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Summer 2021 Internships

By: Daniel Robertshaw
May 19, 2021 • 6 min read

Summer 2021 Internships

Chances are you’ve probably seen movies that depict a stereotypical intern: A young, nerdy person that is bullied by employees to do meaningless and tedious tasks, such as filing papers or getting someone a coffee. While this may seem off-putting, it’s actually not the reality of what internships are. In fact, internships can be essential to your professional development and give you some real-world experience in your professional field of interest.

This guide will detail everything you need to know about applying for Summer 2021 internships. We’ll look into what you can expect from an internship, why you should be applying in the first place, how to find them, some tips on applying, and some examples of companies that hire summer interns annually!

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What Is an Internship Anyway?

So, you want to start the process of looking for your Summer 2021 internship. Before starting, it’s a good idea to know what an internship is and what it entails. The textbook definition of an internship describes an internship as “a period of time during which a student or new graduate gets practical experience in a job, for example during the summer holiday.” Your role during an internship will obviously vary from company to company, but this captures the essence of what an internship is: Gaining practical experience in a job.

Why Should I Look for an Internship?

Now you know what an internship entails, you’re probably asking yourself why you should bother looking into them. Why wouldn’t you be better off just getting a regular cashier or serving position? It’s not written in stone that you must get an internship during your college years. It’s all down to how you want to mold your career. You have to take the steps that you think will get you to your end goal, and if that doesn’t include an internship, then that’s perfectly okay.

Real-World Experience 

This is the main reason for getting an internship. You’ll be getting experience in the field that you cannot get in the classroom. While you may be learning theories and use cases in college textbooks, it is nothing compared to doing the real thing. Not only will you be learning on-the-job skills and inside expertise, but an underrated benefit of real-world experience is the soft skills you’ll learn.

The professional world is quite different from a college classroom or restaurant/supermarket job. In this LinkedIn survey, 57% of leaders say soft skills are more important than hard skills. These soft skills include communicating professionally, working as a team, and fitting with a company’s culture. All of these are benefits you’ll obtain during an internship.

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Networking Opportunities 

You may have heard the popular saying, ‘Get your foot in the door’. This is exactly what internships give you. According to this study, 70% of interns are eventually offered full-time positions! This can take a lot of the stress of job searching after college away.

Building Your Resume

When you graduate college and are thrown into the battlefield of job hunting, having internship experience in your field will make you stand out amongst others. This shows the employer that you are committed to obtaining excellence in your field and that you have a strong passion for the industry.

How Do I Find Internships?

Now that you know exactly what an internship is and how you’ll benefit from one, it’s time to start searching for your 2021 Summer internship! Paid internships can be highly competitive to get. Imagine hundreds of thousands of college students ending their college year and on the prowl for a summer internship. You’ll need to know exactly where to find the best internship openings. Read on to explore some of the best online and offline resources you can use to aid your search.

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We live in an age where we can find the answer to anything with a quick Internet search. Never underestimate the power of Google! Simply search ‘2021 Summer Internships in [Your City]’. It’s that easy. Many companies are searching for local college students to come in for a season and help out around the office. Try to quick search and see what is available near you!

A University Professor

Another resource that you may not have thought of is one of your University Professors. Because of their positions, Professors are networked around their field and will typically have many contacts in the business world. Try reaching out to one of your Professors if they know of any Internships going on in the area. If you’re close with the Professor, they may even write you a Letter of Recommendation.


LinkedIn is the largest professional networking website in the world. In addition to allowing you to connect and network with others, it also includes a job board. Here, you can find job postings all over the world from a massive variety of companies.  In addition to full-time and part-time positions, it also includes, you guessed it, internships.

summer 2021 internships


JobGet is another online resource that focuses on job postings. This website is not restricted to full-time and part-time jobs but also includes gig opportunities. Managerial roles within the service industry can help you gain valuable leadership skills!

Tips for Applying

Here comes the big moment. You’ve researched what internships are and where to find them, and now comes the big step of putting together an application and sending it out. For many, an internship may be the first time applying for a professional position. This can be daunting at first but will end up being a great experience when you apply for your first full-time position out of college. These are a couple of tips to help you put together a winning application.

Apply to Multiple Internships

There will always be one internship that stands among the rest. A dream job that you feel fits your experience, skills, and character perfectly. In a perfect world, you would only need to apply to this one Internship, get it, and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Don’t just rely on applying for one internship. You’ll want to apply to at least a couple of different ones. Keep track of where you have applied in a spreadsheet, so you can reference back when needed.

summer 2021 internships

Get Your Resume and Cover Letter Ready

In most cases, applying for an internship will require a professional resume and cover letter. While you’re in college, you won’t have much work experience. Because of this, focus your resume on your education, skills, and any volunteer work. For your education, name your major and list out any relevant coursework you’ve completed.

For skills, list any technical or software skills you may have acquired during college. If you’ve done any volunteer work, that is a big plus also. Your cover letter will give employers a better look at who you are and what your goals are. Be sure to let them know why you want the internship and what you expect to learn and give back to the company.

Pay Attention to What is Required

Not all applications are the same, so make sure you read through them carefully. Once you think you’ve finished, read through it again, and make sure you’re not missing anything important. Some applications may require references, while some may not. There may also be times when you’re asked to complete personality questionnaires to determine if you’re a good fit for the company. It’s important to be so careful because missing something important will show employers that you’re not good at following directions.

summer 2021 internships

Companies that are hiring Summer Interns in 2021:

Now, let’s take a look at some specifics! Here are a few companies that are offering exciting internship opportunities for Summer 2021.


Amazon needs no introduction. As one of the largest companies in the world, mostly everyone has used their service at some point. Amazon offers many opportunities for student interns, including positions for software development engineers, product managers, sales specialists, financial analysts, and more.

Internship opportunities with Amazon. 


2 years ago, who would’ve guessed that Pfizer would become a household name across the world? The COVID-19 pandemic brought chaos around the globe. Pfizer is one of 3 companies to create and distribute a vaccination to help prevent the further spreading of COVID-19. An Internship with Pfizer would mean taking part in a historical moment in humanity and helping with the further prevention of one of the biggest pandemics in recent history. Pfizer offers multiple summer programs for prospective Interns.

 Internship opportunities with Pfizer. 


What’s cooler than contributing to a NASA mission to outer space? Not much, that’s for sure. Interns at NASA get the opportunity to participate in either research or other experiential learning and will work closely with a mentor. Another bonus is that NASA also states on their website that no experience is required!

Internship opportunities with NASA. 

summer 2021 internships


Apple is world-renowned for its creativity, innovation, and, of course, the iPhone. These Internships are competitive to get, and they have a long application process to get the best Intern for the job. An Internship at here means you’ll get to work closely with some of the best minds in the world, working on critical projects on an Apple campus.

Internship opportunities with Apple. 


Before you apply for a Google Internship, it’s required that you watch the 2013 movie, The Internship. Not really, but it is a funny look into the process of getting a Google Internship. Google hires college Interns every summer and is some of the most sought out positions in the world. They offer a variety of positions from Software Engineering, User Experience, Product Management, and more. The application process of getting a Google Internship is grueling but is worth it for the possibility of having Google on your resume.

Internship opportunities with Google.

United Nations

If you’re looking for a career in public policy, politics, or international relations, the United Nations is a perfect place to get an Internship. Interns at the United Nations are allowed to experience the day-to-day work at the United Nations. You’ll sit in on high-profile conferences and even participate in some meetings. The United Nations offers summer internships every year, so be on the lookout!

Internship opportunities with the United Nations.

We hope this guide helps you explore possible Summer 2021 internships! Best of luck during your application process.

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