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Qualifications and Skills Required to Be a Hotel Manager

By: Mariah Rogers
Apr 29, 2022 • 2 min read

If your eyes are set to make a name in the hospitality industry, one of your best opportunities to enter the field is to become a hotel manager. This job title allows you to manage the operations of hotels, motels, and resorts. 

Hotel managers look after the business and make sure that the customers are happy. In many situations, hotel managers will examine their facility’s budget and income to boost profits. They also assess the performance of each department manager and provide constructive recommendations for improvement.

Below is a useful guide to follow as you build your resume for a hotel management job.

List of Your Education and Training 

Although there are no precise educational prerequisites for becoming a hotel manager, many establishments prefer to hire applicants with a BA in hospitality or a similar profession. Most candidates for lodging managers have at least an associate’s degree.

Hotel managers often have at least five years of experience working in various departments such as cleaning, front of house, engineering, and food and beverage. This training gives you a thorough understanding of hotel operations.

Off-the-job training is available to some hotel managers through seminars and conferences. For instance, hotel managers sometimes go to conferences about new technology or best hotel practices. These conferences can provide continual training for hotel managers who want to stay current with industry developments.

Listed below are some certifications that show you’re fit for the job

1. Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA)

A CHA demonstrates your capacity to conduct advanced management functions. There must be two years of experience as a hotel manager or similar role, and you have to pass an online exam to receive a CHA. 

The certification must be renewed every five years. Throughout this time, You must retain your position in the sector and collect experience points by attending conferences or taking related online courses.

2. Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS)

Earning a Certified Hospitality Supervisor certification demonstrates that you have a fundamental understanding of hospitality administration. 

To be eligible for a CHS, you must have 90 days of supervisory experience in the hotel business. You must also pass an online exam with 100 multiple-choice questions.

3. Certified Hospitality Department Trainer (CHDT)

With a CHDT, you can demonstrate that you are familiar with all aspects of the hospitality industry and that you can teach a wide range of staff. 

You must finish a training program, pass a 50-question online exam, and work in the hotel industry with training responsibilities to receive a CHDT. The CHDT must be renewed every five years, at which time you must show proof of your continued hospitality education and work.

Develop the Skills You Need to Master

1. Empathic Customer Service

Because hotel managers work in the hospitality business, they are expected to have exceptional customer service abilities. They should be able to resolve challenging customer concerns quickly and effectively. 

They require emotional intelligence to communicate with visitors, so they can easily listen to and comprehend their demands.

2. Quick Critical Thinking

Because the hospitality sector is such a fast-paced environment, hotel managers must be able to think critically and make quick choices. To provide a positive guest experience, they must ensure that each department runs smoothly.

Hotel managers are responsible for overseeing all internal processes and reviewing and resolving severe customer complaints. 

3. Efficient Time Management

Another important talent that most hotel managers should have is the ability to manage their time effectively. They are in charge of all departments, which requires a great deal of planning and coordination. 

Because most lodging establishments never close, it’s critical to have adequate staffing at all times. They should be able to plan their calendars so that they can devote enough time to each department while also managing the time of others.


Hotel managers have a lot of responsibilities. They are in charge of the hiring, onboarding, and termination of employees. They write reports and provide presentations to the hotel owner or board of directors. They also develop and implement hotel policies. 

Be sure you’re aware of all these responsibilities and have all the preparations and certification to impress the hiring managers of the hotels you want to join.

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