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Self-Care Practices While WFH

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Sep 8, 2020 • 7 min read

Self-Care Practices While WFH

The recent surge of working remotely due to the pandemic has not been as seamless as many would have hoped. While there can be benefits to working from home, it can cause a decline in employees’ mental health, productivity, creativity, and more if you are unaccustomed to this lifestyle. Like in-person jobs, there will be good days and bad days. But this new normal makes it challenging to focus on your mental health and forgo the self-care routine you may have had. Self-care is incredibly important and should be reintroduced in your WFH life! Here are some self-care practices you can try to enhance your remote routine. 

self-care practices

Step *Outside* of Your Routine

Routines are proven to help your mental and physical state. Setting morning routines, breaks, and so forth are extremely helpful in living and working at home. However, a routine (especially one where you cannot leave your home as much) can become suffocating or monotonous at times. To shake things up, try to step outside of your set routine. If you have coffee at home, maybe take a drive and pick up coffee one morning. If you work-out at night, work-out in the morning for one week. Trying to change small things here and there can re-energize your day and mind. 

self-care practices

Hit ‘Refresh’ on Your Workspace 

Working from the couch can be a benefit of a WFH life, but you’ll come to find out that it is worthwhile to create a separate workspace in your home. A dedicated workspace allows for a clearer separation between working and non-working hours. A great way to bring joy and excitement into your new workspace is by sprucing the area up. This can be a plant on your desk, a framed picture of friends, a new desk calendar, or anything that will help make the new area a fresh place for you to work at! There are tons of ways to make your WFH space a better place to work; check them out here

Don’t Forget to ‘Clock Out’! 

The line between work and personal life is easily blurred when working from your home. Be dedicated to getting your job done makes for an outstanding employee. However, working over-time day-in and day-out will begin to wear you out and can be detrimental to your mental health. It’s good to go above and beyond sometimes but don’t forget to clock out at a reasonable time most days! 


  • Setting a reminder to clock out every day. 
  • Schedule a PTO day.
  • Clock-out earlier than usual and take a walk. 

self-care practices

Quarantine Hobby?

Back when quarantine began, everybody was learning a new hobby and finding a new passion. While it was a difficult time, the world was becoming connected through these small projects. These hobbies became a form of self-care and self-love while dealing with uncertain times, though over time, we had less and less time to dedicate to learning a new hobby. Picking up your forgotten quarantine hobby can be a great way to spend time with yourself and to get creative energies flowing once again. It is never too late to pick up those hobbies or find new ones!  

Keep Connecting to Practice Self-Care 

‘Zoom fatigue’ or tiredness from constant phone meetings can lead to a lack of wanting to call and reach out to friends and family. Rather than a quick phone call that brings happiness, it can feel a chore that you have to cross off your list. But human connection, even via Zoom, is so crucial to our overall wellbeing. To solve ‘Zoom fatigue’ long enough to schedule a call with your family and friends is to try something new! Instead of just a call where everyone shares how they are doing, try: 

  1. Themed Happy Hour: Everyone comes to the meeting dressed according to the theme: The oldest item in their closet, the fanciest outfit in their closet, a Pj party, college tailgate outfit…
  2. The Postmates Shuffle: A budget is determined, and everyone in the call buys dinner for someone else. Delivery can be set for the time of the call, and voila a nice ‘dinner out’ with your favorite people! 

Got Yoga? 

The benefits of yoga are endless, especially for those required to sit at a desk for long periods. Yoga can help reduce work stress, tightness in your back and shoulders, and your mental wellbeing. During breaks in your day or before you start your workday, doing a 10-minute practice can drastically improve your mindset to get to work. Yoga throughout the day will improve mobility and keep you active through a prominently sedentary day. If you live with your partner or roommate, it can be a way to connect with them too! 

self-care practices

Make Plans 

2020 has been a challenging year for planning, but it doesn’t mean we should completely stop. Plans may look different, but they can still be exciting and give you something to look forward to. This can be a plan to do a whole day of your favorite self-care practices, plan to take a long drive, or walk to a spot in your city that you’ve never visited before. Create a list of all the things you would like to visit when it is safer to travel there. Get creative and think of what you would like to change in your home or yourself and plan to do them! There are many plans that we can make for ourselves and our lives that we can make happen right at home! 


  • Make a 10-year plan for your career 
  • Create a list of personal goals that you want to accomplish in this life 

Unplug to Promote Self-Care 

Remember to unplug from ALL technology in your life; this means Netflix and all other streaming services too. It’s so convenient to continuously scroll on your phone and through emails that it is rare to be completely unplugged from your tech. A tech detox for a day on the weekend or an hour before bed each night will give room for you to breathe and check in on yourself without any work or Instagram distractions. Give permission to yourself to be disconnected from everything once in a while! 

What are your favorite self-care practices? Let us know! 

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