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The Best Degrees to Get In 2022

By: Thelma Collado
Jan 31, 2022 • 5 min read

The Best College Degrees to Get In 2022

When there are so many options available, each with its own benefits and shortcomings, it can be difficult to decide on the degree you’d like to pursue. Because of this, we’ve decided to do our research and compile the best degrees to choose from in 2022!

These college majors are in demand, have an expected growth rate, or are currently growing, and provide a reasonable salary! While you shouldn’t decide the field you’re going to work in just by these factors alone, they definitely provide an array of advantages that will benefit you and help you advance in your career.

best degrees


Nursing is a career that has always been in demand, but ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, it has shown us that nurses are indispensable assets to our community. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of registered nurses is expected to grow by 9%. As the population of older adults continues to grow, so will the demand for nurses. The average salary for registered nurses also increased by around 4% last year. They are needed in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and care centers. In order to work as a licensed nurse, you must earn either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing.


Understanding how finance works and using it favorably is a key skill. From corporations and individuals to businesses and governments, everyone benefits from having a finance major on their team. Pursuing this career can lend itself to many job openings and opportunities, depending on your personal interests and what you choose to specialize in. This field also has a higher growth rate compared to other fields. In order to pursue your career in finance, you will either need a bachelor’s or master’s degree.


If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it is that there will always be a necessity for accountants. This career provides multitudes of job opportunities; as long as there are taxes and businesses, there will always be a job available for accountants.

Even as technology advances and new software is developed, accountants provide essential skills that cannot be replaced by machines: analyzing financial data, preparing financial statements, critical thinking, and other technical skills that you’re required to know in this field. Depending on the type of job you are planning to pursue, you will need a CPA license and either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting.


Many individuals major in business, and for good reason. This career allows you to work in practically any organization and industry. Understanding business is an important skill to have, and it can be the difference between a profitable company or an unsuccessful one.

This field provides many opportunities for growth as well as a higher salary. The field of business is one of the most in-demand majors for these reasons. Business can be found everywhere we look, so knowing how to navigate this world can give you an unexpected upper hand. For a career in business, you will typically need either a bachelor’s or master’s degree.


As we continue to transition into an era that relies more and more on technology, we need to ensure that we are secure as we navigate through the digital world. There is a need for cybersecurity jobs–about 3.5 million’s worth. In this position, you’ll be able to protect networks, important data, and users from cyberattacks. Any company, business, or individual who is focusing their efforts on making a name for themselves online is in need of someone to ensure that their information is being protected. For this position, a bachelor’s or master’s degree is recommended, along with a few years of experience.

best degrees

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a career that will continue to be in demand and grow throughout the years. Engineers are not only needed in order to handle the main constructions, such as roads, bridges, and general buildings; they help grow our communities, as well as maintain the towns, cities, and other places where we live.

There are many projects throughout the country. This means that there won’t be a shortage of jobs while you explore this career. There are many different jobs and positions available if you have a degree in this field. In order to work as a civil engineer, you must have a bachelor’s degree.


As the teacher shortage continues, the demand for instructors only grows. Teachers of all kinds are needed, from elementary to post-secondary schools. While the pandemic created a need for teachers, more people are looking to expand their education. This means that more professors are needed to educate the increasing number of students that are attending.

Teachers are also needed for just about every subject. So, this career provides a lot of options for you to choose from, depending on your interests and preferences. While the salary may vary depending on your position, teacher salaries have been increasing throughout the years. Depending on what age group you wish to specialize in, you will either need to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in education.

Software Developer

The employment of software developers is expected to grow by 22%. As we continue to advance into the digital age and our dependence on technology grows, developers allow us to create more powerful and efficient applications and websites. These have become a cornerstone in our lives. As a software developer, you are going to find jobs across many different spaces.

From small businesses to large ones, they need developers because of their ability to help meet the needs and demands of customers. Software developers must also be able to be on top of their game. Software developers must also work towards improving themselves every day. Whether that means learning new programming languages or exploring other coding platforms.

Being fluent in that coding language is an essential skill for building apps and websites. In order to become a software developer, you need to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.

Physical Therapist

The demand for physical therapists continues to grow at a rapid rate; as the population of older adults grows, along with longer life spans and more people suffering chronic illnesses or disabilities, the need for healthcare workers continues to rise. This industry also provides many opportunities for you to advance in your career, allowing you to open doors towards new job opportunities, as well as higher pay. In order to work as a physical therapist, you need to earn your bachelor’s degree, complete a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program, pass the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE), and get licensed.

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Data is important. It organizes your information, tells you exactly what is going on, and can help you make good decisions. Statistics focuses on making, arranging, and explaining data to those who need it! There is a growing need for statisticians and their ability to make others understand the world around them. Since statistics is flexible enough to be useful in all sorts of careers, you’re bound to find a job somewhere.

Not only will it provide you with some important skills that will prove to be useful throughout your whole life, but it’s a degree that can help open doors for you in exciting and unexpected places. In this field, the minimum you will need is a bachelor’s or a master’s degree.

Public Administration

The field of public administration focuses its efforts on helping the public and serving their communities. There will always be people who are in need of a helping hand. Our districts will always have problems or situations that can be improved on. Without public administrators, departments like housing and education would not be able to efficiently work or assist the people in our community.

There are many different career paths you can pursue with this degree. You can earn a decent starting salary if you’ve completed your master’s, too! In order to work in public administration, you will need a bachelor’s or master’s degree.


Nowadays, there are hundreds of different ways to share information and communicate with others. However, it can be difficult to get your message across. Especially when there are so many platforms and voices that are constantly feeding us all types of information.

This is where the communications field comes in! The communications industry will provide a multitude of options. Especially when it comes to jobs since everyone is working on getting their message out into the world! People who work in the communications field can provide helpful insight on how people think and perceive information, which can help create more convincing and effective messages.

In this field, the minimum you will need is a bachelor’s degree to begin working.


There will always be a demand for those who study and practice law. This does not limit itself to lawyers–officers, investigators, agents, judges, and more all fall under this category and are all equally needed. In this field, you’ll work towards helping others.

Whether it’s through protecting their rights, upholding the law, or fighting against injustice, those who pursue law will always have a job available and a duty to uphold. Depending on the sort of job you’re searching for within the field of Law, you will need to earn a bachelor’s degree. If you want to specialize in being an attorney or a similar position, you will have to work towards getting your Juris Doctor degree (JD) in law school.

Digital Marketing

We need to make the most of the digital space that we’ve acquired, and through digital marketing, you can do just that. As many businesses are either starting out or moving towards a digital platform, this provides an opportunity to bring in customers and become successful. This is where digital marketers come in. Through this degree, you learn to research the market, advertise, manage social media, and other useful skills that will help you advance in the digital world.

This industry is growing with every passing year, and it offers you many opportunities to move up in the field! You don’t necessarily need a degree in order to get a job as a digital marketer, but many positions will require a bachelor’s.

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