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Is It Time For a New Job?

By: Mariah Rogers
Apr 2, 2021 • 5 min read

Is It Time For a New Job? What To Consider Before Starting a New Job Search.

Every once in a while, change can be a good thing. This is especially true if you have become tired of your current employment position and are hoping to branch out and explore new opportunities. It’s no secret that job searching can be tough – really tough! Finding a new career takes hours of research, preparation, and a few uncomfortable conversations here and there. However, challenging yourself to explore new employment opportunities and build your network can help you create a career path you’re proud of. In this article, we will grapple with the difficult question of deciding whether or not it’s time for a new job.

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Internal Job Searching – Sicking With Your Current Company

Believe it or not, a lot of career frustration and unhappiness can actually be resolved without leaving your current company. Switching roles internally is a lot less stressful and overwhelming than exploring new companies to work for. Just think – you already know the office space, company culture and are familiar with fellow colleagues!

If the issue is caused by redundancy in your position or the urge to explore outside your job title, try searching for internal job positions. Most of the time, companies have a special site where they will post internal opportunities for current employees to apply to. This is easier on both the company and the applicant. If you are having trouble locating a good place to start, schedule a conversation with your boss to begin voicing your opinions!

It’s always best to be open and communicative with your current supervisor or management team. They might be able to help introduce you to new projects or recommend you for a different position within the company. Email your boss asking to schedule a time for an in-person chat and go from there!

Consider Lifestyle Factors

Sometimes, it isn’t necessarily the job that causes us career distress. It’s everything that comes with it! If this is the case for you, consider examining your current lifestyle. Try to pinpoint the top factors that are causing you frustration that is directly related to your job.

Here are some examples to consider:

  • Long commute
  • Hours that are not flexible
  • Too much/too little travel
  • Office located in a location that is not ideal

All of these factors can contribute to work-life balance, which is directly related to your overall job happiness and success in the workplace. If a terribly long commute or too much travel is causing you stress in your personal life, it might be time to start looking for a new position. 

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What Do You Like/Dislike in a Job?

Now it’s time to do some soul-searching to properly identify what you like/dislike in a job. This will help you not only reflect on your current position but plan appropriately for the future. Knowing what you want and don’t want can help you narrow down your job search and make your application process more strategic.

What did you like? Try to examine what you like about your current/previous employment opportunity. Maybe it was the relaxed and open company culture! Or, perhaps you enjoyed the quick commute and flexible hours. When reflecting, try to be as specific as possible.

What did you not like? Here is the easy part! Identifying what you did not like about a job is just as important as understanding what you do like. This will help you avoid running into similar situations when applying for jobs in the future!

Are You Learning Anything New?

You should be learning something new every day, even if you are working a job you’ve done for years! Whether it’s mastering a new software platform or learning to communicate more effectively, self-improvement is an important step in your career journey. Without it, days at work can start to become mundane and repetitive, leading to burnout and job frustration. 

Reflect on all you have learned in the past year, month, and week at your current job. This will help you visualize your improvement record and pinpoint whether or not to find a new job!

Questions for self-reflection:

  • Have you been promoted or recognized for my performance?
  • Am I able to overcome challenges?
  • Are problem-solving skills important in my role?
  • Do I see myself flourishing and continuing to grow where I am?

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Are You Struggling With Job Regret?

Regret is one of the worst feelings, both in the workplace in your personal life! If you are reflecting on whether or not to change jobs, chances are your career journey is not done just yet. If you have ever struggled with job regret, now is the time to fix this! Not only is it time for a new job, but diving into a new industry might not be a bad idea either!

If you think back to earlier in your career and wish you had chosen a different path, it is never too late to do so. You deserve to be happy in your professional life. Your dream job is waiting for you!

Have you ever questioned finding a new job? If so, let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear about your experience.

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