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JobGet Employer FAQ

By: Caroline Forrest
Oct 22, 2020 • 5 min read

Using JobGet for the first time as an employer? Here are our frequently asked questions!

How do I create a job posting?

Great question! This part is easy and much faster than traditional hiring platforms. As a new JobGet employer, you can create a job posting by clicking on the “Post a Job” button located under the “Postings” tab in the app. The app will prompt you to post a job right after you sign up, so this part is easy! The app will walk you through each step, including entering vital information about your job posting. If you are having trouble with this step, you can always get in touch with our Business Development Team.

post a job

How can I get in touch with candidates once they’ve applied to my job post?

Once you have signed up with JobGet, you will create a job posting (see the note above)! After you post your job, you will typically see many candidates applying for your post. Each candidate that applies will show up as a notification in the app or on the website, whichever you prefer.

You will also receive an email each week to update how many new candidates applied for your job post.


How do I schedule an interview with a candidate?

You can set an interview through a variety of methods. You can connect with each candidate individually, set up a call, video interview, or set a time to meet in person, depending on what you prefer.

The best way to set up an interview is with our interview feature within the app. You will click on “schedule interview” when reviewing a candidate, set the date and time, and determine how the interview will occur. We have a video interview feature that you can utilize with each candidate right through the app. No need to exchange information or set a calendar reminder!

How do I avoid no-shows for my interview?

As an employer, we know that no-shows are very common when it comes to interviews. Whatever the reason is for a no-show, we want to eliminate as many no-shows as possible. The best way to avoid no-shows is to set up an interview with each candidate using our interview feature in the app. This way, candidates will receive a text reminder before the interview so that they don’t forget. You can also review candidates who are no-shows, and they will receive a warning in the app. After too many no-shows, this candidate will not be able to use our platform.

How much does this cost me?

The cost of posting jobs on JobGet varies depending on your business. If you are interested in using JobGet and would like a specific quote, please contact our Business Development Team.

Okay, now how do I sign up?

Great! We’re happy to have you here. You can sign up to use the JobGet platform as an employer by signing up for an account and contacting the Business Development Team to get started with your job posting. Happy hiring!

To get started and download the app or head directly to the employer site, click here! Need help with recruiting, staffing, or talent management? Our blog has the resources to help.

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