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Most Popular TV Shows – Summer 2021

By: Gabby Garland
Jun 14, 2021 • 6 min read

The Most Popular TV Shows of Summer 2021

Here is a list of the newest and most popular TV shows to watch over the next few months! If you’re looking for a completely new lineup of TV, keep reading.

most popular tv shows

Mare of Easttown (Drama, HBO+)

This new show from HBO+ stars Kate Winslet as Mare Sheehan, a detective in suburban Philadelphia. Mare is in charge of investigating the recent murder of a teenage mother while managing her own personal life that seems to be on the brink of disrepair. In addition, Mare must handle a newly reopened case of another missing girl. The community is beginning to doubt her detective skills.

Notable actors include Julianne Nicholson, who plays Mare’s closest friend Lori and Guy Pearce as Richard Ryan, a mysterious author and newcomer to the town. If you’re into drama, mystery and enjoy a dry sense of humor, you’ll be sure to enjoy this new show on HBO+.

Most Popular TV Shows – Handmaid’s Tale (Drama, Hulu)

With season 4 already dropped in late April of 2021, you’ll have plenty to watch if you haven’t already begun Handmaid’s Tale. This dystopian drama is based on the novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood. Due to plummeting fertility rates as a result of sexually transmitted diseases and environmental destruction, a totalitarian government by the name of Gilead rises up to take control of what was previously the United States. They establish a society organized by religious fanaticism, new social classes that subjugate women, and a militarized, hierarchical regime. The Handmaids are the lowest class of society and are essentially enslaved women forced to carry the children of wealthier families.

The show follows June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss), who was renamed Offred after being captured trying to escape to Canada with her husband and child. The newest season follows Offred on her journey to attempt to escape Gilead. A critically acclaimed show, The Handmaid’s Tale, will make you feel all of the hope, fear, and pain that Offred experiences and is sure to draw you in to continuing watching.

most popular tv shows

Cruel Summer (Teen Drama, Hulu)

Cruel Summer is one of the newest shows, premiering in late April 2021. This teen drama thriller is certain to capture your attention, regardless of your age. The series follows two teenage girls in the 1990s.  Each episode focuses on the same day over three consecutive years: 1993, 1994, and 1995. Olivia Holt stars as Kate Wallis, a popular girl that everyone envies, who suddenly goes missing. Alongside her is Chiara Aurelia, who plays Jeanette Turner, a nerdy girl who expresses intense jealousy of Kate and takes over her life after she disappears.

There’s conflict brewing between Kate and Jeanette as they are both romantically interested in Jamie Harrison (Froy Gutierrez). Cruel Summer will have you hooked from the beginning!

Outer Banks (Teen Adventure, Netflix)

The first season of Outer Banks came just in time for summer 2020, and lucky for us, season two is on the way! Mark your calendars for July 30th! It’s almost time to follow the Pogues back to the shores of North Carolina on their next adventure. If you haven’t seen Season 1 already, here’s a quick rundown.

A group of four teenage friends, John B (Chase Stokes), Kiara (Madison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Davis), and JJ (Rudy Pankow), are suddenly wrapped up in a mysterious case trying to find out what happened to John B’s missing father.

Season 2 is sure to be full of adventure, mystery, some humor, and plenty of teenage romance. Be sure to mark your calendars for when it drops!

Lupin (Mystery, Netflix)

With Part One already available on Netflix and Part Two on deck to drop on Friday, June 11th, you’ll be more than entertained this summer. The show follows the main character Assane Diop (played by Omar Sty), who is inspired by the French character, professional thief Arsene Lupin. Assane is the son of an immigrant from Senegal. He moved to France to build a better life for himself and Assane. And because of this, their lives change dramatically.

Assane’s father was accused of stealing a diamond necklace from a wealthy family, the Pelligrini’s, and wrongly locked in prison, where he eventually commits suicide. When Assane reads a story about Arsene Lupin, he’s inspired by the thief and becomes determined to avenge his father by getting revenge on the Pelligrini family. Lupin is a witty, mysterious, and thrilling show that will undoubtedly entertain you this summer.

most popular tv shows

Ted Lasso (Wholesome comedy, Apple TV+)

If you’re a fan of The Office, Parks and Recreation, or New Girl, you are going to love Ted Lasso. Season one premiered in late 2020. And lucky for us, season two is right around the corner with a release date of July 23rd. This series follows coach Ted Lasso (played by Jason Sudeikis) as he becomes the new manager of the English soccer club Richmond FC. Seems great, right? Well, there’s a catch because Ted Lasso is actually a one-season wonder American football coach with zero soccer experience.

What could possibly go wrong? This series will have you laughing from the beginning. It’s truly a wonderful television experience, full of humor, hope, and some amazing actors. Alongside Sudeikis stars Hannah Waddingham, who plays Rebecca, the recently divorced owner of Richmond FC, Juno Temple starring as Keely, the kind-hearted girlfriend of one of the soccer stars, and many more. Start streaming season one right now on Apple TV+ before season two drops so you can get all caught up!

The White Lotus (Satire, HBO)

This new satire comedy series stars Connie Britton (who you may know from the series Nashville), Alexandra Daddario (any Percy Jackson fans here?), Jennifer Coolidge and Murray Bartlett.

The show will undoubtedly be funny and witty. As a result, it is going to be extremely binge-worthy! It follows the antics of the guests and staff at a tropical resort over the course of a week. Get ready to enjoy all the humor and drama soon because the series airs in July!

Loki (Action-Adventure, Disney+)

Marvel fanatics, this is for you! Disney+ has just released a new series all about everyone’s favorite complicated villain. The show picks up after Marvel’s Endgame and is centered around Loki’s (played by Tom Hiddleston) reign as the God of Mischief.

He faces the consequences of stealing the Tesseract during the events of Endgame and is forced to meet with the Time Variance Authority (TVA). This is an organization that exists outside of space and time charged with monitoring the timeline.

If you have yet to watch the Avenger’s movies, we highly suggest catching up on those, especially Endgame, before tuning in to this new action-adventure show. It’s no question why this is one of the most popular TV show in Summer 2021!

most popular tv shows

Couples’ Therapy (Documentary, Showtime)

Couples’ Therapy season one premiered on Showtime in September of 2019, and season two just dropped in April of 2021. This docuseries follows clinical psychologist Dr. Orna Guralik as she works with real couples in real therapy sessions using empathy, psychology, and compassion, for instance. These sessions are completely real and show how therapy really works.

You’ll find yourself connecting with various issues and challenges that you may be facing. All while listening to real therapy advice from a licensed psychologist! The show will be sure to keep you enthralled with each couple’s journey.

The Nevers (Science fiction, HBO+)

The Nevers is a new science fiction and adventure series on HBO, starring Laura Donnelly as Amalia True. The series focuses on a group of Victorians who find themselves with strange powers. In 1896, London experienced a wild supernatural event that grants certain individuals these powers. These orphans are in grave danger as their abilities are threatening to the British elite.

Amalia True, a widow, and her ally Penance Adair (played by Ann Skelly) must protect these orphans at all costs. This magical show is certain to transport you into a world of mystery, adventure, and the extraordinary.

Just because you might be spending some socially distanced time inside this summer doesn’t mean it has to be boring! These are just a few of the most popular TV shows of summer 2021! Let us know if you enjoyed any of them.

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