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That Community Feeling

By: JobGet
Jan 3, 2022 • 2 min read

That Community Feeling – JobGet Style.

When you start your morning with an email that says that it is “empowering and motivational to work with and be taught by leaders like you,” it’s a reminder that JobGet makes a difference for so many job seekers.

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What does true impact look like?

JobGet’s work with job seekers involves so much more than just downloading the app, filling out a profile, and applying for work opportunities. This is where the Community Outreach team gets the chance to flex its muscles and take the organization’s work even further. 

Just like its definition as a “feeling of fellowship with others,” the Community team brings together job seekers of all backgrounds and ages. They partner with organizations, agencies, and schools across the United States and create unique programming for each group the team works with.

Teach to succeed 

Community Outreach also teaches anything and everything that job seekers may need to succeed. From workshops or resume building and transferable skills to presentations about the JobGet app, to practice interviews and meaningful ways to prepare for them. The team even attends virtual job fairs just to meet job seekers. We work to support individuals’ next steps and spread the word about JobGet even more.

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Empowered by helping others

So what does JobGet get out of all of this work? It’s a bit cliche, but we’re empowered by the work we do for others. Our work is a daily reminder that the app is a game-changer for job seekers, whether they’re looking for their first job, a new opportunity, or a chance to re-enter the workforce. Plus, it’s a way for the Community Outreach team to do the work they love: help get people ready for the jobs they want.

That’s all the motivation we need.

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