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So You Want a Career in Marketing

By: Guest Author
Nov 17, 2020 • 5 min read

Are you interested in pursuing a career in marketing?

Marketing is an exciting field with an abundance of career growth potential. As a broad umbrella term, marketing jobs are usually narrowed down to more specific specializations. Social media marketing, campaign management, brand management, SEO/copywriting, advertising, and market research are all specializations within marketing careers.

While marketing makes for a fun and rewarding career, it also requires hard work and keeping up with the latest trends and concepts. Important skills for marketing professionals include adaptability, teamwork, organizational skills, communication, attention to detail, data analysis, creative thinking, and time management. So you think you have what it takes and want to dip your toes into the marketing world. We’ve compiled the best advice to consider before sending off your resume and cover letter. 


Here are some top tips to know if you’re considering a job in marketing:

1. Focus on Users & a Great User Experience

One of the most important marketing tips to remember is to do everything with the user in mind. User experience (often referred to as “UX”) is the consumers’ feelings about a product or service, to put it simply. When a news article takes 15 seconds to load—that’s bad UX; on the other hand, finding a full battery charge after buying and opening up your brand new laptop is great UX.

User experience is important for many reasons. As a marketer, your users are your customers or potential consumers, and giving them a seamless and intuitive user experience will only help your cause. One report from Forrester says that for every $1 spent on UX, you’ll reap $100 in return! Great UX equals better social proof, more return customers, a higher share of conversions, and increased job security for any marketer! 

2. Analyze Your Performance (& Take Action When Necessary)

Many aspects of marketing are emotional. Whether it’s aiming for a viral social media post or a blog CTA that entices people to click, marketing often seems to be more intuition than data. However, data and analytics play a huge role in any successful marketing campaign and department. 

One of the best marketing tips to know is “always be testing,” similar to the “always be closing” mantra in the sales world. As a marketing specialist, you’ll need to analyze the performance of everything: each blog post, each social media update, each email campaign you send out. Then, you’ll have to glean insights from that data. What seems to be working? What’s clearly not performing well? Test out new options, check its performance, make further adjustments, and repeat.

3. Learn the Lingo

Marketing is one of those industries that use many industry-specific words, phrases, and jargon, like the human resources sector or the airline industry. To be a great marketer, you’ll have to understand the lingo. Many marketing terms exist and are used daily, from A/B testing to SEO to CTR to LTV and more. If you’re just starting out in marketing, don’t get yourself overwhelmed. 

Determine which type of marketing you’ll specialize in (e.g., social media, copywriting, ads) first. Then, search online for a glossary of marketing terms related to that area. When you feel comfortable with this more manageable cluster of words, you’ll be better prepared to understand broader marketing concepts soon after!

4. Know Your Audience

One of the most fundamental tips for marketing jobs is to know the audience. Before you even get to focus your messaging on users, who are they to begin with? Defining their likes and dislikes, average age, demographics, and location, among other attributes, will help you tailor your message, tone, and voice in a way that is uniquely interesting and relevant to your cohort.

Like analyzing your metrics, this will involve data. There is market research, which helps you find a consumer base, and there’s also competitive analysis, which helps you understand what differentiates you from your rivals. If you haven’t landed your marketing job yet, you may not need to know your prospective company’s audience just yet. However, you’ll give yourself a massive head start if you at least know these concepts and how to go about defining them.

5. Be Authentic

In 2020 and beyond, it can be hard to believe things we see on social media and online. Trust is more important than ever. An important marketing job tip for you to remember, whether you’re becoming a social media consultant or a digital marketing coordinator, is authentic. 

Consumers today want brands they can trust and products and services they can rely on to be best in class. Authenticity also means that more users or shoppers prefer to see a “real-life” version of things rather than stock videos and images. Use common language, prioritize actual reviews, and be as transparent about everything as possible. If you and your messaging efforts come across as genuine, you’re going to go quite far in your marketing career!

6. Be Curious

Finally, maintain your sense of curiosity. Curiosity enables you to question why a certain advertisement is underperforming or why a particular product is selling like hotcakes. It inspires you to dig deeper on topics you know only a bit about until you become a true industry expert. Besides asking constant questions, a healthy sense of curiosity encourages you to remain creative and enthusiastic, two pillar attributes of any marketing pro! 

Do you already have some marketing experience? We’d love to hear your thoughts and tips, and visit our blog for more helpful content.


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