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Summer 2021 Programs For Kids

By: Aidan Smith
Jun 15, 2021 • 6 min read

Summer 2021 Programs For Kids – Opportunities You Can Explore!

Summer has arrived! With the pandemic coming to an end and the country opening back up, there are exciting opportunities for the children in your lives. From summer camp to summer school, we’ve gathered several programs for kids that are running during summer 2021.

While not everything will be quite like it was before Covid-19, we are confident that this summer will be far better than the last summer! We hope you find the programs and opportunities in this article to your benefit and wish you luck in determining the best summer program for your child.

summer programs for kids

Summer Camps, Day and Overnight

Most summer camps are opening back up this summer with the traditional options available: either day camp or overnight camp. The latest guidance from the C.D.C. for summer camps applies to both the day and overnight options. Masks and social distancing will still be required indoors, especially if not everyone is fully vaccinated.  Covid-19 vaccinations have not been approved for children under the age of 12, and only the Pfizer vaccine is available for children in the 12-16 age range. Moderna has applied for vaccine approval for that age range. With this in mind, be prepared to stock up on face coverings for your kids during summer camp.

Not all summer camps will be open this summer, and some will function at a reduced capacity depending on where you live. The American Camp Association is a great resource to help you find summer camps that will be open this summer. If you cannot find any open summer camps in your area, local summer youth groups and activities are an additional option to explore.

Summer Youth Groups and Activities

Depending on the area or local Covid-19 infection rates, some camps will not be open this summer or may have closed completely. If that is the case, look into your local summer youth groups and activities. Non-profit organizations such as the Y.M.C.A., Boys and Girls Club, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America have local branches all across the country. These branches have a diverse variety of activities and youth group opportunities this summer, depending on the location. Great Nonprofits is a valuable resource in finding additional non-profits with summer programs for kids, and searches can be tailored to your local area.

Many of these organizations often partner with schools and school districts to help in children’s education. This partnership will prove invaluable for the children of yours who need a few extra months of school due to the disruptive nature of the pandemic on education.

summer programs for kids

Summer School (In-Person and Remote)

Summer school, as much as it is frustrating for most kids to hear, is actually sought after this summer. Children miss the classroom and look forward to returning to it. This desire to learn has not gone unnoticed by the school districts across the country, which hope to re-open in person in the fall. School districts are also encouraging and advertising summer school programs for students who may have fallen behind.

While most schools are aiming for in-person classes for their summer school programs, some will likely be or have remote online elements involved. If this is the case, the aforementioned nonprofit organizations can be a great help in overcoming the difficulties presented by remote learning. In addition to nonprofit organizations, there are also the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to consider.

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

Both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts national organizations have been closely monitoring the pandemic and have responded accordingly. Their websites have the most up to date information regarding their programs for your kids and how it relates to Covid-19. These historic, trusted organizations take the lives of your kids very seriously. Each organization’s website has several frequently asked questions pages to address any questions or concerns you might have.

With your concerns in mind, we have listed some programs that the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts here in America have to offer this summer.

Boy Scouts

Virtual Camps

Cub Scout Day Camp

Girl Scouts

Summer Camps

Virtual Summer Camp

Beyond the camp opportunities offered by the scouts, they have a plethora of additional programs during the summer months. If summer camp is not your go-to choice, consider looking into the wide variety of other options offered by the scouts this summer.

summer programs for kids

Religious Organizations

In addition to the above options and opportunities, religious organizations have a wide variety of programs for your children this summer. Bible study camps, Jewish Community Center activities, and more are available for your children. These, of course, depend on your religion and denomination. Keeping this in mind, here are some recommended religious summer camps for your children, depending on your family’s faith practice.

Kanakuk-Protestant Christian

Berber Camp-Judaism

Just 5 Days-Catholic Christian

Muslim Youth Camp-Islam

This is, of course, a limited list, and there are many more options for you to consider. Check-in with your local church, synagogue, mosque, etc., for more local opportunities depending on where you live and your faith practice.

Volunteer Opportunities

Additional opportunities for children and teens exist in the form of volunteering in your local area. This volunteering can vary in many different ways. From local vaccine clinics and sights to community projects, there are a number of volunteering opportunities for your kids this summer. VolunteerMatch is a great resource to help find ideal volunteer opportunities in your local area for your child or teenager. Beyond that, consider looking into Project Giving Kids, America’s Promise, and Youth Service America if you are interested in more specific organizations to volunteer with.

Another way to volunteer is to help fundraise for a local organization. Support your child or teen to participate in car washes, bake sales, lemonade stands, and more. Network for Good is a great resource to get into contact with local organizations if you want your kids to help in their fundraising efforts. In addition to that, it serves as a valuable resource for non-profits and similar organizations to get a fundraising base set up.

summer programs for kids

Babysitting Classes/Certification

Another great opportunity for your older children in the teenage years is learning how to babysit. Babysitting can be a great source of income over the summer months and prove invaluable for tired and stressed parents who have just dealt with over a year of their younger kids being at home 24/7. Both the Red Cross and YMCA have babysitting classes and training resources available for your teenager to enroll in. While most babysitters are female teens, male teens are encouraged to learn how to babysit as well. This is an awesome summer program for kids that is up and running for 2021!

Music/Art Summer Programs For Kids 

Music and art programs are an additional area to focus your kid or teen’s interests in. Once again, rely on the American Camp Association to find the most ideal music and art camps for your kid or teenager this summer. Beyond camps, look into local youth programs around the arts and music. They are always looking for volunteers and participants among children and teenagers. To help in the camp search, here are some great music and art camps to consider for your kids.

RealJams Bands 2021-Music

The Walden School-Music

Encore Coda-Music

Camp Ballibay-Various


This is, of course, a limited list, and there are many more opportunities beyond camps. Local theatre groups, art museum events, and the local music scene all have valuable opportunities for kids and teens interested in the arts. Check with your local community center for more pertinent local information about such opportunities.

summer programs for kids

An Overview of Summer Programs For Kids

While this summer may not be like the pre-pandemic summers, we hope you and your kids find these suggestions and sources to your benefit. Be it summer school, summer camp, youth activities, or religious programs, we hope you find what you are looking for. We encourage you and your children to act quickly in deciding what to do and where to go this summer. We hope you and your children will thrive this summer.

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