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The 10 Best Fast Food Jobs in Boston

By: Gabby Garland
Jul 27, 2021 • 5 min read

The 10 Best Fast Food Jobs in Boston – Ready, Set, Apply! 

With so many options, finding the right fast-food job for you can feel like an enormous task. But have no fear! We’ll walk you through some of the best fast-food jobs in Boston. Working in the fast-food industry will be an excellent opportunity to work with a team, learn how to adapt to a fast-paced work environment, and gain some work experience. This list will outline everything you need to know, from employee reviews to benefits and more, so that you’re equipped with everything you need to find the right job for you.

Before we outline the specifics of the fast-food restaurants on this list, here are some general benefits of working for these companies. Generally speaking, you’ll be sure to find these common characteristics at all of these locations.

hamburger with vegetables and meat beside French fries


This classic burger joint is a fantastic place to work. ShakeShack serves some incredible burgers, with equally delicious fries and milkshakes to match. Employees report that working at ShakeShack is fun and exciting, with many learning opportunities and support to help you get started. Benefits include paid time off and 60% off meals, which means you can treat yourself to a milkshake during your break!

At ShakeShack, you’ll learn how to cook food, operate the register and interact with customers to help foster a pleasant environment with great food. With all these different parts of the job, you’ll be sure to have a great experience working for ShakeShack.


Come live the sweet life at Sweetgreen! If you live in the Northeast, you’ve probably heard of Sweetgreen. While they’ve already expanded out West, Sweetgreen is especially popular in Boston. This fast-food restaurant serves made-to-order salads that are super healthy and super delicious. Working at Sweetgreen, whether you’re making the salad or operating the register, will give you hands-on experience interacting with customers. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect directly with customers to customize their salads and bowls.

Employees report working with dependable and kind coworkers, as well as having opportunities to move up. Sweetgreen offers an environment full of new skills to learn and ways to collaborate with your fellow employees. To make it even better, employees receive free food, which is locally sourced from farmers.

Five Guys

Here we have another burger joint known for its enormous bags of fries (and amazing burgers, of course!) At Five Guys, you’ll truly be part of the team. FiveGuys prides itself on having a high-energy environment with plenty of space to learn new skills alongside enthusiastic coworkers. Five Guys employees also receive free lunches on shift!

Another great part of working at Five Guys is their tuition partnership with Guild Education. Five Guys offers eligible employees opportunities to enroll in 40+ accredited college and high school degree programs that are designed to accommodate working adults! This program has fully funded and partially funded degrees, as well as personalized coaching, to give you even more support.

food jobs in boston


This popular Mexican food place is known for its burrito bowls and excellent customer service. If you’re looking to have direct contact with customers and collaborate with your co-workers, Chipotle is a great fast food restaurant to consider. Current employees describe working at Chipotle as fast-paced, but you’ll have plenty of training to make sure you’re prepared for the job. The application can be found here.

Employees also emphasize the quality of healthcare benefits offered, including dental and vision. You’ll also receive a free meal during your shift and 50% of meals when you’re not working!


If you’re a college student or looking to finish your degree, you’ll appreciate the multitude of benefits that come with working for Mcdonald’s. Not only do they offer discounted meals, but you’ll be able to meet new people, work with a motivated team, and gain skills by serving customers. Additionally, McDonald’s Archways to Opportunities program offers tuition assistance for employees. This program will pay for programs and classes at approved schools so that you can work and achieve your degree. You can learn more about the program here.

You’ll be sure to gain important work experience when working at McDonald’s while also receiving support in pursuing your academic goals!


This fast-food chain will offer you flexible hours, a consistent salary, and many occasions to enhance your skills. Whether you’re operating the register, assisting customers at the drive-through, or working with other crew members in the kitchen, you’ll be sure to benefit from the fast pace, but collaborative work environment at Wendy’s.

Current Wendy’s employees speak highly of the opportunities that come with hard work and team member collaboration. You’ll be sure to receive feedback on your performance and be rewarded for your dedication, enthusiasm, and skills. Some benefits include discounts on food and flexible hours.

Panda Express

Panda Express is a go-to for some delicious Chinese food. Let us know if you also can’t get enough of their orange chicken. This fast-food job in Boston is a fantastic place to work. It’s customer service-focused, so you’ll be sure to gain important interpersonal skills and get to work alongside dedicated coworkers. Current employees enjoy flexible hours and supportive management.

Benefits include dental and health insurance if you’re a full-time worker. You’ll receive opportunities for bonus pay, employee discounts on food, and a 401K plan. Employee reviews of Panda Express benefits are positive, so you’ll be sure to feel supported as you grow your skills working at this restaurant.

food jobs in boston

Dunkin’ Donuts

As if we’d forget New England’s favorite coffee chain! Dunkin’ Donuts is a cult favorite in Boston and a popular fast-food job for many. At Dunkin’, you’ll be working in a fast-paced environment where you’ll learn how to adapt to new challenges, cooperate with fellow employees and make sure America continues to run on Dunkin’. Tasks include restocking, food preparation, customer service, cleaning, and merchandising. If you love coffee and donuts, you’ll be sure to enjoy your time working here.

Employees cite polite customers, fun coworkers, and an environment full of learning opportunities. In terms of benefits, you can expect company-paid life insurance, traditional and Roth 401k with company contribution, and optional health plans for vision, accidental injury, and critical illness, to name a few. You’ll also have access to free food while working and more free food at Dunkin’s headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts, to take home whenever needed. Finally, you’ll also get discounted packaged coffee, Dunkin’ K-cups for your Keurig, and tea to drink at home!

Raisin’ Cane’s

Cane’s is a popular place for all things chicken. If you’re a fan of chicken nuggets, you’ll love working at Cane’s. At Cane’s, you’ll be a part of a friendly and supportive crew, where you’ll learn customer service skills, management, organizing, and collaboration. Employees praise Cane’s for being a fun place to work. Also, it’s been known to have well-trained managers who will be certain to help you learn everything you need to be successful.

Offered benefits include dental, vision and, health insurance, prescription drug coverage, a 401(K), up to 8 holidays off per year, and a wellness program! Finally, Cane’s is very community-oriented. They invested over $4 million in donations, sponsorships and, support of their local communities last year.

Aramark at Fenway Stadium

Our last recommendation is for the Red Sox fans out there. How much fun would it be to work at Fenway? At Fenway, you’ll be working for Aramark, the company that services the concessions. Whether you’re interested in being a cook, a server, or a vendor, you’ll be sure to find plenty of opportunities here.

Employees cite a fast-paced, productive environment where you’ll be well trained and supported by your fellow staff members. While working in the food-service industry can get stressful at times, hours are flexible, and there’s always someone who will help out if you have any questions.

The benefits of working for Aramark at Fenway include free lunches and meals, flexible hours that coincide with the baseball games and event schedule, and of course, you’ll get to watch some baseball when you have time. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Ready, Set, Apply

Now that we’ve covered our top 10 fast-food jobs in Boston, we hope you feel prepared to find the right service job for you. Be sure to check out these articles on other top fast-food restaurants in different cities, and we also have plenty of articles on interview and resume help! To apply for local jobs with one click, download the JobGet app on your phone and get started!

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