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Small Business Saturday

By: Thelma Collado
Nov 13, 2021 • 3 min read

Small Business Saturday – Shop and Save

Small Business Saturday is an event that occurs once a year, where shoppers are encouraged to reach out to their local businesses to shop and give their support! Taking place after Thanksgiving and before Cyber Monday, this holiday endorses buying from the small businesses that are available in your community.

Why Does It Matter?

When you shop in small and local businesses, you are directly supporting the people in your community who are trying to make a living doing something that they enjoy. In the process, you help create new jobs; small businesses are responsible for 64% of new jobs that are created, according to the Small Business Administration.

Not only that, but more money stays in your community when you shop through small and local businesses. Shopping in local businesses means investing in your community.

Compared to large businesses, small businesses donate up to 250% more! This means that local charities, service groups, volunteer groups, youth organizations, and more, are all being aided by small businesses through your contribution!

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How To Find Local Businesses?

If you want to find and learn more about your local businesses, there are several ways to go about it. One way is to take a day to explore your town! Drive, or walk around and take your time in exploring everything that the area has to offer! Look through maps to see what businesses they have listed, or check the newspaper.

Another way is through using the internet. Look up a map on your phone to track down a few locations. Or, do a quick Google search to see what results come up. There are also many sites and apps created for the sole purpose of finding and rating all sorts of businesses.

If you want to extend your reach outside of your own local community, people often advertise their own shops and businesses through social media. Etsy is home to thousands of small businesses looking to sell their creations! If you want to find more businesses, go on Facebook and Instagram to search up hashtags like #shopsmall, #smallbusinessaturday, #shoplocal, and more!

There’s even a whole Facebook Page dedicated to supporting and promoting shops through posts dedicated to individual shops!

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10 Small Businesses to Check Out!

If you’re interested in doing some online shopping, we’ve listed a couple of small businesses below that you should check out!

Hometown Handmades: From lotions to wax melts, from candles to car diffusers, this shop offers them all. They are handmade and provide a variety of scents for you to choose from.

We The Wild: Have lots of plants? This shop works to make organic fertilizer to help your plants grow stronger and healthier.

All Things By Faith: If you’re looking to express your faith, this shop provides clothes, masks, jewelry, hats, and all other kinds of accessories so you can express yourself in style!

ZandraIllustration: Have an interest in stickers, art prints, and keychains? This shop creates its own original illustrations that can add a pinch of brightness to your life.

Sea and Paper: If you have an important event coming up and want to impress your guests, or you simply have a soft spot for stationery, this shop provides a multitude of stationery designs for you to choose from!

Punchy Vaquera: This boutique provides clothing with a “punchy, eclectic, western vibe”, selling shirts, footwear, tops, dresses, hats, accessories, and more!

Nyugen Coffee Supply: Specialty coffee led by a Vietnamese American owner, this business offers a variety of brew styles, including their specialty coffee, made with arabica beans from Vietnam.

The Cookie Shop: This shop sells homemade macarons, cookie sandwiches, and case cakes. For anyone with a sweet tooth, make sure to check out this shop and buy in advance!

Pup & Co: Want your pups to have a little style? This shop sells bandanas and scrunchies for your pets to wear! They even offer an option to personalize them with names and birthday sayings.

Shop Nurture Self: Take skincare to a whole other level with Nurture Self! Their mission is to provide the public with high-quality soaps, body butter, and more, all made with natural ingredients.

Happy shopping! Thank you for supporting your local small businesses.

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