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Retail Jobs at Apple You Can Apply For Now

By: Mariah Rogers
Jan 4, 2021 • 10 min read

Retail Jobs at Apple – Join The Leader in Tech.

Apple is a global company almost everyone has heard of. From MacBooks to iPhones and AirPods, this company is known for creating some of the most popular products in tech. They have innovative products that are eye-catching and desired by customers of all ages. When you go into an Apple Store, the feeling you get upon arrival is unmatched. You are surrounded by the latest gizmos and gadgets free for you to experiment with. Due to this exciting environment, you may have asked yourself, “Should I explore retail jobs at Apple”? Working in a modern and innovative environment can really spark passion. The setting inside an Apple Store feels anything but boring!

There’s no doubt that when purchasing a product from Apple, the product you are buying will be an investment. Laptops start at $999, and iPhones range from $700-$1000. So, you’ll definitely want to have the help of a highly trained and experienced salesperson to guide you through the purchase. Buying a product from Apple is so much more than just picking out a new tech gadget. You’ll want to consider insurance plans, protective accessories, tech assistance options, and financing deals. If you are passionate about Apple products – why not make this your profession?

Apple Wants To Hire Passionate Customers Like You

Apple is known for making very intuitive and easy to use products. That’s why they incorporate very few buttons on their devices! When applying for a job at Apple, there is no need to worry if you don’t have an extensive background in tech. Apple wants to hire customers who are passionate about their products to help make sales and assist with troubleshooting. On Apple’s retail employment website, they even state, “we’re continuously reinventing the retail experience: to open up all kinds of potential for our customers — and you.”

So, the answer is yes. You can apply for a job at Apple and get hired even if you don’t have extensive experience in tech! All you’ll need is a basic understanding of the products, willingness to learn, good intentions for customers, and a positive attitude in order to succeed. Ditch the belief that you’ll need to be a tech wiz in order to get hired!

The Skills To Get You Hired 

Apple is interested in hiring employees who are both people and product specialists. If you grew up in Gen Z or as a Millennial – you’re likely no stranger to ever-changing technology and basic troubleshooting techniques. Naturally, you have grown up surrounded by touchscreens, bluetooth, and facial recognition here, there, and everywhere! So, most of these products and features will be second nature to you!

Now, you’ll need to market your soft skills and show the employer at Apple that you can build meaningful relationships with customers that go beyond just selling them a new screen. Get ready to put on a show and put your personality to the test! Apple seeks high-energy, positive, and creative employees. It’s imperative they create a welcoming and helpful environment that customers feel welcomed into. Tech can be intimidating – so make an effort to show that you are here to help!

Apple products on table

Join The Team – Many Roles Are Available! 

Apple recognizes that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. This is why they offer a competitive service that matches your skillset to a team/role near you using an online tool on their website. They offer positions in Sales, Support, Leadership, and more. The department you end up in depends on your individual background and what you are looking for in a career.

Since Apple offers fantastic customer support service, there are many great jobs for anyone interested in working from home. Working remotely offers a unique element of flexibility and balance to your career. If you are not interested in traveling to work every day, there are still career possibilities available for you at Apple!

Perks For Your Position

You’ll also get to enjoy fabulous perks as an Apple employee. This is every tech-lovers dream! You’ll receive a 25% discount annually on your purchase of iPhones, Macs, and more. Plus, they even offer a family and friends bonus so your loved ones will benefit from your employment, too.

As a bonus, you’ll get to enjoy paid time off as an appreciation for your hard work. This means you will still get paid even if you take a day off here and there for vacation or a holiday!

Once you have decided on your personal career goals and wants, it’s time to explore the different opportunities you can apply for at Apple. Let’s take a look at what department/position may be a match for you.

Conflict Resolution Skills Are a Must for Retail Jobs at Apple 

Conflict resolution skills are a must for any applicant who wants to work at Apple. We’ve all been there – technology always seems to malfunction when you need it most! Anxious, stressed customers often come in with a less than pleasant attitude. Especially if they need their devices to meet an important deadline for work or school. As an Apple employee, you must be able to diffuse the situation. It is crucial to reassure the customer that your team will do everything in their power to resolve the issue. This takes a lot of patience, care, and skill.

Conflict resolution and the ability to defuse stressful situations are key attributes you should bring up during your interview for retail jobs at Apple. This way, the employer will understand that you are ready to take the heat of frustrated customers and handle the situation in a professional way. Talk about major interview bonus points!

retail jobs at apple

Apple At-Home Advisor 

The first role we will be exploring in this blog is an Apple At-Home Advisor. This is a remote position perfect for anyone who enjoys the work from home lifestyle. You’ll have the opportunity to use a variety of skills when communicating with customers who are in need of extra assistance. Once you are familiar with common questions and troubleshooting strategies, you’ll be able to take requests related to a variety of different concerns. If you are not comfortable communicating with customers over the phone, don’t worry! Apple offers customer support through phone, instant messaging, chat, and even email. This way, it is an easy experience for customers of all comfort levels. By using different forms of communication to help customers, you’ll also expand your personal skills too. You’ll be troubleshooting, making sales, and recommending additional product accessories.

For this job, you’ll be provided with Apple technology in order to get your job done successfully. (Hello, new computer!) You will also be reimbursed for internet used during shifts, and you’ll even get to enjoy PTO and other benefits/discounts to use towards your own purchases at Apple.

Both part-time and full-time options are available. This way, you’ll be able to customize your work schedule to best fit your lifestyle and desired career goals. Especially since you’ll be working from home, getting the choice to enjoy a part-time schedule as well serves as a huge bonus!

retail jobs at apple

Retail Jobs at Apple – Genius Bar Employee 

If you are more interested in learning about Apple’s technical side, a career at the Genius Bar might be the perfect opportunity for you. You must have strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work well under pressure. Technology is tricky, sometimes! However, it is your job to get to the root of the problem and help the customer through the issue on their device. This position is suited for someone who is confident in their technical abilities and is able to work effectively on a team. You might need the support of your team members when faced with an especially tricky issue. Also, your communication skills must be sharp in order to explain the problem and create a solution for both customers and fellow employees!

As a Genius Bar employee, you must also have the ability to stick to a schedule and meet deadlines. This is especially important when it comes to your customer service schedule. The Genius Bar is a popular spot in the Apple store. So, customers are encouraged to make an appointment prior to coming to the location. It is your duty to be on-time and prepared for these appointments. Even if you have other projects that need your attention! This requires good time-management skills and the ability to be accountable for yourself.

Reflect On Personal Experiences – We’ve All Been There! 

We’ve all ended up at a Genius Bar at one point or another, so it’s important to reflect on how this process went for you as a customer. Did you feel heard and appreciated? Was the employee reassuring, trustworthy, and communicative? Try to leverage a personal experience in your interview for an extra touch that is sure to boost your credibility.

You’ll be working hard to solve problems while also recommending fixes and the purchase of additional accessories. Get ready to be a jack of all trades!

retail jobs at apple

Apply For a Position in Sales 

If you are a natural-born “people-person,” this position is calling your name! Explore the Sales department and gain valuable customer service and marketing experience at Apple. You’ll need to be confident in your ability to connect with customers who are seeking guidance with their purchases. If you have any retail experience at all, you should be set to go! The next piece of the puzzle is becoming familiar with the products Apple offers. Luckily, most of their products are very similar to each other, making it easy to catch on quickly. You’ll even gain insight into upcoming products that are being released and get to use your discount to score special deals! Bonuses are available for almost all retail jobs at Apple – get excited!

This position also offers an incredible growth opportunity. For applicants who are interested in expanding their career with Apple, starting in Sales is a fantastic first step. You’ll become familiar with the basics while establishing a great relationship with each team member. Once you have become confident in Sales, you might be considered for a higher-level leadership position on the floor!

Gaining Sales experience is a transferable skill that will help you in future career opportunities, too. You’ll learn how to effectively work on a team, deal with difficult customers, and experience the satisfaction of closing a deal. All of these experiences will be of great value to you at Apple and beyond!

black ipad and white iphone 5 c

Technical Support Specialist 

As a technical support specialist, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with customers on general technology issues. This position is a step below the Genius Bar, where customers will go if they are faced with a specialized, challenging issue. For everything else, you’re the go-to resource for troubleshooting! This position will require you to be able to think on your feet. You must be able to calm nervous and anxious customers while you troubleshoot and find a solution to their issues. This is a skill you must possess for all retail jobs at Apple!

While your technical skills must be sharp – it is even more crucial for your critical thinking skills to be as strong as possible. You’ll have to do a lot of problem-solving on your own, with an anxious customer hovering over your shoulder. This might not sound like the best-case scenario! However, it’s important to remember that you are aiding the customer with an issue that has caused them great frustration. As a Technical Support Specialist, you’ll earn the title “superhero” by all who take advantage of your services!

Know When To Ask For Help – Even If You’re a Pro!

You must also know when you need to ask for help. After trying to resolve an issue in at least 3 different ways, it’s important to get extra assistance so you don’t keep the customer waiting. Remember, Apple prides itself on a seamless troubleshooting process. Plus, you will likely have other customers in line who are anxious for your help. It is important to check-in with yourself and know when you need to ask for extra assistance!

Working With The Public – Incorporating an Inclusive Mindset 

Apple is a global company. Customers use their products world-wide and will run into an issue at one point or another. So, you must be ready to assist customers of all different backgrounds, cultures, technology proficiencies, and more. Making sure to provide an inclusive and welcoming store that is able to provide help to customers of all backgrounds is essential. Being able to problem solve and find a solution for technical issues is only half of the job. You also must be able to work with customers of all ages, those who speak different languages, and customers who are completely unfamiliar with technology as a whole. Be positive, inclusive, and make it your mission to find a solution for everyone.

The same goes for working with customers over the phone. You must be able to have effective communication skills so that customers can understand you even when you aren’t in the same room. If you have experience working with a diverse customer base previously, make sure to highlight this during the application process for Apple!

When on the job, make an extra effort to be aware of these scenarios:

  • Age discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Employees not being culturally accepting
  • Language barriers and finding solutions for all
  • Equal access for customers of all abilities

Retail Jobs at Apple – a Unique Experience

Working at Apple is a unique and exciting experience. You will truly gain a wide variety of different skills and be exposed to many experiences. These lessons will be valuable for years to come no matter what the future holds for you and your career! You will strengthen your technical skills, communication skills, cultural awareness, and ability to work well on a team. The opportunity for success and growth is endless.

Working on a talented and experienced team at Apple will also provide you with unique networking opportunities you won’t get anywhere else. Make sure to spend time building valuable relationships with coworkers and building your contact list! You never know which network connection could help you pave a path to the next step in your career journey.

Do some soul-searching and discover the best career path for you at Apple. There are a variety of different positions available beyond what we have covered in this blog! Overall, this is a great company to work for if you are looking for competitive pay, great benefits, and an amazing company culture. Good luck with your application process! 

Have you ever applied for any retail jobs at Apple? How did your application process go? Connect with us on social media and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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