late to work. If they don’t have the best time management skills, that can also compromise their ability to perform well at your company.

Check out our tips for referring your friend for a position at your company

Once you decide that your friend is indeed a great candidate for a position at your company, it’s time to make the actual referral! Some companies have their own process when it comes to recommending a friend. However, others do not. If that is the case for you, you can reach out to your HR manager to ask them what the best way to recommend a friend is. Typically, your friend will need to send in a regular application. When HR receives the application, they will flag it with the note that they have an internal referral. You can have your friend mention you in their application and cover letter as well. If your company is open to it, you can also arrange a meeting between your friend and the hiring boss to help get the ball rolling.

Referral letters from internal employees can be especially helpful for applicants

Writing a referral letter for your friend can always be helpful. For most companies, you can type up a quick email. As you write the letter, remember to keep the tone professional and to include key details about your relationship with your friend as well as any skill or experiences they bring to the table.

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Here’s how you can handle your relationship moving forward

While it can be exciting to have a friend work at your company, you still need to act professionally with them. Even if you don’t mean to practice nepotism, doing so can have negative effects on the company as well as your relationships with your co-workers. People may accuse you of favoritism and attempt to find signs of incompetence in your friend. This can cause an unhappy and toxic work environment for everyone.

 Final thoughts 

Finding a job during these uncertain times is tough. If you have a friend who is on the hunt for a new job and you know that they would be a great fit for your company, consider writing up a recommendation letter for them. Have you ever recommended a friend for a position at your job? If so, how did it go? Let us know! We would love to hear about your experiences! 

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