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The 10 Best Retail Jobs in Phoenix

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Feb 27, 2021 • 8 min read

The 10 Best Retail Jobs in Phoenix

Are you looking for the perfect retail job in Phoenix? We got you covered! This list features retail jobs that can benefit students who just entered the workforce and even experienced workers. We’ve compiled all that you need to know: job openings, reviews, benefits, and more. This list includes both local phenomenons and global enterprises. Find your new job in our list of the top ten best retail jobs in Phoenix, Arizona!

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1. Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts Farmers Market is a supermarket chain that originated in Phoenix, Arizona. This brand focuses on selling organic and healthy products, such as food, vitamins, and self-care items. It’s a store that shares similar traits with competitors like Whole Foods Market and Nutrition Smart. Overall, Sprouts Farmers Market has generally favorable reviews by customers.

If you are considering applying to this market, there are a variety of jobs you can choose from. From cashier to manager, here are some careers you can find at Sprouts Farmers Market:

  •     Inbound/Outbound Lead – Oversee products being delivered safely in and out of the distribution center.
  •     Clerk – Offer advice and guide guests on the market floor.
  •     Department Manager – Order products and prioritize giving guests great service.
  •     Store Manager – Oversee store operations and business
  •     Distribution Center Director – Map out and create distribution center strategies.

As you can see, there are many flexible retail jobs you can choose from! There are also instances of Sprouts Farmers Market offering internships such as Sustainability Intern. This is the perfect place to explore new career paths regardless of your work experience.

If you’re interested in learning about the benefits of working at Sprouts Farmers Market, you’ll find they have a lot to offer! Their benefits range from financial to physical and mental health, so you’ll get to enjoy more than just a paycheck. They offer benefits such as medical insurance, store discounts, back-up childcare, paid parental leave, and more.

Sprouts Farmers Market also has many opportunities for career growth. You can explore their scholarship program, workshops, and development programs. If you’re invested in collaboration, teamwork, and healthy products, then this may be the job for you!

2. Shamrock Foods

Shamrock Foods Company actually consists of multiple brands. The list includes: Shamrock Foods, Shamrock Farms, Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse, Jensen Goods, Gold Canyon, and Pier 22. They are one of the largest family-owned dairy companies in the Southwest. In Arizona, Shamrock is a common brand to see on dairy products, most notably their milk called Mmmmilk. According to former employee reviews, working at Shamrock Foods is a great experience.

The retail jobs at Shamrock Foods are straightforward and do not require much work experience. This makes it an exceptional first job!

Here are some retail jobs you can apply for in Shamrock Foods:

  •     Dairy Stocker – In charge of restocking and replenishing merchandise.
  •     Store Manager – Drive sales and oversee business operations and training.
  •     Assistant Store Manager – Aid Store Manager and share responsibilities.
  •     Store Associate – Provide customer service and aids with stocking merchandise.
  •     Cashier – Handle the checkout experience for customers.

Shamrock Foods Company also fosters an internship program through Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse, which gears toward retail. So, there is a chance to start a career no matter where you are in your job-search journey. 

When it comes to benefits, Shamrock Foods is very generous. As a family-owned brand, they prioritize employee satisfaction. Employees will enjoy medical insurance, 401(K), paid time off, profit sharing, tuition reimbursement, wellness programs, and more!

Their work culture encourages a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. If you’re looking to grow in a family-owned brand that treats customers and business partners as friends, then this may be the job for you!

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3. Amazon

It’s no secret that Amazon is a leader in e-commerce. Working a retail job at Amazon means you have the chance to oversee various different departments! Because of Amazon’s booming business, there are typically hundreds of positions open. So, it is more than possible to find the ideal retail job at Amazon. Reviews by previous Amazon employees suggest that the company provides great flexibility, too. 

Because Amazon has many roles to fill, they offer jobs in a variety of different sectors. You can choose between different departments like Grocery, Books, Games, Toys, Electronics, Software, and more. Find out what interests you!

Here are some retail jobs you can find at Amazon:

  •     Regional Facilities Manager – Help develop physical locations for Amazon.
  •     Stylist – Use previous styling experience to review customer profiles and give them recommendations.
  •     Software Development Engineer – Design and develop software to resolve business technicalities.
  •     Vendor Manager – Oversee the grocery department and maintain strategic relationships.
  •     Product Manager – Drive business sales through e-commerce.
  •     Retail Associate – Keeping data over products and ensure the accuracy of pricing analytics.

In addition to these jobs, Amazon also offers internships and remote work positions. These roles are ideal for students, handicapped employees, or those who want a work-life balance.

As for benefits, Amazon provides no shortage of them. These include medical insurance, 401(k), stocks, adoption assistance, paid parental leave, tuition assistance, and paid time off.

If you desire to work at a company with generous flexibility, great benefits, and be a part of a leading enterprise, then apply for an Amazon retail job in Phoenix! 

4. Barnes & Noble

A retail store based on selling various books, Barnes & Noble has plenty of relaxing opportunities for literature and media enthusiasts. Barnes & Noble is a Fortune 1000 company, making them one of the biggest bookselling and media distribution leaders. According to employee reviews, Barnes & Noble is a favorable place to work at.

Jobs at Barnes & Noble are not titled the same as typical retail positions, making them unique. Here are just some of the retail jobs you can apply for:

  •     Store Manager – Handle retail operations and supervise the sales floor.
  •     Assistant Store Manager – Assist the Store Manager and share responsibilities.
  •     Barista/Cafe Server – Operate behind the cafe counter to provide food for customers.
  •     Bookseller – Provide great customer service and have a wealth of knowledge about books to help guide customers.
  •     Business Development Manager – Engage in outreach to public and private institutes to form partnerships and increase sales.
  •     Cafe Manager – Oversee cafe operations by recruiting and supporting the team.

In terms of benefits, Barnes & Noble like to retain their employees for as long as possible. They give many benefits such as medical insurance, business travel insurance, 401(k), disability coverage, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, store discounts, and more. This extensive list of benefits makes Barnes & Noble one of the best retail jobs in Phoenix! 

Their work culture is centered around a passion for merchandise and providing a friendly experience. As a result, Barnes & Noble is the perfect place to work if you want a relaxing atmosphere, leniency, and a way to share knowledge about books! 

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5. Target

Target is one of the largest retail stores in the United States. They sell a variety of goods from various retailers, ranging from clothes to electronics. It is similar to competitors such as Walmart and Amazon. Target is also a favorable place to work, according to former and current employees. They highlight that Target’s strength is its welcoming atmosphere.

At Target, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experience career growth and advancement. You can find plenty of retail jobs at Target, such as:

  •     Accountant – Keep track of finances in a competitive retail space.
  •     Admin Assistant – Support and share responsibilities with leaders.
  •     Distribution Center Operations Manager – Be at the forefront of delivering products to customers as fast as possible.
  •     Pricing Analyst – Keep track of data and ensure pricing accuracy.
  •     General Merchandise Team Leader – Oversee sales floor presentation, track prices, replenish stocks, and more.

Besides these jobs, Target also offers internships in leadership in the field of retail. You can learn from one of the biggest retailers in the United States if you’re a student! This means you have many chances to grow within Target.

For being one of the biggest retailers, Target also provides a lot of benefits. These benefits are included but are not limited to health insurance, 401(k), store discount, adoption assistance, tuition assistance, support programs, career advancement, identity theft protection, life insurance, and more!

Target clearly brings a lot to the table. If you desire a fast-paced, friendly work environment, then this is the right retailer for you!

6. Bunky Boutique

Based in Downtown Phoenix, Bunky Boutique is a popular local apparel store. They are known for their Phoenix-style apparel that is a staple for both locals and tourists. Though they are a small retailer, customers rate their experience in Bunky Boutique as exceptional and friendly. As a result, you can be sure that this will be a positive workplace environment. 

This company offers the following positions:

  •     Retail Sales Associate – Operate the cash register and respond to customer inquiries.
  •     Creative Director – Possibly handles the marketing and PR operations to drive sales.
  •     Fashion Designer – Invent new, Phoenix-style apparel that matches the tone of Bunky Boutique.

The current owner of Bunky Boutique is Rachel Malloy, who can be reached on LinkedIn for professional inquiries. This is definitely a retail store you would want to keep an eye on. Their reviews are raving with happy locals, and their customer service is reported as incredibly friendly. If you are looking for a fun and friendly work environment, then this might be the place for you! 

If you want to know about any open positions at Bunky Boutique, it’s best to shoot a them LinkedIn message. Or, you can contact them through their website/visit in person. As they say on their website, “Our flagship is small, but it’s mighty.”

If you appreciate a small, cozy retailer with strong coworker relationships, then you’ll like Bunky Boutique. This is one of the most unique retail jobs in Phoenix! 

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7. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is an apparel and accessory-based retailer that leans towards a luxurious style. They usually sell their products through Nordstrom Rack, which usually comes with discounts. Only roughly 100 locations open in the United States, and one is directly located in Phoenix, Arizona. This retailer deserves to be mentioned because Nordstrom has been ranked as one of the best companies to work for multiple times. This is because of the great environment and positive employee atmosphere. Likewise, Phoenix’s Nordstrom has been given favorable ratings by customers, complimenting the “service” and “hospitality.”

You can choose which retail job suits your style the best by looking at these positions:

  •     Retail Cashier & Sales Floor Support – Operate the cash register and handle customer inquiries.
  •     Retail Sales Women’s Trend – Be a salesperson in the women’s trend department.
  •     Stocker – Recieve, unload freight, and deliver merchandise to selling departments.
  •     Loss Prevention Security Ambassador – Monitor and assess emergency situations.
  •     Corporate Strategy Manager – Develop strategic business plans and promote internal growth.

They also have internships for those interested in fashion. Nordstrom also has a capped amount of benefits compared to other retailers on this list, but they’re still generous. These benefits include 401(k), paid holidays, life insurance, and a stock purchase plan.

If you’re someone who’s highly invested in fashion, then you should try Nordstrom!

8. Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works is a retail store that focuses on fragrances and self-care items. Merchandise includes lotions, perfume, aromatherapy, and more. These retail stores are usually fairly small. Therefore, as an employee, you don’t need to walk around much while on the job. Former and current employees rate their experiences as pleasurable and the work culture as warm and inviting. Most importantly, the inventory itself is extremely fun and whimsical! 

Bath & Body Works is a great place to gain customer service experience in a fast-paced environment. Here are some jobs that Bath & Body Works offers:

  •     Sales Associate – Assist customers and handle any inquiries.
  •     Key Holder – Coach sales associates and participate in recruiting.
  •     Store Manager – Handle all store operations such as training and recruiting.
  •     Supervisor – Provide individual and team performance and other store operations.

There aren’t as many flexible options in Bath & Body Works compared to other retailers. However, they are a great introduction to retail service.

When it comes to benefits, Bath & Body Works provides store discounts, paid holidays, 401(k), casual dress code, flexible schedule, life insurance, and paid sick leave. Therefore, you can be sure that this company will take care of you as an employee! 

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, customer-oriented retail job, then try for a position at Bath & Body Works!

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9. Phoenix General

Phoenix General is a local store located in Uptown and Downtown Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a boutique that sells a selection of apparel, home goods, and gifts. Most importantly, they have been commemorated as “Best Clothing Store” from 2016 through 2019. The customer service is said to be “attentive” and “personalized.” As a result, you’ll need to have a knack for customer service in order to be successful here! 

Phoenix General carries their operations through physical retail locations and through its website. If you’re looking to seek more information on available positions, visit their website. Here are some roles they are advertising on their site:

  •     Daily store operations – Operate at registers and open and close the store.
  •     Customer service – Use your knowledge of products to help guide customers.
  •     Sales – Help meet and exceed sales.
  •     Merchandising and Display – Stock and restock merchandise.
  •     Events – Plan and schedule events that promote the business.

As you can see, Phoenix General has a lot of opportunities for retail workers. Phoenix General values passionate employees that are driven and innovative. This is because they hope to retain employees for as long as possible. They provide flexibility in terms of work schedule. However, unlike others on this list, your only option is to work at the physical retailer instead of at home.

If you prefer to work at a local retailer that is motivated and instills passion in workers, you should explore retail jobs at Phoenix General!

10. Qwick

Qwick is a staffing company that provides service for food and beverage professionals. If you have experience working in this industry, you can get to work through Qwick. Likewise, you can also find jobs under the company itself! Qwick is highly rated by both employees and clients because of its awesome environment. 

Take a look at the open positions they have in Phoenix, Arizona:

  •     Office Manager – Manage daily office operations and coordinate events.
  •     Customer Experience Manager – Manage and keeping track of the shift management process.
  •     Operations Manager – Responsible for the execution of shifts.
  •     Orientation Specialist – Schedule virtual orientations to meet supply needs.
  •     Account Manager – Provide exceptional customer experience, keep business retention, and more.

Qwick offers many employee benefits. You’ll enjoy unlimited time off, health insurance, and most importantly, an annual company trip.

If you want to work at a local startup, then you should take a look at Qwick!

These are just a few of the best retail jobs in Phoenix! We wish you the best of luck in your job search.

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