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The Most Sought-after Hotel Jobs You Can Apply for Today

By: Mariah Rogers
Jan 27, 2022 • 2 min read

Due to the wide variety of hotel jobs available, hotels provide a lot of various career pathways. It is best to thoroughly understand these many positions to uncover the best employment for your talents, credentials, and preferences. 

Hotels are excellent places to obtain a hospitality experience. Hotel employees are all part of a team that works together to serve customers and keep the hotel running efficiently. Every hotel job, from entry-level to management, plays a vital role.

The following are six of the most sought-after jobs in the hotel industry today:

1. Hotel Manager

To become a hotel manager, some people need retail or restaurant management expertise since they have a great amount of responsibility right off the bat. Hotel managers are in charge of all aspects of the hotel’s daily operations. They ensure great guest experiences, employee training, operational goals, and compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. In a crisis, they must remain cool, handle concerns effectively, and inspire personnel to make precise corrective measures. 

2. Hotel Receptionists

Hotel receptionists or front desk staff are the hotel’s general customer service providers. They frequently assist with baggage and bellhop tasks, schedule and confirm bookings, and handle payments.

Since they represent the hotel’s face, hotel receptionists must have excellent customer service and communication abilities. This is why customers will most likely convey any issues or complaints to the front desk staff. As a hotel receptionist, you must hear and resolve a guest’s problems in a courteous, polite, and accommodating manner.

3. Concierge

Hotel guests are served by both front desk staff and concierges. They may seem similar, but their purpose and function are completely different. 

Front desk staff generally greet and dismiss guests, while concierges advise guests on local activities and sights. Many hotels offer 24-hour concierge services to help with transportation, reservations, and ticketing. They also assist in organizing day trips and longer adventures and give news and weather updates.

4. Restaurant Personnel

Hotel culinary options include a la carte menus, buffets, and room service. Hotel restaurant personnel seldom contact visitors and generally operate behind the scenes.

  • Chefs and Sous Chefs: The hotel’s food and beverage are prepared and served by head chefs, sous chefs, and chefs. They manage and collaborate with other kitchen workers as well as monitor daily operations. In addition, they plan meals and recipes, follow food safety requirements, and order food and supplies.
  • Cooks: They prepare and cook meals in the kitchen following the head chef’s or sous chef’s recipes along with the rest of the culinary staff. Cooks also keep the kitchen and its equipment clean.
  • Kitchen Staff: These employees usually work in the back and prepare meals and food items.
  • Banquet Servers: They serve food, beverages, and other visitors. They work long hours and often late events. Banquet servers frequently work weekends and holidays.
  • Wait Staff: Waiters, also called Room Service Attendants, deliver meals to guest rooms. 
  • Bus Boys: These employees clear and clean tables, take dirty dishes and cutlery to the kitchen and help with keeping the restaurant clean.
  • Bartenders: Bartenders prepare and serve beverages in bars and other venues. They also frequently engage with guests, taking drink orders, advising guests on eating and entertainment, and acting as a liaison between the guest and the wait staff.

5. Housekeeper

A hotel housekeeper’s duty is to keep guest rooms clean and neat. Housekeepers clean the hotel’s restrooms, beds, and other spaces. They also make the bed, restock the mini-fridge, and straighten tables and chairs.

Housekeepers must follow the hotel’s cleaning procedures and generally work alone. They frequently work evenings and weekends, with some overtime during peak season.

6. Security Employee

They safeguard hotel visitors and property. They guard hotel lobbies and safeguard customers and workers in case of fire or other disasters. In addition, they may be in charge of communicating with police and other emergency services, monitoring and directing traffic flow. Security guards monitor illegal behavior and make arrests using discretion and local law knowledge.


Hotel jobs are excellent opportunities to learn valuable hospitality and customer services skills while working in a fun and exciting environment. Many hotel jobs require previous experience, but there are a variety of entry-level positions available. Hotels are frequently hiring and are always looking for qualified employees.

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