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Interview Questions For Sales Candidates

By: Mariah Rogers
May 24, 2021 • 5 min read

Interview Questions For Sales Candidates – What To Prepare For!

Are you a natural-born salesperson? Have you always had a knack for communicating with people and radiating a sense of trust and expertise? If so, Sales is a career path you’ve likely considered. When preparing for a Sales interview, there are a few specific questions you should prepare for! In this blog, we will cover the prompts you can expect and outline possible responses to help you land the job.

Interview Questions For Sales Candidates

Why Did You Choose a Career in Sales?

Sales is a unique profession. So, you can expect the interviewer to ask what drew you to this specific career path! There are a few points you should highlight in your response. While it is important to tailor your response to your specific experiences, here are some talking points to help guide you!

I decided to pursue a career in Sales because of my love for people. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping customers find products that are perfect for their lifestyle and needs. Sales is a very collaborative career, which is another factor that drew me to this position! I enjoy working on teams and supporting my coworkers. 

How Do You Handle a Difficult Customer?

When working in the Sales industry, it’s likely you’ll come across a difficult customer every now and then. Being able to resolve customer conflict in a calm and effective way is a crucial part of the role! Your potential employer will want to know if you’ll be able to represent the store in a positive way even when faced with challenging customers. There are many ways to effectively diffuse conflict in a work setting. This is just one example to help guide your response!

I understand that when working in Sales, I will need to be prepared to help serve a variety of different customers. Over the past five years working in retail, I have learned a multitude of skills to help me diffuse customer conflict. I am able to stay calm and validate the customer’s feelings while reassuring them that I am here to find a solution.

Interview Questions For Sales Candidates

How Do You Bounce Back After a Bad Week of Sales?

Let’s be honest, Sales can be a temperamental industry to be in! It is important to have grit and motivation to help you persevere through even the toughest weeks on the job. Some days will be better than others, and this just comes with the territory! This is one of the top interview questions Sales candidates should prepare for. The interviewer will want to know your personal redemption strategies that help you shine as a successful Salesperson. Not only that, but the hiring manager will want to bring someone onto the team who can help motivate and inspire others to be their best selves! When answering this question, here are a few ideas to help get you started.

I understand that Sales can be a temperamental industry. I recognize that some weeks will be better than others, and everyone on the team will rank differently week to week. To keep myself motivated, I reflect on what went well and what did not after every week. It is important to constantly be improving! 

Can You Tell Me About Your Collaboration Style?

Sales is a team effort, there’s no doubt about it! Working on a team can sometimes be challenging, especially if colleagues are competing for Sales. This is why having a mature collaboration style will help you go far in this industry. When faced with this question, it is important to show the employer that you are a team player who is committed to both individual and group growth.

While the Sales industry can be quite competitive, I know how important working as a team can be! This is why I strive to form true and honest relationships with every coworker I have the pleasure of working with. I hope to establish a level of trust between all of us and ensure that everyone I work with knows they can rely on me as a friend and colleague. 

Interview Questions For Sales Candidates

What Are Some of Your Sales Strengths?

Who doesn’t love to brag about what they’re good at?! This is especially relevant in a competitive interview setting. It is more than okay to do some humble bragging and identify what makes you a special and unique candidate. Before going into your interview, it is important to solidify your strengths and have a few of your talents on deck to talk about.

Over the past five years of working in retail, I have developed many skills that have made me a strong Salesperson and a great addition to your team. I am organized, a team leader, and I always put the customer’s needs first. I have outstanding customer service skills, and I am able to communicate professionally to customers, coworkers, and managers. 

Why Would You Be a Good Fit For This Role?

Questions like these are why it is so important to do your research on a company before heading into an interview. You’ll want to tailor your response to the specific brand and mission of the establishment. Not only will this prove that you are a good fit for the role, but the interviewer will see that you took the time to truly look into what the company is all about! This helps you come across as a committed and strategic candidate.

I would be a good fit for this role due to a combination of my many years of retail experience, great communication skills, and ability to always put customers first. I have always been a people person, which is why Sales has been such a joyful position for me in the past. Not only am I a reliable employee, but I truly enjoy coming to work every day and helping new customers find exactly what they’re looking for!

We hope these interview questions for Sales candidates help you prepare for your next position! Good luck with the application process!

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