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Seasonal Winter Jobs

By: Jaya Seyyadri
Nov 16, 2021 • 4 min read

Seasonal Winter Jobs – ‘Tis The Season! 

As the fall season finally comes to an end, it’s time to make way for winter! With the approaching holiday season comes busier times to prepare for celebrations and festivities. You may find yourself having more free time from school, college, or work over the winter break – a perfect opportunity if you’re looking to make some extra cash. Here is a list of a few seasonal jobs that are hiring for the season!

Snow Shoveler

As the winter season arrives, so does the snow, leading to the inevitable snowy driveways. But if you don’t mind the cold and believe in your physical abilities, then snow shoveling is the job for you! If you’re interested in this job, then start by downloading and registering on Shoveler, the app that connects snow shovelers with those that are in need of snow removal services! It’s a great way to make money on the side, especially with the flexibility of this position.

Some of the requirements for snow shoveling include:

  • Being able to meet the physical demands of snow shoveling
  • Having shoveling equipment

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Ice Rink Skate Guard

Being one of the major recreational sports of the winter, ice skating experiences the most activity during the cold season. Although most ice skating rinks are open year-round, the holiday surge requires additional employees to help keep up the business. If you have the talent and passion for ice skating, then an ice rink skate guard would be the perfect opportunity for you! With the benefit of holiday pay, this role involves patrolling the ice during public skate sessions, providing customer service at the register, and helping manage the concession stand. Reach out to your local ice skating rinks for job opportunities!


  • Being well experienced in skating
  • Customer service skills

Ski & Ride Instructor

It’s no surprise that ski resorts are a very popular destination during the winter. If you’re located in the snowy northeastern regions and have years of experience in skiing, then this could be the right opportunity for you! This job involves assisting families and tourists with using the ski lift. Certification is required to give skiing lessons for beginners. National voluntary certification can be found through the Professional Ski Instructors of America. Popular ski resorts that are currently hiring include Sugarbush Resort, Vail Resorts, Bromley Mountain Ski Resort, and more!


  • Being highly experienced in skiing
  • Educational experience
  • High school diploma

United States Postal Service

With the peak season for mail and package deliveries underway, the US Postal Service hires over 40,000 seasonal employees to help prepare for the 2021 winter holidays. Some of the opportunities offered for seasonal positions include rural mail carriers, mail handlers, drivers, and package sorters. If you’re interested in working here, you can view and apply for open positions in your local community by finding locations at Employees can expect the benefit of higher pay for the holidays!


  • Being able to meet the physical demands of the job (which could vary depending on the position)
  • Having a valid driver’s license
  • Completing the virtual entry assessment
  • Being a U.S citizen or having a permanent resident status
  • Passing a drug test and background check

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Cashier/Sales Associate

During the busy holidays, it is quite popular for a lot of retail stores to hire a few extra temporary employees for the season. Some common places include Best Buy, Kohl’s, Macy’s, mall shops, along with a lot of other general retail companies. Most positions generally involve Sales Associates, Customer Service Representatives, and cashiers. These seasonal jobs are great if you’re looking for something to do temporarily during the break and earn extra money. Most seasonal employees can expect to be paid high wages with extra holiday incentives.


  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Work in a fast-paced environment

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