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Negotiate Your Bills – Here’s How

By: Mariah Rogers
Mar 6, 2021 • 6 min read

Negotiate Your Bills & Save Money on Must-Buy Items. Here’s How!

When examining our finances, it is common to see a stack of bills that have magically accumulated at the end of each month. Life is expensive, and keeping up with payments can feel overwhelming. If you have pushed your spending habits to the side and simply settle for paying the sum at the bottom of your bill each month, you’re not alone! Taking the time to sit down and carefully go through each expense is time-consuming and frustrating. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a few hacks that can help you negotiate your bills and cut down on your spending. We’re letting all of our secrets spill in this blog!

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The Art of Negotiation – Let’s Crack The Code!

Many of us have a variety of payments we make on essentials each month. From negotiating medical bills to lowering internet and cable costs, there is an app that can help you advocate for yourself and your finances. If you feel as though money is flowing out of your account all too quickly, Trim helps you get the most bang for your buck.

You’d be surprised how much you are overpaying for simple necessities in life such as subscriptions, car insurance, TV service, and credit card interest. Most of the time, we don’t even think twice as many of these expenses are put on auto-pay. If you have ever dreamt of someone going through each expense to ensure you are not overpaying for products and services, this app will do just that. On average, users save $1,498 a year when enrolling in Trim’s features.

Not only will Trim examine purchases that you do make, but the app is also on the lookout for unusual charges. The platform helps users protect themselves and their savings from fraudulent activity by implementing notifications and warnings, so you’re always in the know about your spending.

So, next time you are charged with a hefty medical bill or tremendous car insurance rates, remember that Trim has your back. Not only that, but Trim will also complete the process of canceling all subscriptions for you upon your request, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to find the illegible “unsubscribe” button anymore! This platform also gets an A+ for security. You can enable two-factor authentication and read-only access to ensure your information is private and safe. You can rest easy knowing that they never store any information on their servers, either.

Download the Trim app here! 

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Insurance – But Make it Personal!

Have you ever hoped for an insurance plan that is personalized to fit your lifestyle and travel needs? If so, Root Insurance is the perfect solution! The Root app provides you with personalized automotive insurance right at your fingertips.

If you are a car owner, this app is more than necessary. Root will guide you through three different types of auto coverage:

  1. Liability Coverage – Covers the cost of damage caused by you.
  2. Car Coverage – Repairs covered if a vehicle problem occurs.
  3. Medical Coverage – Covers the medical costs if you or your family is injured in an accident.

Filing a claim is simple and painless. First, the user will open the Root app and answer a few questions about what happened during the accident. Next, the user will take photos of the damage and upload these images. For example, if you get into a fender bender, you’d take a picture of the damage done to your front or back bumper. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re done! Now you’ll just sit back and wait for Root to take it from there.

Download the Root app and start saving here!

Save 25% on Your Monthly Bills

Have you ever watched the television show Shark Tank? If so, you’ll be familiar with Mark Cuban, a famous investor who stars on the show. The app we will highlight next is called Billshark, and this platform is backed by Mark Cuban himself! Not only that, but Billshark has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and CBS News. They also have earned 4.9 stars on Google Reviews by millions of users.

So what exactly is all this hype about? Billshark helps users save money by lowering their bills. Categories include internet, wireless, TV, satellite radio, and more. Once you submit your basic billing information, the app helps to negotiate prices and get you the best possible rates.

The best part is you only have to pay a one-time fee of 40% of savings. If the platform does not save you money on expenses – you are not obligated to pay the fee!

Download Billshark now! 

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Improve Your Financial Literacy

This platform is made specifically for young adults in college who want to improve their financial literacy and become more independent with money. Boro understands that handling money responsibly can be a stressful part of becoming an adult. This app has been featured in Business Insider, Fortune, Yahoo! Finance, and many more reputable organizations.

The platform helps college students visualize and control where their money goes each week. Users can set savings goals, improve their credit, and get personalized help when it comes to money management.

You can also explore Boro Drive if you are a car owner! This platform will help you organize and finance your car loans for both new and used vehicles. If you are a student, this is a must-download!

Download Boro here!

Earn Automatic Cash Back

The term “cash back” is commonly used when referring to credit card companies and other payment methods that provide perks to users. With Dosh, you can simply download the app and start enjoying the benefits instantly! Dosh helps to provide users with an automatic cash back platform.

To sign up, you simply must download the app, link your favorite cards, engage in your typical shopping practices, and let Dosh do the rest. You’d be surprised how many companies offer perks to those who use this platform. Establishments include Walmart, Dunkin’, Sephora, Disney Plus, Instacart, and many more.

Download the Dosh app and start enjoying free cash!

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Track Mileage & Expenses While On The Go

Tired of tracking your trips manually? Say hello to Everlance. If you are someone who regularly tracks their travel for any reason, this app is about to save you lots of time and stress. They are even rated the #1 mileage tracking app & expense log!

The setup is simple, so you can start tracking data easily. Simply download the app, start driving, classify your tips, and review travel reports at any time—all at your fingertips. Users can print Excel and PDF reports of all data collected for seamless review and analysis.

Try Everlance here!

Compare Insurance and Find The Best Fit For You

Let’s talk about Gabi! Have you ever doubted that you are paying the best possible insurance rates? You are likely overpaying. However, that is what Gabi is here for!

Gabi is an easy-to-use and intuitive platform that lets you compare top home and auto insurance rates instantly. You can explore multiple offers from different companies and decide what will be the best fit for you personally! Plus, the platform requires little to no manual entry, so you don’t have to allocate tons of time to plug in your current pricing.

The app has been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, NBC, USA Today, and many more!

Give Gabi a try!

Analyze & Improve Your Current Coverage

Jerry is a platform that will analyze your current coverage and see where improvements can be made. The platform contacts your insurance company on your behalf and collects your coverage details so that you stop overpaying! You’ll also get personalized quotes before every renewal. The best part? You don’t have to submit any paperwork – Jerry has it all taken care of!

If you want your insurance personally examined, this app is right at your fingertips.

Download the Jerry app and start saving today! 

Shop & Pay On Your Own Time!

Are you a shop-a-holic? If so, you need to try Zebit! This platform will help you save big on everyday expenses and splurge purchases. You can purchase items you need and pay on your own time.

Zebit does not affect your credit score since nothing is pulled that will impact your FICO score. You can get approved for purchases in minutes! The app is completely free, and there is no risk to downloading it and giving the platform a try! You can save on hundreds of your favorite brands including Apple, Pandora, Foot Locker, Samsung, Macy’s, Google, Amazon, and more.

Give Zebit a try here!

Ready, Set, Save

Have you ever tried to negotiate your bills and pay a better price? You deserve to pay the best price possible and save where you can! This will help you build your financial independence and save for a future investment. We hope you give these platforms a try and love them as much as we do. If you give any a try, let us know in the comments down below!

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