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Reasons to Save Up Vacation Days

Emily Dawson
By: Emily Dawson
Sep 11, 2020 • 7 min read

Reasons to Save Up Vacation Days

We all have those times when we just aren’t feeling up for going to work. With or without the pandemic, it can be easy for many to just stay in bed and not feel motivated. One thing that always gets people excited, however, is a vacation. Here are a few reasons why you should get up out of bed and work towards those vacation days instead of taking the day off.

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Achieving a Goal

Most companies either give you a set amount of vacation days, or they let you earn them for the time you work at your company. For example, for every month you work at the company, you could get three days of vacation. This gives employees the incentive to work hard, which is why they often set this policy in place. If you are working towards those days, you will feel motivated and like you are working toward a reward.

Appreciate Your Value

When working towards vacation days, you may come to realize your importance as an employee and how people value your work. Being a consistent and hard worker makes you an asset to the company you work for and will grow your worth. You may realize that time well spent working on a specific project has value, and therefore you appreciate the time you and your co-workers put in toward your jobs.

Building a Community

Being consistent with your days in the office allows you to build stronger relationships with your co-workers. Seeing the same faces every day at work creates familiarity and comradery between people. Having a sense of community in the workplace is vital to productivity and positivity at the company. You’ll want the people you know and like at work in your corner for when things get hard or to celebrate success.

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Show Your Dedication

By not taking off days here and there throughout the year, you show that you are dedicated to your job because of your consistency. By showing up to work every day on time, you display your discipline to others, which could inspire them to take time off in a more strategic way. This can also encourage them to work just as hard as you; after all, half the battle is just showing up. Everyone wants a dedicated employee, and there isn’t one better than one that shows up every single day without fail or unpredictability.

Build Resilience

Through waiting on spending your vacation days, you may experience hardship during this time. Maybe you become slightly ill or are experiencing emotional turmoil. If you are well enough and in a good headspace to work, consider going to the office rather than taking the day off. You will gain the skill of working through tough times, building up resilience, and becoming a person people can count on. This also another way to show your dedication to your job.

Plan Future Trips

By not taking vacation days, sporadically gives you time to plan trips you want to take in the future. You can map out where you want to go, what you want to do, and who you want to do it with. Having a worthwhile vacation takes scheduling and research. Now, you can take this time to plan it all out. You’ll be able to tell your boss the exact days you want off and for how long well in advance. This will be greatly appreciated by your team and boss so that they can prepare for when you are gone.

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Take Longer Vacations

It will take longer to build up more vacation days; however, the payoff of a more extended vacation is worthwhile. Imagine spending a week or two in the Bahamas or island hopping in Greece. You’ll have more time to experience unique trips, and they’ll be even better because you’ve planned them in advance.

Possible Leftover Vacation Days

If you save up your vacation days for longer as mentioned and take a shorter vacation, you will likely have days leftover to do with as you wish. This is great for taking longer holidays, for example, adding a day or two to a long weekend or during Christmas. This will also allow you to take those better be able to take those days when you are not feeling up for it without getting in the way of your vacation goal. Having more days available for time off is always better than not enough days for time off.

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Take International Vacations

With a more extended amount of time available to your disposal, you can take the time to see different parts of the world. Traveling from the United States to places like Italy and Australia may take a few plane rides and maybe a day or two of traveling before you reach your destination. Saving up more days for your vacation allows you to see the world and experience different cultures. This has to be one of the biggest perks of working towards time off.


There are many benefits to working longer without taking days off, some are in the workplace, and others directly affect the type of vacation you want to take. Remember that if you need to take time off because you are unwell or don’t think you would be productive that day, take time off. However, on the days you can’t fathom getting out of bed, you could be in the Maldives instead.   

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