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Jobs with the Highest Salaries in 2021

By: Mariah Rogers
Dec 3, 2021 • 2 min read

Do you know what job you’ll have by the time you’re 80?

Let’s face it, the average person changes jobs 8-10 times over the course of their lifetime. At some point, you probably thought about what job you would have for your entire career when you were in high school.

Now that you’re in college, do you think about what job you’ll have 40 years from now? Do you think about how your current major will translate to a career? What are some important things to consider when choosing a profession? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. These are the careers that will pay the most and be in demand.

Data Scientist

Estimated Salary: $128,000

Career Growth: 8%

Projected Job Openings: 16,000

Population Growth: 0.4%

These days, data is all around us. If a company uses a customer loyalty program, an email marketing campaign, or any type of analytics, they’re using data. Data Scientists are the people who work with data to find new trends, patterns, and insights that can help companies improve their business and understand what their clients or customers want.

Network and Security Engineer

Estimated Salary: $131,000

Career Growth: 10%

Projected Job Openings: 21,000

Population Growth: 0.3%

Every company in the world needs the people who build, maintain, and analyze their networks and data to ensure that their systems stay up and running. This is an extremely lucrative field that has an excellent projected job growth rate and an average salary of around $130,000.

Registered Nurses and Medical Professionals

Estimated Salary: $79,000

Career Growth: 19%

Projected Job Openings: 537,000

Population Growth: 0.8%

This is one of the most in-demand careers for the future because the demand for healthcare professionals is rising so rapidly. The population is growing, people live longer and have more active lives, and with advances in medicine and technology, more complex procedures are being developed and performed.

Plumbers and Electricians

Estimated Salary: $77,000

Career Growth: 11%

Projected Job Openings: 76,000

Population Growth: 0.4%

Plumbers, electricians, welders, and other skilled tradespeople, will always be in demand. As more and more homes and buildings are built, there will always be a demand for repairs and upgrades to ensure they are running safely and efficiently. If you are good at working with your hands and you enjoy a challenge, a career in construction and maintenance could be right up your alley.

Software Developer

Estimated Salary: $107,000

Career Growth: 20%

Projected Job Openings: 2,100,000

Population Growth: 0.7%

This will be an increasingly important field as technology continues to become an integral part of our lives. Software developers can make upwards of $107,000 a year, which is a lot of money, but the exciting part is that this field is growing so quickly that there will likely be a large number of job openings in the next decade.


These are just a few of the highest-paying jobs in the future, but they are far from the only ones. As a student, aiming for any of these career paths will at least give you a better chance of finding opportunities for your chosen career. If you are already in the workforce but want to change career paths for the better, check out this career change guide for some valuable information.

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