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Introducing: The JobGet Grit Scholarship

By: Caroline Forrest
Jan 5, 2021 • 3 min read

The JobGet GRIT Scholarship:

Helping the community in every way we can.

As a Boston-based startup company, JobGet knows that supporting our local community is more important than making money, expanding to new cities, or pretty much anything else! Without our community, we have nothing. Therefore, we wanted to make sure that we can do everything to ensure our people’s future. Part of that has been to partner with local schools and organizations to help with anything they needed – from job readiness trainings to donations. Whatever we can do to help our community is of the utmost importance.

Partnership & Scholarship

We know how many people are suffering during this pandemic, with work and school and simply making ends meet. In partnership with Bunker Hill Community College, JobGet created the first-ever JobGet Grit Scholarship. We are awarding a scholarship to hard-working students who have demonstrated integrity, ambition, and grit during this time. This scholarship will award for the next five semesters, with the goal to increase funding and future awards afterward.

Our Goal

The JobGet GRIT Scholarship hopes to ease the burden of some of the challenging time hard-working students have been through. By demonstrating grit, integrity, and dedication, these students deserve all the extra support they can get. Supporting students in their education is one of the best ways to give back to the community. Providing additional support throughout students’ educational experience will lead them into brighter futures and better careers, in which they will give back to their community once more. We hope to continue investing in the future of our students in Boston and beyond.

Our Winner

This year, the student who received the JobGet Grit Scholarship wished to remain anonymous. With the difficulties she has experienced over the past few years, the scholarship will help her remain safe and secure and complete the education, making her stronger than ever before.

“I’m very thankful to have an opportunity to get the education I always dreamt of, and JobGet definitely gave me hope and made the process of reaching my goal easier for me, especially during this pandemic.”

– JobGet Scholarship Winner

This student exemplifies all of the qualities that are important to our company. Integrity, dedication, ambition, and above all, the grit and tenacity that helps her succeed during the most difficult times. With this scholarship, JobGet hopes to provide more than just financial support, but the promise of a future.

Learn more about the JobGet Grit Scholarship.

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