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The Best Part-Time Weekend Jobs

By: Dora Segall
Jan 11, 2021 • 8 min read

The Best Part-Time Weekend Jobs

If you’re a student or just a weekday employee looking for some extra cash, a weekend job can be a great way to stay afloat. Even with the Coronavirus still at large, there are several ways you can work part-time on your days off. Working on the weekend will require extra effort and stamina. However, you will get to enjoy some bonus pay in addition to your 9-5 gig during the week. This money can be spent on fun activities, investing, or putting into a savings account.

Having a weekend job also allows you to expand your network and make friends working with the weekend crew. You’ll also gain experience in areas your 9-5 job doesn’t offer – so say hello to a boosted resume!

In this blog, we will explore the best part-time weekend jobs you can apply for now. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your hustle on.

Become a Pet-Sitter

At this point in the pandemic, people have begun to leave town for work or vacation again. Many of these people have recently adopted a new pet, which became quite popular in the early days of quarantine. There was simply no better time to welcome a pet into your home! Plus, who wouldn’t want a fluffy coworker by your side during lonely days working at home?

Taking care of your furry friend can get tricky when you need to travel. This is where the market for pet-sitters comes in. If you have always wanted a pet but do not want to commit to adopting an animal full-time, this is the perfect gig for you! If you’re passionate about caring for animals and want to make some extra weekend cash, here are a few ways you started as a part-time pet sitter.

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Join a Gig App Like Rover

Pet-sitting has accrued a sizable community of gig apps always on the lookout for new workers. While these may not offer the same level of job security as working for a smaller company, they are great for people looking for a high degree of scheduling flexibility. You’ll be able to work around your personal hours and choose clients who live close to you, making the job both convenient and easy.

Rover connects dog walkers and sitters with clients nearby. The app is great because it allows you to mark your availability for each day as far in advance or as last-minute as you like. You can also set your own rates, although it’s advised that you start low and charge more as you gain repeat customers and good reviews. Other apps for pet-sitters and dog-walkers are Wag and PetBacker – so feel free to explore these if you are having trouble finding clients in your area!

Find a Pet-sitting Company in Your Area

If you want more predictable hours than a gig economy app can offer, try to find a local business hiring new pet sitters! Working for a private company may demand more time from you than setting your own schedule on Rover, but it is also more likely to pay more. Lots of pet-sitting companies post on Facebook and various job boards when they’re hiring. You can also look for job postings in your local newspaper!

Animal care is an industry that offers a wide variety of job options. If you don’t want to host a cuddly friend in your home for the weekend, that’s okay! You may have an allergy, roommates who arent pet lovers, or a landlord who doesn’t allow four-legged friends. Instead, you can opt for marketing a pet walking, grooming, or daycare service.

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Offer Tech Help

If you’re under the age of 40, chances are that you are more adept with digital tools than much of the population. Older professionals often find that creating a website or joining social media is a great way to advertise their services or engage with clients. Helping with these tasks are just a couple ways that you can lend neighbors a tech-savvy hand.

Make sure to charge clients enough money to cover expenses like web-building software and photo-editing software and make a decent profit. You can find your own part-time tech help gigs by posting on local Facebook pages and putting up flyers around your neighborhood. You’ll be surprised how many people require your services! Especially since the population is now relying on the internet and technology more than ever, it is common for older folks to want to utilize video chat and other virtual communication software.

Work with Kids For a Part-Time Weekend Job 

With schools operating remotely, parents are in more need of help than usual. Even on the weekends, there are a ton of ways you can help keep kids active and busy. Just make sure to mask up and keep classes small! If you have a special talent for specific subjects – even better. You’ll be able to market your skills to parents with children in need of extra assistance and support in the virtual classroom.

You’ll need to have great communication skills with both the parents and child. You will be responsible for scheduling appointments and arriving at each session prepared and ready to teach.

Become a Tutor

Sitting in front of a computer all day has made it difficult for all of us to focus. Kids have relatively short attention spans, to begin with. Zoom school’s challenges mean that students might need extra help mastering new class material and applying it to their homework assignments.

Tons of educational assistance programs are hiring tutors, both in-person and online! Try a search on JobGet or a similar platform in your area to find part-time jobs now. You can also offer your services independently, advertising around your neighborhood or on local social media groups.

Tutoring can also be done virtually, in order to limit the spread of the virus and stay as safe as possible. If you are willing to offer your services remotely, this might be a selling point for parents and kids who are looking to social distance! Just be sure that you are comfortable enough with technology prior to marketing your tutoring service. You’ll want to be able to teach effectively online and in-person!

Offer Music or Art Lessons

Are you a skilled pianist? Do you have a knack for jewelry-making? Considering sharing your talent with little ones! The pandemic has put many limitations on non-academic activities for grad school students, but kids can still refine their creative skills through one-on-one lessons. This is a great way to help kids develop their fine motor skills, practice communication, and meet new friends. Even if it is virtually!

Like tutoring, you can land a job as a private instructor by finding a local conservatory or art school or advertising independently. Consider offering low rates to give yourself an edge and make your services accessible to parents who cannot afford more experienced instructors but want to give their kids an alternative to band and orchestra or group art classes.

Since most sports and other activities that involve physical contact have been canceled, these services will be in high demand. Consider marketing yourself as a Covid-safe afterschool activity! Be sure to read up on recent CDC guidelines to ensure you are following proper protocol.

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Give Private Sports Lessons

Arguably worse than the loss of in-person learning and creative opportunities for kids this past year are reduced physical activity opportunities. Kids are hyper, and most don’t do well cooped up in the same house 24/7. But most schools are doing remote classes and offering little to no opportunities to take PE classes or join a sports team.

If you’re a particularly proficient athlete, teaching a sport to kids is a great way for you and your clients to stay active. Find a park near your house and see if there’s a field or court where you can conduct your lessons. Many of these places also have bulletin boards where you can advertise your services if you’re going solo.

You can also see if your local community center or similar spaces are hiring — chances are, since private lessons are safer than group classes but require a greater number of teachers, someone is! This is also a great way for you to keep your skills sharp and get some great exercise!

Try Landscaping for a Part-Time Weekend Job 

Even the most inexperienced person can make up to $50 mowing their neighbor’s lawn. If you live in a suburban or rural area, consider yard maintenance for spare cash on the weekends. Other tasks include weeding, pruning, and gardening. This is a great way to get outside and enjoy some exercise, too. Landscaping is a labor-oriented job, so you will be working up a sweat!

Many landscaping companies look for part-time employees when it gets warm out, so keep an eye out for these positions when spring comes. You can also offer your services independently. Once you gain a good reputation with a few neighbors, others are bound to find out about you through word of mouth. This is the best kind of advertising!

Doing simple chores might also be appreciated by others who live in your neighborhood. You can advertise trash collection, bottle return, car washing, or other services that may be applicable to those near you.

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Work as a Sales Associate

People tend to shop on their days off, so the weekends are hectic for retailers. Take advantage of this by snagging a part-time position at a store near you! Chances are, some of your favorite retails are probably hiring to assist with crowds and maintain social distancing rules. Many stores have had to expand their teams to keep up with contactless pickup, curbside orders, fewer checkout lanes, and managing overall store occupancy.

Search your local job boards for part-time sales positions. Employment is available in all sorts of industries, from groceries to healthcare, to apparel. Make sure to be on the lookout for delivery jobs, as these are in very high demand since e-commerce has become more popular and consumers are trying to leave their houses less and less. Many stores offer curbside pickup, so you can offer to deliver these purchases to the buyer! The opportunities for part-time weekend jobs are endless!

Become a Weekend Concierge

Concierges work the front desk at hotels and apartments, welcoming people who enter the lobby, and handling administrative tasks. They also help manage events and can double as low-level security. Residence facilities operate 7 days a week, so many need part-time employees for the days when their full-time workers are off. If you are social and like to dress well, a part-time concierge job could be perfect for you!

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Deliver Food

Like Rover, food delivery apps are gig-based companies that allow employees to set their own hours. This makes them ideal for people looking to supplement full-time jobs or work their way through school. Being a delivery driver is a great way to get out of the house while staying safe — it’s a lot less hazardous than working for a rideshare app. Many apps also allow you to deliver via bike or scooter instead of a car if you’re looking to get some extra exercise and reduce your environmental impact.

Uber Eats gets excellent employee reviews for its high pay. Still, Grubhub and DoorDash are other great options for those of you, considering a job as a food delivery driver. These platforms have become extremely popular since the Pandemic hit. Consumers who want to support small businesses such as local restaurants often opt for takeout on busy weeknights! You might even be able to make a few tips along the way, which can add to your overall earnings and help balance rising gas prices.

Become a Caregiver

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities need 24/7 help on hand but are sadly often understaffed, especially since COVID-19 has limited volunteer visits and residents’ trips to the outside world. Caregivers help elderly people or those with disabilities accomplish day-to-day tasks like eating, bathing, and taking their medications. It’s not glamorous work, but many find it incredibly rewarding.

If you need some extra cash and want to make someone else’s life a little easier, this could be the weekend job for you. You’ll be able to build meaningful relationships with families and help them navigate the Pandemic, which can be especially difficult for elderly citizens or those who are immunocompromised. If you have experience in healthcare or are qualified to give medications, this will make your services even more marketable! The families want to ensure that loved ones are being taken care of to the fullest extent. Helping the elderly part-time during the weekend is a great way to make some extra dough and give care that truly makes a difference.

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Help Out at A Local Restaurant 

Most restaurant chains are in search of employees who can work both weekends and weekdays, however, weekend shifts can be hard to fill! If you are willing to put in some hours over the weekend, you will be a highly sought after candidate. Many restaurants are in need of extra help to fill take out orders and help run curbside pickup meals.

Working in a restaurant will give you solid hours every weekend, which is great for anyone who wants structure. You will also be working on your feet a lot so be sure to prepare for fast-paced shifts. You can explore positions such as line cook, server, hostess, or cleaner. Whatever your interests are, working in a restaurant will give you a wide range of experience that can be applied to any job.

You can also decide what hours you want to work depending on the type of restaurant you apply to work at. If you prefer to get up with the early birds, try searching for a career at a diner or breakfast spot in town. If you are a night owl, try a more modern restaurant that is a popular dinner location for locals.


If you’re on the hunt for a part-time weekend job, consider what you want and what you’re good at. Delivering food is a great option for independent-minded people who like to drive, but others might prefer a retail job with less time in traffic and a steadier schedule. Job listings for part-time work vary by location and season. Get online and see what’s out there!

Working on the weekends can be tiring, but it will be worth it! You’ll be able to have more money to enjoy a flexible budget or save up for something you really want. Plus, you will learn new skills and expand your network beyond your 9-5 job. Just make sure to find something that inspires you and an industry you can have fun with! Have you worked any part-time weekend jobs you loved? Connect with us on social media and share, or leave a comment down below! We would love to hear from you.

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