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JobGet vs Craigslist

By: Caroline Forrest
Dec 15, 2020 • 6 min read

Compare the two platforms of JobGet vs Craigslist to see which one is right for you! 

Are you looking for a job or planning to hire someone in the future? You likely have come across many different platforms that claim to be the best for job searching or hiring. How will you know which one is the best for you? Read on to learn about JobGet vs Craigslist!

Application Process


Job Seekers: Employers can choose what method they would prefer to use to receive applications. The standard method is to utilize craigslist’s email relay service. Craigslist generates an email for employers that candidates can send their submissions to. The employer also receives the email from a randomized Craigslist generated email rather than seeing the applicant’s actual email address. Some employers will list a phone number to call or leave a message to inquire about the job. Others will just link directly to their website or online application portal. It may be slightly more difficult to follow up with employers after your interview due to this variety.

Employers: Craigslist does leave the application process largely up to the employer. This does offer some nice flexibility. Employers looking to fill a position quickly, especially in smaller job markets, can benefit from the option to include a phone number with the job listing and instructions for applicants to call or leave a message. Including a link to your standard job application process is also a great option. Craigslist’s standard email relay option can be a bit time consuming for recruiters as it doesn’t give them an easy way to filter applicants. Because the emails are not coming directly from the applicant’s email, they often end up going into a spam folder rather than your inbox.


Job Seekers: The application process on JobGet is quite efficient. Job Seekers just need to set up their profile. This takes about a minute and can be used to apply for all jobs on the app. There is no need to take the time to write personalized emails or cover letters for each role like you would with Craigslist or other job sites. With 1 click, apply, the process is quick, and you can start chatting in-app with employers quickly and directly.

Employers: JobGet’s process is streamlined. Employers chat with and conduct video interviews with candidates directly in the app. Hiring managers just need to set up an account and post a job. Employers also can search through and filter active job seekers in their area rather than waiting for applications to come in.

Quality of Jobs and Applicants


Job Seekers: There is a wide range of job and gig postings on Craigslist. Their job postings cover a variety of industries. There are 30 different categories (plus another/miscellaneous option), and there are 8 categories of gigs that sort the job postings. This does make it easy to find the specific jobs you are looking for. However, job seekers need to be on the lookout for scams as Craigslist job posts are not vetted. Anyone can make a Craigslist account and post a job. It can be slightly harder to identify scam postings and MLM ads on Craigslist because many of the listings do not list the business’s name posting the ad. For tips on identifying MLM job ads, check out our blog here.

Employers: The quality of applicants varies. Recruiters often express that the quality of candidates from Craigslist is lower overall compared to other major job boards. There are good candidates, but employers do tend to receive a lot of unqualified or incomplete applications. Some of the frustration from recruiters could be that there isn’t a filtering system for Craigslist applications, so they have to sort through them all manually, including those that would normally be filtered out due to incomplete application materials or not meeting the required qualifications.


Job Seekers:  JobGet works with both small businesses and national chains. There is more transparency as the company is listed when you apply, whereas companies can post more vaguely or anonymously on Craigslist. Many of the jobs posted are from well-known companies in the community and across the nation. JobGet does not allow any scams to be posted. All listings are for legitimate job positions. A large portion of JobGet’s job postings are for hourly service-oriented jobs, but there are also office, sales, and other career positions on the app.

Employers:  Employers have had positive things to say about the quality of the applicants they’ve received on JobGet. One small business declared, “The quality of applicants is well above other sites. Highly recommend to any manager in the food/beverage industries!”. Employers can filter candidates by years of experience, allowing them to quickly find the most experienced candidates for more specialized or higher-level positions.

Hiring Speed


Job Seekers: For some labor jobs or short term gigs on Craigslist, you can get hired or even start working the day you apply. For other roles, it may take a while to hear back. This variance is due to the large variance in the type of jobs posted on Craigslist. When comparing JobGet vs Craigslist, it is important to keep in mind what kind of jobs you are looking for!

Employers: Hiring on Craigslist can be fast, but it is often quite time-consuming.  Numerous submissions and applications, many of which are incomplete or unqualified, can inundate employers. There is no easy sorting function unless you drive your Craigslist applicant traffic to an ATS system. Employers report spending hours “looking for a needle in a haystack” to find a few qualified candidates. Craigslist’s chronological display of the job postings also means that employers have to repost their role frequently as their listing may get buried after a couple of days.


Job Seekers:  Many job seekers using JobGet receive job offers within days of downloading the app (view what other job seekers have to say about their experience on our website). The application process is quick. Candidates apply to a larger number of openings in a short period of time, streamlining the interview process. Quick communication and interviewing is one of the best features of the JobGet app.

Employers: Employers using JobGet often experience a 90+ % reduction in hiring time. View our case studies to hear more about hiring speed and employer successes with JobGet. The search features also allow employers to be proactive and reach out to available qualified candidates without waiting for them to apply, which can help speed up the process if a hire needs to be made urgently.


We hope this article helped you to understand the similarities and differences between JobGet vs Craigslist. Next, compare JobGet vs LinkedIn!


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