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Common Reasons Why People Remain Unemployed for Long

By: Mariah Rogers
Oct 22, 2021 • 2 min read

During the pandemic, businesses had to lay off their employees due to insufficient income and customers. As the world went into lockdown, more people became unemployed. 

But despite the government’s efforts to provide assistance for the people who lost their jobs, the expansive jobless benefit seems ineffective in curbing the unemployment rates. What could be the reason why people stay unemployed? Here are some causes.

1. Fewer Demands

As automation and fast-paced technological improvements take over jobs at present, those that require staffing vanish from job listings. Although the goal is to make things easier for clients and consumers, the recent improvements in machinery have become a turning point for most people.

Modern advancements lead many to lose their jobs due to the lack of demand in the workforce. Some even find themselves jobless for a while, not realizing that it’s not their fault. However, people continue to think that their skills aren’t good enough for the positions they look forward to doing. 

2. Job Shortage

The rising unemployment rate goes hand in hand with the lack of jobs in the US. Again, it all stems from the lack of demand for staffing in the workforce tied to the improvements in automation and technology. 

For a country like America, unemployment shouldn’t be a problem as the country’s economy remains stable. However, most businesses had to lay off their workers due to the pandemic as numerous countries remain closed to prevent the virus from spreading.

3. Fewer Opportunities

Another factor to consider is the lack of opportunities for the minority. For example, people of color suffer from discrimination and racism to the point that they can’t land a job because of their race. Another issue concerns homeless people; who can’t request the requirements set by most companies from the government due to the lack of a permanent address. 

Overall, whether people get the chance to apply for a job, they still experience rejection due to their status in life—despite having the necessary skills and experience needed in the job market.

4. Not Enough Employability

Performing a job search has been more complicated in recent times. People who have resigned from their current jobs tend to become stereotyped as terrible employees by the succeeding managers that they encounter. 

But in reality, most employees leave their companies due to the employer’s inability to meet their demands. Despite their time and effort spent working in the same firm for the last few years, it may not be enough to prove all the hard work they’ve done. 

5. Feeling of Hopelessness

Nowadays, looking for a job in your area may be more challenging due to the current situation. Years of being unemployed may affect people’s self-esteem, self-respect, and self-work. 

Although other people do not point out that they have had no jobs for a long time, it affects them mentally and emotionally. However, through various hiring apps available in the market, they can now look for their new employers—even in the comfort of their homes.


Unemployment is a frustrating situation for most individuals. It causes stress-related health issues coupled with increased visits to the doctor for coping medication. However, as the world recovers from the pandemic, the unemployment rate should go down as more companies resume hiring people in their teams again.

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