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The Benefits of Having Plants in Your Office

By: Thelma Collado
Jan 12, 2021 • 6 min read

The Benefits of Having Plants in Your Office (We Hope You Have a Green Thumb!)

When it comes to your workspace, plants are generally treated more like complex ornaments and decorative pieces rather than the life-changing organisms that they always have been. Plants will not only renovate the look of your office with a splash of color, but they can help improve your day-to-day life in ways you would have never considered. With all the benefits they provide, you’ll want to opt-out of plastics and choose to get some real plants in your office!

green leafed plant

Brightens Your Workspace and Your Attitude

Having plants can break the monotony of the white or otherwise drab coloring of your office walls and bring in a burst of color that can leave you in a positive mood! The color green, depending on its shade, has a calming effect on an individual.

Plants also come in various colors: yellow, red, blue, orange, or purple. These colors can be vitalizing and energize you in your workspace, while others have the ability to mellow you out and significantly diminish your levels of stress. If you find one in a shade that brings out the best in you, consider adding it to your space to bring a little bit of happiness to your everyday routine.

Reduce Noise

We live in a world full of noise. It could be the sound of traffic outside, piled with drivers constantly honking their horns, the whirring of machines in your workplace, or the bustle of people going in and out, simply doing their jobs. Whatever it might be, it can go from annoying to downright irritating and can effectively distract you from your work.

Plants, however, are good at combating that.

The surface area of plants are very effective in absorbing sound, whether it be through their leaves, branches, or stems. They can also deflect sound since they don’t have a solid, hard surface that sound waves can utilize to bounce off and amplify themselves.

If your office is polluted with noise, consider getting a few plants for your office. After all, the more plants there are, the better they are at reducing the noise!

benefits of having plants

Reduce Stress

Stress is a common affliction that takes a toll on your mental health and exhausts you throughout the workday. However, it has been shown that plants can keep you from getting too stressed out. Whether it’s choosing to take a moment to admire a plant hung around the office, taking the time to water and care for one, or simply having it in our field of vision, plants help release that internal tension. Some plants carry a pleasant smell, which can also help our brains release feel-good chemicals that calm us down.

Some would say it comes from biophilia, our innate desire to interact and connect with nature, or the fact that being able to perceive natural beauty is a relaxing activity all on its own. Whichever one it might be, the small moments we can have with a plant in the workspace can calm us down when we’re feeling overwhelmed.

benefits of having plants

Combat SBS

There’s no question that plants are experts at removing toxins from the air. Through this process, they can also fight against SBS, or Sick Building Syndrome. SBS is when occupants in a building suffer from various health problems resulting from any specific illnesses. Common symptoms that occupants tend to suffer from are:

  •     Headaches
  •     Runny nose
  •     Dry throat
  •     Coughing
  •     Nausea

And so much more. While these symptoms can be mild, they can still be bothersome and even dangerous if the person afflicted with it has any respiratory issues. These symptoms, though, usually go away once the worker has left the building.

Office buildings are full of pollutants, and these pollutants can be derived from wood products, chemicals, plastics, adhesives, or furniture. Mold, cleaning products, dust, bacteria, and cigarette smoke, along with the addition of poor ventilation systems, can create a hostile environment for workers in which SBS occurs.

A solution to this problem? Plants. Placing several living plants throughout the building can alleviate SBS symptoms and ensure cleaner air and a healthier environment. The reduction of SBS can also help workers focus more easily and get more work done throughout the day.

benefits of having plants

Improves Performance

An office plant’s natural benefits can be linked to an increase in your productivity and its quality. This can be linked to the natural benefits that come with an office plant. Plants are great at removing CO2 from the air, which directly affects our cognitive abilities; the more CO2 there is, the more difficult it is to make smart choices to help you move forward. Office plants can help keep those levels under control, making it easier for us to make good choices in the long run.

Compared to offices that don’t have any plants, the ones that do, see an increase in their workers’ overall performance. It’s not hard to imagine why; watching and caring for one is a natural stress-reliever, and simply having one in your office can make you believe that your office conditions have improved. Those factors alone can create a more positive environment in which you can flourish.

They clear our air, clear our thoughts, and help us get a grip on what we’re doing.


If you’re allowed to have a few plants in your office, don’t hesitate to buy some! You’ll want to factor in your work environment and the care that you can provide them daily before getting one. There is a large market for house and office plants, so it won’t be difficult to choose one to suit your needs.

The physical and psychological effects that plants have on us has been studied for years, and it turns out that we need them just as much as they need us. They are rejuvenating, bursting with life, and can brighten up any drowsy day. You won’t regret keeping them around!

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