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Learning About Hotel Management and the Needed Skills

By: Mariah Rogers
Oct 22, 2021 • 2 min read

Many people often contemplate what they’re looking for in their future options when they’re working. If you’re seeking a job that includes lots of human interaction, customer service, and support while being hands-on, you can search for a career within the hospitality industry.

The field of the hospitality industry is quite vast, offering various career paths to many job seekers. Hotel management is one of many that you may want to consider as a potential option, as it can be a rather fulfilling role.

Want to learn more about what hotel management is, how it’s different from other hospitality career paths, and the necessary skills for creating and maintaining a job like this? Continue reading.

Defining Hotel Management

Hotel management is a career concerned with supervising and coordinating the operations of a hotel, resort, or similar other locations that provide lodging and accommodation services. Often given the official title of a hotel manager, it can be a rather difficult position.

Managing such an establishment entails several executive responsibilities, but it can depend on a number of factors. How big the hotel is and the scale of its operations is something that can affect how much a hotel manager works.

Differentiating Hotel Management

If you’re applying for a job in hotel management, you may get mixed it up with several other career paths. Hospitality management is often mistaken as a subcategory of hotel management, though it’s usually the other way around. Hotel management focuses on hotel locations, but hospitality management usually encompasses restaurants, cruises, clubs, parks, and more.

Although hospitality management does include hotel management, which you can search for specifically when applying for a job, the scope is much different. There is a similarity in the needed skill set since both are managerial positions, but their field of focus is something to note.

Understanding Hotel Management Skills

Hotel managers are often tasked with overseeing their facilities’ operations and delegating tasks to provide a positive experience for the guests and visitors. Those responsibilities can be rather hefty, and these are some of the hotel management skills that employers will look for in a candidate:

  • Leadership. Being a hotel manager means that you’re an executive that’s responsible for the workers at the establishment you’re assigned to. Leadership skills like delegating, listening to feedback, and implementing them for a smooth workflow are required.
  • Marketing. Hotel managers are involved in several different departments of the location. Although they may not fully focus on marketing, it’s an aspect that they need to grasp. PR and creating a good brand image are necessary for the hotel’s success, after all.
  • Communication. As alluded to by the need for leadership and marketing skills, hotel management involves a lot of communication. They may be tasked with using written and oral communication in order to relay orders and fulfill their daily tasks.
  • Financial Management. Another department that hotel managers will have to focus on is the finances. Good financial management and an understanding of the hotel’s budget and expenses is great insight when making decisions about the location’s operations.


Gaining more information about hotel management and forming an understanding of it is great if you’re pursuing a career in this field. The job market for hotel managers is booming, so start sending in your applications as soon as possible.

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