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Keywords to Look Out for When it Comes to Job Postings

By: Mariah Rogers
Dec 3, 2021 • 2 min read

If there’s anything the past two years have taught, it should be to be more discerning and detail-oriented when it comes to job hunting. For the longest time, most people just took on whatever job was available.

And while that is understandable, it’s also left plenty of people in jobs that put that at a disadvantage. Remember, you can’t shine and do your job well if you’re unhappy. One thing that will land you the wrong position is missing the red flags from the job postings alone.

Today we will explore the keywords that aren’t inherently, but you should take note of when it comes to job postings.


“Opportunity” is a word that pops up in many job postings. This word is often used to attract young individuals or recent college graduates, as they are often lured by the word “opportunity” because of our inherent need to achieve. However, the term “opportunity” doesn’t always mean what it seems to.

Opportunity is often used to attract candidates to a job, offering them the chance to expand their potential and improve their skill set. However, after reading the rest of the posting, it becomes clear that the job is not what it seems to be.

“Start ASAP”

This is another word used to lure candidates to the job posting. Sometimes employers will require candidates to start right away, even when they’re still in the interviewing process.

This is because employers will say they’re in immediate need of candidates, and they need to fill the position as soon as possible. If you’re a candidate reading this, it’s essential to know that employers will often ask for your availability dates and work hours. And it’s a good idea to ask for their urgency in filling the position.

If you’re not comfortable with starting right away, you don’t have to take that offer. It’s important to know that some employers may push applicants to start right away, while others are open to the interview process to take its course.

“Thick Skin”

Thick skin can be used to describe either the employer or the job itself. Thick-skinned employers are often described as those who are harsh and insensitive. At the same time, thick-skinned jobs can be anything from shoveling snow to working in the meat industry. “Thick skin” is used more often to describe job postings as it can also refer to the applicant.

A job posting requiring “thick skin” is often for jobs in call centers or for those that deal with the public. It is important to note that thick skin is not something that is promoted to job seekers. In the first place, there is no reason to be thick-skinned in the workplace.

“Works Well Under Pressure”

“Works well under pressure” may seem like a good trait to have, but it’s more often than not a red flag. This is because the reason candidates need to work well under pressure is because the employer is expecting them to work in under-appreciated conditions.

For example, job postings require candidates to work well under pressure, often for seasonal jobs. While some candidates may not mind working during certain times of the year, others may not want to put in the extra work needed to work during the season.

Follow the same precautions in job postings requiring “works well under pressure” as you would in those that need thick skin.

The Bottom Line

The job market is tough, and with the recent introduction of the internet, it continues to get stiffer. And it is only getting worse. Job seekers need to stay on the lookout for red flags in job postings to know what they’re getting into when they apply for a job.

Job listings are like the first impression of a potential employer. If a job posting doesn’t read well and doesn’t seem to reflect the work environment the employer is striving for, then you’re better off continuing with your hunt.

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