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Restaurants With Igloos – COVID Safe Dining!

By: Mariah Rogers
Feb 5, 2021 • 6 min read

Restaurants With Igloos – COVID Safe Dining That Adds a Bit of Fun!

Supporting local restaurants and enjoying an outdoor dining experience can be challenging in colder climates. Especially if you’re in Boston like us, you know the feeling! Harsh winds, subzero temperatures, and frequent snowfall can make eating outdoors seem like an unappealing way to spend your evening. Luckily, restaurants have taken on the challenge and gotten creative when accommodating for the cold. Outdoor igloos have become a popular way to serve customers who want to social distance outdoors and enjoy a unique dining experience. They help isolate customers and provide a warm space for those who wish to dine out. So, why not try it out for yourself! As a guide – we’ve compiled a list of restaurants with igloos in major cities near you.

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How Does an Igloo Work?

Igloo, dining dome, whatever you want to call it, these creations are a must-have during the COVID pandemic! Eating outside can be very tricky, especially when you can’t feel your fingers or toes. Dining indoors can be a big risk for spreading the virus, too. Outdoor igloos provide a protected and warm space for individual parties to stay socially distant while enjoying a meal. They are located outdoors and usually hold 4-6 people per dome. So, you can bring your family, roommates, or close friends for a fun night out! Here are a few restaurants with igloos you can try this weekend.

Lookout Rooftop and Bar – Boston, MA

Are you located in the New England area? If so, make sure to visit Lookout Rooftop and Bar located in the city of Boston, MA. Located in the Envoy Hotel, this is the perfect place to gaze over the city skyline and enjoy a meal in the comfort of your own personal igloo! The igloos are designed to keep customer’s toasty as they dine and enjoy a modern atmosphere. The igloos can hold a part of up to 6 people, so make sure you have a specific guest list in mind! Customers are allowed 2 hours to enjoy their dining experience so that the business can maintain proper COVID capacity guidelines and allow multiple parties to join them for a meal. To get an igloo, make sure you call in advance and book a reservation!

Charlie’s Kitchen – Cambridge, MA *Pet Friendly!*

Charlie’s Kitchen is a much more relaxed and whimsical dining experience for those who aren’t looking to go “all-out.” This relaxed restaurant offers delicious burgers, beer, and everything flavorful! They are most well known for the Double Cheeseburger King, which has customers coming back time and time again. Located right in Harvard Square, your igloo will be front and center amidst the hustle and bustle. This makes for a perfect evening of comfort food and people watching!

Now, for the best part of all. Charlie’s Kitchen is proud to host your furry friend for a meal, too! Since many of us have adopted pups during quarantine, it is essential to bring our new besties out to eat with us.

restaurants with igloos near me

Scargo Cafe – Dennis, MA

Traveling to Cape Cod this winter? Worried about having to navigate indoor dining during COVID? Scargo Cafe has your back! Located in the quaint town of Dennis, MA, you can visit the beach during the day and end your night with dinner in a Scargo igloo. If you’re longing for a beach day, this town will give you that sweet taste of summer. Their contemporary style dining offers everything from chicken stirfry to their famous fish chowder. If you’re really craving some summer sunshine, go for their lobster mac and cheese! They also offer an extensive gluten-free dining menu too.

230 Fifth Rooftop – New York City

If you want to enjoy the breathtaking view of New York City’s skyline while keeping your fingers and toes toasty in a heated igloo, this is your chance! 230 Fifth Rooftop is known for its lively bar scene and is typically popular for young locals in town. However, there is nothing typical about this year! As a result, the outdoor igloo dining space has become a go-to place for families and couples to dine for brunch. There is nothing more New York than having brunch in your own personal igloo! Reservations are encouraged. However, walk-ins are also welcome.

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Greenhouses at Lea – Brooklyn, New York

This fabulous Italian market is known for authentic and fresh goodies that are sure to be the centerpiece of any meal. The market includes homemade Italian delights, wine & beer, as well as a bakery to top it all off! Lea has incorporated their “greenhouses,” which are transparent domes that allow for socially distant dining to take place. You can enjoy a soup and sandwich while staying toasty in the famous borough of Brooklyn, New York! Make a day out of your trip and explore everything the market has to offer once you have completed your meal. This is one of the best restaurants with igloos for families who want a day away!

Joy District’s Igloos & Ski Lodge – Chicago, IL

Interested in dining outdoors in chilly Chicago? Joy District’s Igloos & Ski Lodge sets the tone for a fabulous evening. Cue the sparkly lights, elegant table settings, and ski-resort themed decor! This restaurant has everything you need to get in the winter spirit despite the COVID blues. You’ll get to gaze out on Chicago’s skyline as you enjoy your meal, too. Even if you’re a local, you’ve never seen your city from a private igloo before! Sip on something bubbly and take it easy in one of their personal dining domes for your private dining party!

restaurants with igloos near me

Ted’s Bulletin – Washington, D.C.

If you want to eat out but stay in your quarantine sweats, Ted’s Bulletin is the place to go to! You can relax in your comfy clothes while enjoying burgers, fries, and liquor-infused milkshakes! They often have black and white movies playing, too. Grab your family and friends and head over to your personal igloo at Ted’s Bulletin! In the cold weather, nothing is better than comfort food. Located in the historical city of Washington, DC, you’ll get to enjoy a dynamic scene while dining outdoors.

Viking Huts at Hook Hall – Washington, D.C.

Yup, you heard us, this location offers Viking Huts for a unique outdoor dining experience! You’ll get a warm and cozy hut to dine in and separate yourself from strangers during the pandemic. It is a private and personalized place to grab a bite (Say YES to the Barvarian pretzels). This is a festive way to spend the evening and adhere to social distancing guidelines. Grab your best Viking gear and head on over to the historical city of Washington, DC, and enjoy!

The Igloos at Del Mar – Washington, D.C.

This restaurant is the perfect place to take in the scenic views of the Potomac waterfront while enjoying a bite to eat. Located directly overlooking the water, Del Mar offers heated and cozy igloos for customers to stay safe, warm, and well-fed. If you’re in the D.C. area, make sure to put this location on your list of places to dine!

Igloo Village wooden signage

Rose’s Restaurant – Grand Rapids, MI

Are you a local of Michigan? Visit Rose’s Restaurant located in Grand Rapids, MI! With waterfront views and fireplaces galore, you’ll never catch a cold while dining outdoors here! This is a great way to enjoy a socially distant night out of the house. Enjoy a lunch or dinner being catered to in the great outdoors with your friends or SO. Support your local restaurant and enjoy a meal that is not made from your home kitchen! (We’ve all had enough of tasting our own creations at this point.)

Lumen – Detroit, MI

Do you want to spend the evening enjoying a delicious charcuterie board under fairy lights in a beautifully decorated outdoor igloo? Check out Lumen in Detroit, MI! This unique spot has a fun and modern menu that is sure to make your mouth water. They have a fantastic menu selection for those who are following a vegan diet, too! From lentil burgers to wagyu short ribs, you simply can’t go wrong when booking a reservation at Lumen.

Spruce Peak – Stowe, VT

Ready to hit the slopes? No matter if you’re a skier, snowboarder, or spectator, Spruce Peak has something for everyone. This restaurant stays true to its farming roots, offering a wide selection of fresh and authentic food. You can even join them for a delicious breakfast before making it up the mountain! Their private outdoor igloos are the perfect spot to stay warm and enjoy the rustic atmosphere of Vermont. If you want to book a small snow-filled getaway, this is a perfect spot to enjoy a meal while social distancing.

Equinox Igloo Experience – Manchester Village, VT

Apps and igloos? Count us in! This unique experience is located in the scenic Manchester Village, VT, where anyone can spend the weekend feeling connected to nature. The private heated igloos are almost buried in the snow, and hold up to four people! You’ll get to enjoy a charcuterie board, appetizers, drinks, and the beautiful snowy views of Vermont. Better yet, those who dine in their outdoor accommodations get the opportunity to choose from their specialty igloo menu! Explore the Equinox Igloo Experience on your next getaway.

The Dining Dome Experience

There are many more restaurants with igloos, these are just a few! Have you ever experienced outdoor dome dining? If so, we would love to hear about it! Leave a comment down below and tell us your story.

As always, please be mindful and respectful when dining out. Only book igloos with family or friends you reside with, to help keep yourself, fellow diners, and staff members safe! Do your part to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Hats off to you, restaurants, and other small businesses. You’ve found extremely creative ways to serve your customers safely and effectivly during this time. We appreciate you!

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