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5 Leadership Traits of Successful Hospitality Managers

By: Mariah Rogers
Apr 22, 2022 • 2 min read

Management may make or ruin a firm in the hotel industry. Effective managers can drive teams to achieve goals and deliver outstanding service, but poor managers may devastate business culture. Especially during the COVID time, when team members and guests alike will feel a little uneasy about the future, competent management will play a massive role in keeping the company running well.

In a post-COVID era, management must explore how they can make their hospitality venues a better environment for employees and consumers. This might include rethinking everyday routines and key management emphasis points.

Continue reading to learn about five things that highly effective managers do and why they are more crucial in a post-COVID era. Management can work successfully with their staff and care for customers while assuring future success in a world where normal has been redefined.

1. They collaborate with their employees rather than above them.

A manager does not have the authority to micromanage their employees. They are responsible for setting objectives for their team and collaborating with them to achieve those goals, but at the end of the day, workers are accountable for their job. A manager must trust and support the personnel they work with, especially when there is uncertainty in the air.

Because every team is different, managers must be willing to experiment with how they lead their teams. They must be open to new ideas and be willing to try new things to make their teams more productive.

2. They know the needs of their staff

A manager needs to ask their staff about their needs. In many cases, staff members may be going through personal or family issues that management has no clue about. It’s crucial to ask questions and listen to the answers. You may be surprised to learn something about your staff that you never knew before.

A manager should also know when to delegate tasks to other employees. Managers shouldn’t be tasked with work they aren’t trained to do or aren’t familiar with. They need to offer opportunities to their team and let employees know they can take on more when they are ready.

3. They are great communicators

Good communication with staff members is critical to a manager’s success. A manager should be able to communicate with their team in a way that speaks their language and is relatable to their level of experience and personality.

Communication with a team is so important because it lets the staff know that their manager is approachable and cares about their well-being.

4. They know how to make their team feel valued

A manager in the hospitality industry must know how not just to say “thank you” to their team but actually to show it. By showing appreciation for a job well done, a manager can ensure that their employees know they’re valued and appreciated. This will make them happier about their work and more willing to go above and beyond for their manager and the company.

5. They demand excellence

A truly great manager will demand excellence from their team. This is an essential trait to possess, especially as a manager who is under a lot of stress. This might mean that you are asking more of your team than they are used to giving. It might mean some uncomfortable conversations. It might mean having to let people go. But at the end of it, you will have a team that will go the extra mile for you and the company. That will eventually pay off in loyalty and success.

In conclusion

Businesses are going to have to deal with uncertainty and change in the COVID period. Management is going to play a big role in ensuring that operations run smoothly and that the company culture is a positive one. Being a successful manager in this next phase will take a lot of effort, thought, and training. Consider the five things highly effective managers do and how your team can benefit from them.

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