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T.J. Maxx Jobs You Can Apply for Now

By: Thelma Collado
Nov 24, 2021 • 5 min read

T.J. Maxx Jobs You Can Apply for Now

T.J. Maxx is well known for offering a wide variety of products at a low price compared to other retail stores. From clothing to furniture, this store has a little bit of everything. When you shop here, you’re bound to find something you like. With over a thousand locations, there’s a good chance that wherever you live, there’s a T.J. Maxx in your area. As a company that is continuously growing, providing frequent discounts and low prices for their customers, and is forming a more substantial online presence with each passing day, it’s easy to see why it’s beloved by so many people.

If you experience working in retail or simply enjoy shopping at T.J. Maxx, consider applying for one of the many job openings they have available. This store has many options for you to choose from; whether you’re comfortable working with customers or would rather have minimal contact with people, this store offers all kinds of jobs. You’re bound to find one that catches your interest! We’ve made sure to include a good assortment of jobs for you to look over, but if you’re still unsatisfied with the list, head on over to their careers website for more options!

jobs you can apply for

Merchandise Associate

If you enjoy having an orderly and organized work environment, consider applying as a merchandise associate! In this position, you will be handling merchandise, stocking shelves, setting up displays, and maintaining a certain level of presentation and cleanliness in the store. This job also requires that you engage with customers, whether it’s ringing their purchases, answering any pending questions, or assisting them with any tasks.

This job does require that you have good people skills, can multitask, and are able to respond appropriately and effectively to any situation that may come up. As a merchandise associate, you will be the customers’ first impression of the store, so you not only assist in maintaining the store’s environment but their reputation as well!

Admin Coordinator

If you have the skills to take the lead in your workplace, then a job as an admin coordinator might be perfect for you! This job requires that you support store management and set an example for your fellow employees. You will be responsible for assigning work, recruiting and training staff, providing performance evaluations, and ensuring everything go according to the store plan.

Working as an admin coordinator requires a capability to work with others, communicate effectively, multitask, and have a flexible schedule. This job will ask that you have 6 months of leadership skills under your belt, as you will be guiding your fellow employees.

Loss Prevention Detective

Are you ready to respond in emergency situations? Do you care about upholding rules and regulations? Consider applying as a loss prevention detective! This job requires that you survey and investigate in order to make sure that no theft occurs and that you put a stop to it if it does occur.

This job requires you to have basic computer skills, time management skills, and to have sound judgment as well as analytical skills. It’s also very important for those who are looking to work this sort of job to be able to cooperate with others and work as a team.

jobs you can apply for

Retail Associate

If you’re more interested in selling, then you should consider working as a retail associate! In this job, you’ll be helping process customers’ payments, informing them about any current sales or promotions, recommending store products, and helping them locate and buy items. Your interactions with customers are extremely important in this job, so you must have strong communication and customer service skills!

Weekend Shipping Associate

As a weekend shipping associate, you will be responsible for packaging products, delivering packaging containers, and assembling cartons. This position requires a lot of manual work. You will be loading and unloading merchandise, packing and unpacking, sorting items by particular criteria, as well as lifting and handling objects.

For this job, you will be on your feet for most of the shift and must be able to lift at least 50lbs. As a shipping associate, you are responsible for ensuring that store merchandise makes it to the right stores on time, in a fast and efficient manner!

Customer Experience Coordinator

Do you value customers and care about improving their experiences in the store? As a customer experience coordinator, you do just that. To cultivate excellent customer service, you will be tasked with training associates to create a positive customer experience. You must ensure that programs are promoted during customer interactions, and enlist strategies for employees to implement in the workplace.

To work effectively, you should have strong communication and people skills and an understanding of merchandising techniques to stimulate more sales in the store.

Markdown Associate

As a markdown associate, you’re in charge of making sure that the merchandise is up to par and ready for purchase! This job entails going through the inventory and adjusting prices. You will also ensure that products are fully-stocked in all sections of the store. Applying for this job means that you must be a detail-oriented individual.

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Store Cleaning Associate

If you’re a stickler for maintenance and cleanliness, working as a store cleaning associate may be the job you’re looking for. In this position, your primary focus will be making sure that the store environment is clean and organized. This means that your responsibilities will include: mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, refilling essential items, and operating the scrubber and buffer.

This job does require manual labor, so you must be comfortable being able to lift heavy objects and have the physical stamina to do such tasks, as well as have strong organizational skills to make sure that everything in the store is in its place.

Retail Key Holder

As a key holder, you have several managerial responsibilities to attend to. If you consider yourself to be a capable and responsible person and have previous experience working in retail, this is a position that you should consider. As a retail key holder, you will be in charge of opening and closing. You will also supervise the store, help out customers and cashiers, and manage the security alarm system.

This job does require that you perform your tasks quickly and effectively, work effectively with others, and be knowledgeable in the company’s procedures, software, and systems.

ARRC Associate

If you are interested in inventory, maintaining storage areas, equipment, and supplies, consider applying for the position of ARRC associate. In this job, you will be doing tasks such as operating balers, unloading fixtures and boxes, and supporting supply production programs.

Applying for this job means that you need to be able to respond quickly and appropriately to unexpected tasks. You must also have strong communication and listening skills, as well as an attention to detail.

Jewelry Associate

As a jewelry associate, your job focuses on guiding and informing jewelry customers so that they have a positive experience as they shop. In this job, you are expected to handle jewelry and provide relevant information about said jewelry to customers.

If you have experience in handling customers and enjoy selling or promoting products, consider working as a jewelry associate!

jobs you can apply for

Stockroom Associate

If you enjoy processing and preparing merchandise, then consider checking out positions as a stockroom associate! This position requires that you work in the storeroom, unpacking deliveries, and tagging items before placing them in inventory.

Working as a stockroom associate means you will need to know how to have basic computer skills. You must also be able to lift heavy objects, possess strong organizational skills, and have strong customer service skills.

Senior Web Analyst

If you’re interested in the more technical side of T.J. Maxx or have a strong interest in technology and marketing, then consider applying as a senior web analyst! In this job, you will be supporting the company by analyzing web traffic. You will be responsible for helping improve the user experience and create more revenue through their various sites.

In order to apply for this job, you must have a bachelor’s degree and 2 or more years of experience. Proficiency in using programs such as Microsoft Excel or Adobe Analytics is a plus!

Seasonal Cashier

If you’re looking for a more temporary position, consider applying as a seasonal cashier. These jobs often pop up during the busier times of the year. Either around the summer, winter, or any seasonal holidays. In this job, you will focus on engaging with customers and promoting credit or loyalty programs.

Working as a seasonal cashier means having strong organizational skills, being able to multitask, and having strong people skills.

Backroom Coordinator

As a backroom coordinator, you are responsible for the merchandise that comes in. This means you ensure that everything within the backroom is organized. You’ll be taking part in mentoring and guiding associates, and making sure that the merchandise is properly tagged and hung.

Applying for this job means guiding others and being a team player. You are required to have 6 months of leadership experience, have strong organizational skills, and work a flexible schedule.

Benefits Galore 

Employees are provided flexible scheduling, discounts, and a 401(k) sharing plan at this store. Whether you decide to work there for a short while or have bigger plans with the company, T.J. Maxx offers a wide array of options for you to choose from and the opportunity to advance!

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