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Explore The Power of Positive Self-Talk

By: Mariah Rogers
Dec 3, 2020 • 6 min read

The Power of Positive Self-Talk: Don’t Knock It ‘Til You Try It!

We know – the title of this blog might seem a little cheesy. How “powerful” can positive self-talk really be? Self-talk provides a space for you to create a well-balanced headspace and boost your confidence. You’ll be able to channel your nervous energy into productivity. This can be a helpful technique to try before an interview, first day at a new job, or night before making an important career decision! So, let’s explore how the power of positive self-talk can transform your personal and professional life.

positive self-talk

What Is The Power of Self-Talk Exactly?

We are glad you asked! The first step to positive self-talk is understanding what this process consists of. Self-talk is more than just standing in the mirror, speaking compliments out loud to yourself. (Although this method can work for some!) Self-talk is that little voice inside your head that supports your ability to make decisions. It can also appear as a gut feeling that helps you sense if a situation is comfortable or not. Essentially, self-talk consists of tapping into your subconscious mind to help you form a healthy and confident thought process. How do you go about doing this? By using the power of positivity.

The Oxford Dictionary defines the subconscious mind as: “of or concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influences one’s actions and feelings.”

If the above definition seems overwhelming, don’t worry. Let’s break it down!

positive self-talk

Examples of Positive Self-Talk That You May Have Experienced 

The good news is – you’ve already begun your self-talk journey. You do it every day! However, your current self-talk process is probably not as positive as it could be. Here are some examples of self-talk that you have likely already encountered.

Negative self-talk examples:

  • “I will never get this job. There is no point in applying”.
  • “I have a bad feeling about this.”
  • “I am the least-experienced one here.”
  • “Nope – I don’t deserve this bonus.”

Positive self-talk examples: 

  • “I studied hard for this exam. I’ve got this”.
  • “I feel like this is the college campus for me.”
  • “That interview went really well.”
  • “I feel really good about the presentation I just gave.”

You have probably experienced some variation of the phrases above. Now, we will focus on turning these negative self-talk moments into more positive ones.

positive self-talk

Overcoming Negative Self-Talk Moments 

Lack of confidence, fear, or nervousness are all feelings that can lead to negative self-talk moments. We all encounter this at some point in our lives! If you’ve ever had the feeling that you don’t belong, or you’re just not good enough, positive self-talk can be a very effective way to turn this thinking around. Getting over this hurdle isn’t always easy. You must learn to counteract these negative thoughts by recognizing them and putting a positive spin on things. 

Let’s explore some examples:

Turn this: I don’t feel confident enough to lead this team.

Into this: This is a new experience for me. I am prepared, and I am well-trained. I know what I need to do to succeed. If I need help, I can ask for it.

Turn this: I feel like I don’t belong in this class. I’m not smart enough.

Into this: This class is going to be challenging. I know where to find extra academic support, and I am a very hard worker!

Turn this: I won’t be able to do this project as well as others in my department.

Into this: I will do the best I can. I know what it takes to get the job done.

positive self-talk

Effects Of Positive Self-Talk 

Once you have started your positive self-talk journey, you will begin to notice changes in the way you think about challenging situations. Turning the negative into positive won’t be as difficult, and having an upbeat mindset will come more naturally. According to a study conducted by Walden University, positive thinkers may also experience better coping skills, lower stress levels, and improved cardiovascular health. Positive self-talk can help you feel better, both inside and out!

Pro Tip: If at first, you don’t succeed, try again! Everyone’s self-talk journey is different. Be patient with yourself and test various methods to find out what works best for you.

Have you tried these positive self-talk tips? Let us know on social media!

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