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Let’s Talk Spring Cleaning For Your Career!

By: Mariah Rogers
Apr 11, 2021 • 5 min read

Spring Cleaning – For Your Career! Spruce Up Your Professional Life.

Spring is in the air! The trees are budding, and life has started to renew itself. Now – it’s time to start spring cleaning for your career! Whether you are beginning a new job search or updating your LinkedIn profile, this blog will help you give your professional life a quick refresh.

spring cleaning

Resume Revamp

First and foremost, let’s talk about resumes. You’ve likely had to create a resume to complement your job applications in the past, but when is the last time you have really taken a critical look at the content and format you have included? Refreshing your resume can include trying a new resume template or updating your experience with your most recent professional experience.

Here are a few ways you can spruce up your resume:

  • Delete outdated work experience
  • Complete a new training or certification (lots of opportunities are online!)
  • Create a summary statement for your resume
  • Try different resume templates
  • Ask a supervisor or colleague for feedback on your resume

Clean Up Your Cover Letter

Cover letters are a unique way to highlight the unique skill set that makes you the perfect candidate for a certain job. While each cover letter you create should be specific to the role you are applying for, following a basic outline can’t hurt! So, why not get ahead of the curve and explore outlines and templates that can make your next job search a lot more strategic. Practice makes perfect! Even if you are not gearing up for a big job search, try to challenge yourself by writing a cover letter for your dream role. You never know when this draft might come in handy in the future!

Cover letter tips:

  • Practice keeping your cover letter to a maximum of one page long. Write with power and precision!
  • Use a grammar and spelling checker before turning in
  • Have a colleague review your work before sending it to a recruiter
  • Purchase paper that is specific for cover letters – this will help your document stand out

spring cleaning

Personalize Your LinkedIn Profile

When is the last time you did a deep clean of your LinkedIn profile? We’re talking about really digging and finding outdated experience, irrelevant photos, or anything unprofessional that appears on your page. Make sure that everything you have published and public helps represent you and your company in an appropriate and personal way.

Now that the weather has started to get nicer, why not have a photoshoot outdoors for a new professional headshot! You don’t need any fancy equipment in order to capture a quality image. Dress in your best business formal attire, find a simple background with good lighting, and say cheese!

Updating your short bio can also help boost your page and will serve as an attention grabber when recruiters come across your profile. Take a moment to summarize your passions and talents in a few sentences. This will help you make a great first impression as you make new connections!

Refresh Your Wardrobe

Since we’ve all been cooped up inside during the long winter while working from home, it’s likely your wardrobe hasn’t had a proper refresh in a while! If you’ve been alternating the same pair of sweatpants and hoodies for the last few months, you’re not alone. Brightening up your wardrobe can help give you a boost of confidence, make you look and feel fresh, and you don’t have to break the bank.

Simplicity is key. When purchasing new pieces for your wardrobe, it’s best to invest in quality pieces that will be timeless. This way, you can transition your clothing through all seasons, and it will never go out of style. If you’re looking for new and affordable brands to try, check out our blog on budgeting! 

woman in white and pink dress standing beside brown leaves

Build Your Network

Building your network is an important part of growing yourself as a professional. The Pandemic has made networking even more difficult since most of your mingling will have to be done online. While this might be more challenging, it is certainly not impossible!

Online networking sites such as LinkedIn and the JobGet Community Feed are specifically designed to make the virtual networking process easier. However, you should always challenge yourself to take things one step further! Re-connecting with old colleagues, supervisors, and subordinates can help you maintain a strong network and make new acquaintances.

How will you start spring cleaning for your career? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear from you.

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