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How to Successfully Juggle Your Full-Time Job with a Side Hustle

By: Charlotte Couch
Aug 11, 2020 • 10 min read

How to Successfully Juggle Your Full-Time Job with a Side Hustle

Whether you want to pay off your student debts quicker or you are trying to build a business while working a regular 9-5 job, side hustles present great opportunities for making money on the side while doing something you are passionate about. However, balancing a full-time position with your side hustle can be challenging. You will need to learn how to prioritize different tasks and manage a complicated schedule without getting burned out. Here are some tips and tricks to successfully juggling both a full-time job and a side hustle. 

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Plan Out Your Work Schedule Ahead of Time

Staying organized is critical for staying on top of your busy schedule. Rather than trying to squeeze in time for your side hustle at random intervals or whenever you have a break, you should plan out your week’s activities and deadlines ahead of time. When you do this, you will often find that you have more hours in the week available for cultivating your side hustle than you initially thought.


There are numerous ways you can plan out your schedule, such as purchasing a planner or blocking out times on your calendar for specific tasks. Organization and project management apps like Trello and Monday are also great for efficiently planning out your workweek. For people who like to organize things visually, Trello allows them to set up different cards to help them manage various tasks and deadlines. If you have a small team you are working with, you might enjoy using Monday for its seamless automation choices and task manager. 

Automate Simple Tasks

Speaking of apps like Monday, you can create automation for alerting clients when you finish a draft for an article or schedule a social media post. Automating simple tasks like this can save you a bunch of time. You can also use scheduling apps like Calendly or Doodle to make it easier for clients to schedule meetings according to your availability. If you are a writer, you can quickly check for grammar mistakes using popular apps like Grammarly or the Hemingway App

Use Part of Your Lunch Break to Finish Things Up

Whether you wake up early to start on your side hustle or wait until after you finish up the day at your full-time job before getting started, there will be times when you find yourself behind on work. Consider taking part in your lunchtime to catch up on work. If possible, try to take at least 15 minutes to relax and eat before working on a task or finishing up a project for a client. When you take little to no breaks during the day, you face the risk of quickly burning out. 


You should avoid working on your side hustle during regular work hours. Not only is it considered unethical, but you may get in trouble with your supervisor if you are caught. Instead, take this time to really focus on finishing all of your work tasks on time so that you can get home on time and start working on your side hustle. 

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Don’t Let Yourself Get Distracted While You’re Trying to Work

Your short Instagram session can add up in minutes if you aren’t careful. To remain focused and on-track, you will want to limit your distractions whenever you start work on your side hustle. Whether you need to write a quick blog post for a cosmetics company or finish crocheting a dress for a customer, you will have an easier time doing so without checking your phone every 15 minutes or trying to watch a new episode of Queer Eye at the same time. To avoid letting yourself get distracted, consider hiding your phone away until you are finished with a particular milestone, and finding a quiet place in your house to work. If you live with roommates, the kitchen or living room probably won’t be the best place to work. Try working in your bedroom or at a nearby cafe. 

Learn How to Stay Motivated Even When You’re Tired

Feeling a little bored or uninspired at work from time to time is normal. But if you continue to let yourself feel down and unmotivated, you may quickly find yourself burning out. That’s why it’s essential to stay motivated even during slumps or during some of the least exciting times of your side hustle. Doing small things like rewarding yourself with ice cream after you hit a sales goal or setting up a networking meeting to look forward to at the end of the week can help motivate you. Even adding a time slot for meditation or exercise can help you stay refreshed throughout the day.

Consider Teaming Up With Someone or Getting Some Extra Help

Once your business runs a high enough income, you can look into getting a little extra help. You can find a virtual assistant to help you out! Your virtual assistant can help you with a number of agenda items, such as scheduling social media posts and making data entry. They can also assist you with arranging dinner reservations and booking hotels. 

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Sacrifice Your Saturdays and/or Sundays From Time to Time

While the idea of working on the weekend doesn’t sound fun, it might be necessary from time to time. Or, until you can get some extra help with your side hustle. You don’t necessarily have to work both Saturday and Sunday or every weekend if you can adequately plan it out. If you can work quickly and efficiently enough, you might only have to work for several hours in total. Either way, it’s best to sacrifice a little personal time. As a result, you can stay on top of your work. 

Working a side hustle can be a challenging but extremely rewarding experience. How do you stay on track with your career goals both at your full-time job and with your side hustle? We would love to hear more about it!

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