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Tips Every New Tutor Should Know

By: Juliana Norton 
May 28, 2020 • 4 min read

Tutoring 101

Tutoring is an excellent way to learn and acquire various skills. Whether you have the desire to become a teacher, enjoy helping others, or want to maintain the skills and knowledge you learned from a prior course, tutoring has many benefits. If you’re getting into the realm of tutoring, there are a few things you should keep in mind. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you out if you’re thinking of becoming a tutor!

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Brush Up Before You Start

When you’re showing someone else the ropes, it’s absolutely necessary to be a master of your trade. Some advanced topics are difficult for everyone, so it is best to review any and all material before each session. To be a quality tutor, you want your clients to learn the content correctly and thoroughly, especially when they have a test, quiz, or project coming up. It is vital to adequately prepare them for anything they may soon face, and to do so, you need to have a complete understanding of that subject. If you’re tutoring a beginner, it is a great idea to have multiple methods to explain a specific topic. Not everyone learns the same way. One client may fully understand the task at hand the original way you show them, but some need a different approach.  

Only Do What Works For You

You should only be tutoring if it’s something you enjoy and is profitable. In any position, you must stay true to yourself. This could be not going below a certain hourly rate, not traveling farther than a specific distance, or only tutoring in subjects you’re comfortable with. Though negotiation is a standard and healthy practice, only take a job where your pay is what you’re happy and willing to receive. If, for any reason, you dislike your client or their family, it is not your responsibility to continue providing services. Only tutor those you feel comfortable with, in order to ensure a pleasant and healthy experience. 


To be a tutor, the first step is obtaining clientele. This process varies by person and by location. First and foremost, reach out to friends and family. This can be very valuable to build experience without being nervous about making mistakes. They’re most likely to offer you a job, so there’s no shame in starting there and working your way up. For professional experience, there are numerous options. You can post flyers at your school and local libraries, showcasing your qualifications and specialties. There are also a few reliable websites to join and tutor online as well. To name a few, feel free to try out Chegg and

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Stay Safe

As always, the top priority is making sure you’re safe, and your mental health isn’t negatively affected. When you’re meeting with new clients and their families, it is a good idea to do a phone interview first. This allows you to gauge your comfort with them before you start your position. Also, meet at a public place like your local library, the client’s school or university, or even at a local Starbucks. It is vital to let someone you trust know where you’re going before meeting a new person for the first time. If you take the necessary precautions and do what you need to feel safe, you’ll have a great experience. 

Have a Gameplan 

If you’re tutoring a client long-term, it’s smart to have a gameplan in place. Before each session, you should have an idea of what you want to cover in the given time frame and map out courses down the road based on your clients learning pace. After you meet, write notes down regarding what you were able to cover, what they’re still having difficulty with, and thus what is necessary to go over again. Especially with tutoring, it is essential to have long-term goals. Sharing some of these with those you tutor can be an excellent idea. Reaching goals with your clients will make them feel successful and build their self-esteem. With any position, advancing and continuously improving is an essential aspect of your job. 

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